Friday, May 04, 2007

Pork Rind

What are these? Some sort of yummy crackers/keropok?

Mmmmm..... Puffy, Crunchy & Crispy...

It's none other than the deep fried pork skin @ pork rinds
(aka KeroPorkTM) Thanks to Winn for the excellent idea.

Yummy when served with vinegar & chilli dip (give the sour & spicy urmphhh). This is the first time I ate such food stuff. Am I suaku?

Handy snacks, but high in fat content (ouch !!).

Last but not least, this is a cute pict of piggy pork rind i saw from this website.


May said...

I love the pork rind piggy pix! hahahaha! imagine just eating the skin off that piggy... *crunch* *crunch* *crunch*

rinnah said...

The piggy pix is so cute! Sure they didn't dip the whole pig in and fry it eh? ^.^

iml said...

WOw!!! this is actually a snack?? Well this is 1st for me. Bigger suaku here lah. Available in Penang?

day-dreamer said...

Wah... so "healthy"!!

But long long one time never mind lah hor? Hehehe...

L B said...

Welcome Back!!!! We've missed you so much! MIssed all your energy, missed all your kkkkkkkkkk™, missed all your misses, and I am sure Ah Boy must be happy again! Don't forget to feed him again with some pork rind, ok?

Winn said...

keropok is pork?

Wennnn said...

Wah this very nice when put inside with Maggi Mee... Hmmm yummy yummy

Ah Boy said...

why u never feed me with this geh?
Ah Boy also wanna makan :(

Chen said...

Tat pork rind piggy pix is very cute
Wonder wat they use to glue all the pork rinds together..
starch? :P
*peeling the skin off the piggy & starts munching*

psss.. Ah Boy will just hantam the whole thing..

I wanna pinch the piggy too ;)
LOL at your idea...

Nice crunchy snack ;)
LOL, at least I'm not the only one who dunno about the snack :P
I bought & savour it during my previous trip back to Borneo Island. So far I haven't see it in Penang yet..

Chen said...

day dreamer,
very very very healthy..
eating "fat", the sinful food :P

yeah loh, long long long time eat once, Donkey years mah..

Terima Kasih banyak-banyak for the warm Welcome Back home msg
Giggle underneath Table again :P

Pssss.. Don't tell Ah Boy about the pork rinds :P

Chen said...

Tat is Keropork..
Thanks for the great idea
Winn, 你是最好的, 你知道吗
(using back the out-dated grandma quote again)

Wah, so sinful..
I still have some with me..
Tonight I cook Maggie Mee liao & put some in ;)

ah boy,
wah... how come u know geh?
cham cham cham..
have to feed u some liao :(

Pink Cotton said...

yummy lei...slurp

can tapao one packet for me...?


it looks very much like the deep fried pork skin used to cook soup

angel said...

I also nvr eat before...
*lagi suaku*

Aiyahhh!! My left eye today twitching since morning liao!

Welcome home! ;)

Chen said...

pink cotton,
I bought it at your island woh..
kkkk, I mean Borneo Island :P

Giving one packet to my father-in-law
Tapao some other things for u then ;)

I saw the one for cooking soup before, but I never eat it just lidat.. wonder whether it tasted the same or not? Should be hoh?

Welcome to the suaku family

apa pasal mata twitching woh?

I coming back home but u leaving soon liao..
Angel flying liao..

nyonyapenang said...

another suakoo here lar...gua pun never seen keropork macam ini before.

King's wife said...

I also only discovered that not long ago. Damn addictive !!

eastcoastlife said...

ahhh... I love to eat pork rind too! hehehe... I'm such a scary woman, eating all these things. 型象被破坏了!

The 'piggy' so cute! The person who made it is so clever.

plink said...

Wakakaka! OMG Keropork!

Long time never eat liao. But got eat chicken rind. Just as bad for you, tastes just as good.


dino said...

wah.. nice loh...

Chen said...

nyonya pg,
Hehehe, more suaku joining in :P
The more, the merrier..
soon we can have party liao
and sing shalalala

Hopefully during your next trip to Penang, I still have some leftover KeroPork, then we can munch together

king's wife,
Great u discover the "jewel" ;)
The first time I saw the pork rind, I wonder what the heck is it..

LOL, if u say lidat, then all of us who eat pork rind has no 型象 liao?

Too bad the pork rind piggy can't be "kept" forever ;)

Chen said...

LOL.. another KeroPork fan :)
might be Skunkie will love it too

Regarding the deep fried chicken skin, I saw it in Gurney Drive too...
But i buy it nor never tasted it before yet ;)

Wanna munch KeroPork?
KeroPork sounds better than KeroCock :P

Nice & yummy leh..
I presume u tasted it before too?
Is it available at your place?
or your hometown?

Monk[+]Icon said...

wahhh... i like i like!!! where u bought this from???

Kenny Ng said...

Looks yummy... but not dare to eat much la.

Chen said...

I bought it in Borneo woh, not in Peninsular. Might be if u look out for the pork rinds in the market, u might be able to find it too?

yeah, can munch once in a while,
when mulut gatal time..
not as regular snacks ;)

Will said...

i've seen this stuff in thailand...

i bet it should go real well with bakuteh soup :P

Chen said...

u try eating pork rind before?
it's crunchy, just like keropok, that's why keropork :P

i guess so..
BKT + keroPork
good combination, huh? :P

dino said...

chen, i never see this keropork before, till u blog it here.. :p

Chen said...

Welcome to the suaku family
i heard from my sister in law the keroPork is widely available in Thailand too ;)

Ben Dawos said...

I absolutely lurve those pork rinds! They're crunchy and salty. In Melbourne I have to get them from Vietnamese groceries for $2 in small packs. After awhile it makes my mouth dry and I'll need lots of water... My mom used to make them out of pork fat when I was little : )