Saturday, May 05, 2007

Photo Hunters : Childhood

photo hunters

The following are photos taken in the late evening at Tanjung Batu Beach during my recent trip to Bintulu, Sarawak.

A group of innocent Iban kids playing football.. What amazed me is the shape of the football. It's not round in shape but a deflated ball, without air...

Oops, pants dropping.. pulling up pants..

Little gal kicking the deflated, out-of-shape football (the so-called rejected ball?)

Chasing after the pathetic looking so called weird-shaped "ball"...

I enjoyed watching them playing & kicking...

Carefree, Happy & Innocent Childhood, without worries..
Reminiscing my childhood days...
Don't u miss those nostalgic good old days?


L B said...

Too right! I miss the TIKAM MAN too... and the squatting by the longkangs, and the happy-go-lucky evenings squandered at the padang, sipping ice tebu... after a game of rounders..

Woof Woof n Meow Meow said...

those were d days ya, jiejie?

George said...

yep good shots and memorable times. there is a child in all of us.

Chen said...

tikam man is nostalgic..
the younger generations won't know what is tikam man ;)

not only squatting by the longkang,
but catching fish & tadpoles in the drain too.. :P
and sipping the so called nostalgic ice cream - syrup filled in long plastic tubes with an assam or soey boi at the other end of the tubes..


woof meow,
Abuthen, your days are different from my days liao :P

Thanks, George. Yeah, somehow the juvenile in us might manifest when the golden opportunities arise ;) eg. kicking the stone at the beach or throwing the stone into the sea etc etc.. :)

nyonyapenang said...

happiness is in the game and playing with your friends. who cares if the ball is deflated or what! ahh...the innocence of a care-free childhood. :)

~TinaW~ said...

Wow, these photo's are GREAT and capture so much of childhood! TFS

Drew said...

Some very nice childhood pictures.

Jenn in Holland said...

Great shots and observations. I wish had that kind of vitality and energy still.

Jose said...

NO worries, and no shoes. Those were the days. I was blessed with a happy childhood thanks to my parents. I just hope my kids will think the same.

day-dreamer said...

Nice shots!

那是我们 都不回去从前
幸好还可以 坚持当时的信念
世界尝试改变 当初的那个少年

那是我们 都不回去的从前
当你站在 那个夏天的海岸线
我们还是心里面 那个偏执的少年

I quote from 光良's duet with 曹格, "少年". Nice song, that is.

ipanema said...

It's a beautiful subject. Yes, an odd ball. :)

Incog & Nito said...

Yes wonderful days. We should all remember the child in ourselves and bring them out more often. Happy weekend.

letha said...

Great photos, it really shows that fun doesn't have to be a perfect shape and even when it's broken there's still fun to be had.

pat said...

Great shots of the children!

Happy Weekend!

may said...

that's the "new age" football, no need to be round to be kicked around wan! that reminds me of days in the school field playing "chopper" with a tennis ball... *ouch*

Bongga Mom said...

That is wonderful to see -- they don't even care what the ball looks like, they just want to play football!

PowersTwinB said...

your photos are beautiful! It makes me want to buy a few dozen balls and send them to those kids! How innocent and happy they look! My photos are up too, please come and visit soon

Janet said...

oh yeah, I miss 'em!

Gattina said...

This little girl is too cute and this picture trail too !

Chen said...

nyonya pg,
Those days are indeed care free.
I remember blowing glue from a plastic stick to become a thin layer of balloon. I still see the glue for sale in Bintulu. Aiyak, too bad I didn't buy a packet back. Now I regret pulak :(

And the skipping ropes !!
And Eagle catch chicken !!!
indeed nostalgic...

Thanks, it indeed reminds me of my good old days playing with friends and chasing after each other..

Thanks :) Those kids are really enjoying themselves.

_butt said...

I'm back! :)

oh yes, watching those kids playing reminds me of my innocent days too.. no worries, no headaches, just play play play.. sighhh.. sometimes I feel jealous of them even.. :P

Chen said...

jenn in holland,
Thanks :)
It's enjoyable to look at kids playing & chasing after each others.
Very relaxing..

Glad u have a happy childhood and hopefully your kids will enjoy their childhood too. From my observation, nowadays most of the children in big cities spend their childhood indoors or in front of the big screen or the computers or books. They should get involved more with the nature ;)

day dreamer,
terima kasih banyak banyak.
Earlier on I thought u write a poem for me pulak :P
I dunno that 少年 song.
Must google for it liao ;)

yenchiew said...

such a nice shot.. to see them being so happy with whatever they have... and being contented.. wonders of childhood.. :)

Chen said...

Thanks :)
Those kids dun have a perfect round shaped ball to kick with, but they are perfectly happy with what they have in store ;) That's wonderful.

Incog & Nito ,
Thanks. Now I feel like kicking stones on the road or kicking sand in the beach. Hahahhaha... like what I used to do in the past ;)

Thanks :)
Yeah, we can still have fun regardless of the situation.
Fun & joy has no boundaries ;)
One of the games that I enjoyed in the past is 5 stones, playing using the pure stones from the roadside ;)

Chen said...

Hope u enjoy your weekends too :)

LOL at the new age football.
Some how the odd shape reminds me of the balloon blew from the glue sticked to the end of the plastic stick tube. The thin layer of transparent balloon. If there is a hole somewhere, we can purse our lips on the defect and patch back the hole.

trying to imagine how u played "chopper" with tennis ball

bongga mum,
The kids just want to have fun :)
Such a warm scene ;)

Chen said...

Thanks for your wonderful thought :)
Those kids are really enjoying themselves, contented and having fun despite of the odd shape ball. The innocent childhood ;) Alright, I will visit yours soon :)

Reminiscing the good old days skipping rope & play chasing games in the field.

Thanks, I love the pict too :)

Tanya said...

Lovely pictures!

Mine's up!

Chen said...

welcome back :)
I presume exam over liao?
Happy Merdeka !!
How u pamper yourself after the torturing exam? ;)

Hehhehe, sometimes u feel jealous of the kids ah? LOL
But the kids are jealous of adults too, at least most kids want to grow up fast.
That's one of our childhood dreams too, right? To grow up :P

yen chiew,
Thanks :) Wonders of childhood...
Running & chasing & kicking & jumping in the fields..
Without any boundaries..
Yeah, These are how childhood should be, and not be confined and spent their childhood indoors in front of the computer or tv screens or playstations ;) LOL

Thanks Tanya.
I will visit yours soon :)

Suzanne said...

So cute! Welcome to Photo Hunters :)

Gabrielle said...

They looked like Indonesian kids here. Hehe. Thanks for stopping by and have a good week end!

jmb said...

It doesn't matter that the ball is imperfect, they are having fun

srp said...

Childhood is a magical time. The things we can overlook, the deflated balls and pants too big... such a joyful expression on that little girl's face.

Chen said...

Thanks Suzanne :)

Gabrielle ,
Might be I will go out later in the evening for some photo shooting sessions, provided I'm not lazy.
Hope u enjoy your weekends too :)

Yeah, that's the difference between kids & adults. Different perspective. How many of us will play with a deflated ball? I guess most of us will dump the deflated ball inside the dustbin ;)

Hehehe, and the unequal length of the pants too.. one side is folded up whilst the other side is unfolded ;) But most importantly, she indeed enjoyed herself very much. The others are just secondaries :)

Biker Betty said...

I love your childhood photos. Kids can have fun with just about anything. I can remember kicking around a deflated ball in my days, too. It was fun.

Happy Saturday.

mousey said...

great capture! love the caption too!

eve said...

Yeah , i missed my childhood days too..not a worry in the world..

Lynn said...

These are beautiful photos. You captured so well how the children seem to be enjoying their football. :)

Chen said...

Biker Betty,
Hehehe, u kicked a deflated ball in the past too? U must be enjoying yourself very much then. Then things that we will do during our childhood time..

Happy Weekends to u too :)

Thanks Mousey. Glad u love the photos & the captions :)

But childhood days is not 100% without worries woh.. :P

Thanks Lynn :) I captured the photos last Saturday evening. Exactly a week ago ;)

Dragonheart said...

Wonderful series of photos! Amazing how much fun they are having playing with a deflated ball. Terrific choices for the theme. :)

mistipurple said...

this photo can win award wan!
the best things in life are free. eg. her expression of happiness and her joys in playing, even a deflated football. i sometimes long for simplicity in life, in living conditions. i want to play like her, with a deflated football also.. *sigh*

Chen said...

Thanks, dragonheart :) She really enjoyed herself. Not only that, she brought a smile to many of us too :)

Can win award? Wah..
Thanks for "The Misti Award".
(given by Misti, that's why it is called The Misti Award :P )

Simplicity is good..
Well, as long as one is happy & contented in life.

Giving Misti a ball (not a deflated one lah - cos I dun have deflated ball), so that Misti can play & kick around happily..

Doreen said...

I miss to good old days, very much indeed..funny how when I was young, I was so desperate to grow up and now that I'm all grown up (and getting old too) I wish I could turn back time. Ironic.

kyh said...

Wah nice pix!!! City dwellers wont hv the chance to enjoy those...

Linda said...

Funny how as a child you can make do with anything that you can find to have fun with!

Hummie said...

Great photos! I like the progression of the ones with the ball kicking.

It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

Thanks for stopping by!! my pictures are preserved because I do scrapbooking and I keep them in a big book!! I just took them out last night and took a picture of the picture with my digital. I knew the quality would not be that good but do not have a scanner! Oh well!! The pictures of the kids playing is great. It looks like they have a flat soccer ball!! But having a good time non the less...Come back..Sandy

day-dreamer said...

I where got so geng write poem o??

Do you want me to send you the song?? :)

Anita said...

Those children are so beautiful! Great photos!

mistipurple said...

thank you for bola. i received already, and kicking it around happily! wheeeee... i feel better already!
misti award ah? no lah, you can win proper prize wan. you captured a very precious moment mah. you have a good eye and clicked the right things which tug at the human heart.

Bengbeng said...

u excel in this post..very well done. aiya we fellow Malaysians, talk no kek ki..very well done

Chen said...

hahhaa, how true..
Most of us when still young, we wanna grow up fast. Too bad childhood once gone, it will never come back again. All those will only remain as memories. At least the good thing is we have good childhood memories ;)

The pros & contras of staying in cities :) City kids won't get the chance to enjoy all those stuffs as village or kampung kids :)

A child will with whatever things that he or she has. That's the wonder of childhood :)

Chen said...

Thanks, Hummie.
I like the photos too. I have few more in the series but I didn't post all up :)

That's a great idea of preserving the photos. I don't use scanner too nowadays to scan photos, I just snap the old photos with my digital camera if the need arise :)

Children are great. They can play with everything that they have. Even though with rejected stuff :)

day dreamer,
u r geng woh, siapa cakap u not geng? :P

U have the mp3 song ah? That's great. Yeah, i would love to..
Thanks :)

Chen said...

Thanks Anita :)

hehehe. Glad to know u have fun playing to the ball. U can kick it around, as long as u don't knock my head with the ball can liao :P

Wah.. talk till lidat..
I terapung-apung liao..
tonight if insomnia liao, then how?

thank u thank u :)
ka ki lang, no need kek ki :P

angel said...

Harrrooo!!! KKKKKK.... I baru want to comment and then u sudah SMS... telepathy liddat.. hehe...


tracy said...

those are absolutely GORGEOUS pictures! gosh.. i remember the days of kicking around a flat ball.. and just having a blast with that! :-)

Chen said...

Harlow Angel
cos I thinking of u mah.. :P
Wah.... Greetings all the way from Stockholm woh, syiok-nya


Thanks Tracy :)
Seems like quite a number of people have experienced kicking around with a flat ball. Those really were the days ;)

Kenny Ng said...

I used to play like that when I was a kid... Really missed the moment.

Turtles said...

What beautiful pictures! Now I have tears in my eyes....

Those carefree days. SIGH. I could use some of those.

Anonymous said...

Visiting here via eastcoastlife. Those days were a long time ago, for me, but live in my memories and fresh, real, and forever.

Lrong said...

Nice pics, braddaaa... good colors...

Teena said...

They looked like they were having fun :)

Mine's up too :)

arlene said...

Those are great photos! said...

There fun is where you friends are...

Winn said...

they shld try milo tin

Winn said...

lallala lets go eat dimsum faster!

sengkor said...

dr.. y dun u buy them a cheap plastic ball leh..

Bernard said...

Nostalgic Tanjung Batu... that's where I lived for two years.

Kanoff said...

I like this blog...


Cocka Doodle said...

I thought i saw you refereeing the soccer game, no?

Chen said...

Seems like lotsa people here played with deflated football during their childhood time :)
Must be fun, huh?
Can play with anything during those days..

Thanks :)
Childhood time is the happiest time to many. Carefree & no worries.. :)

Thanks for dropping by, Baabaane :)
Yeah, our childhood memories will always remain in our mind and will never fade despite time..
Those priceless memories...

Chen said...

Thanks, Lrong.

They were kicking away happily.
Will visit yours soon :)

Thanks, Arlene :)

Yeah, as long as there are right companions (aka good friends) together to share the fun & the joy. But at times I feel happy to play all along by myself too. hahahaha..

Chen said...

Kicking milo tin ah?
that was your game in the past? ;)
i never tried that leh..

But i had tried kicking empty condensed milk container/tin in the past...
equally fun too :P
got sound effect summore !!

eat dimsum ah?
yum yum..
(Ah Boy also wants !!)

why ah?
Cos i was busy taking photo mah..
Summore no balls for sale within visible distance leh :P
(pandai-nya bagi alasan)

Chen said...

That was where u stayed in Bintulu in the past ah? I will made a post on Tg Batu Beach too, soon....
This was the second time I went to Tg Batu Beach, the first time was in November 2005 :)

Thanks, Kanoff :)

Aiyak, don't say out so loud lah..
paiseh mah :P
I know u r in Bintulu at that time leh & summore staying in Parkcity Everly Hotel, nearby the Tg Batu Beach lah..

You should tell me earlier mah u were there, then we can meet up liao in Bintulu ;)

lessake said...

childhood ... aaah :)
when the worst that could happen was when mom called you to come home cause it was time to go to bed :)

my childhood :)

rinnah said...

So cute, the children... so happy, they play with the ball... I wanna be as carefree as them too...

JL said...

i really like the 1st pic. Great shot! :)

Chen said...

Hahhaa, I normally don’t stay out till so late during my childhood days :)
Will visit yours soon :)

Despite all those joyful moments and carefree days, I still prefer to become adult than a kid leh..
At least I’m now independent ;)

Delima kaseh manyak-manyak :D

Cocka Doodle said...

Cannot tell you..mana tau you curi curi went there with your b/f? Skali bump into you sure paiseh wan. LOL

Chen said...

or mana tau Cocka sked i terserempak him doing something else there?

eastcoastlife said...

I remember I used to live in the kampung when I was a child, we would use leaves, branches, stones, sand and whatever materials we could find to play with. Where got PS3 and computer games or toys?

Actually I miss my childhood - my carefree days and innocence! hehe...

Chen said...

i dun have a tv in da house till i was 5 years old ;) Those days we were watching VHS video tapes and listening to cassettes..
And, what is computer? LOL

The games we used to play are those simple, basic games ;) Those were the days...