Sunday, May 06, 2007


Miri - The Land of Sea Horse? I have no idea why they use seahorse as mascot. After jalan-jalan & 吹吹风 in Canada Hill, it's time to go back to the hotel. Feel tired & exhausted liao mah after a long journey.

The comfy & spacious bed (how to resist?) of The ParkCity Everly Hotel, Miri. Time to Zzzz (kena scolding from Papercrazy after I told her I wanna go back to the hotel at 5 pm).

Seaview from our hotel room balcony. It started raining cats & dogs "Liucat & AhBoy" within minutes after our arrival at the hotel. Another good & solid reason to Zzzzz :P

I absolutely have no idea what is this... Resembles Oscar Trophy from afar :P

Since it was raining heavily out there, we had our SeaFood Buffet Dinner inside the hotel. Mmmm... Had several servings (more than half a dozen) of Big, Fat & Juicy Raw Oyster with lime & Salsa sauce. (Psss.. Someone was jealous.. ):P

After a good night sleep (Zzzz like a log for more than 10 hours & didn't "see ghost"), it was time to wake up & continue on with our journey. Thank God no more hujan.

Another view from our room balcony

Stunted Tree? :P

Kolo Mee for breakfast before we continued on with our journey.

Seahorse again (what else do you expect to see? :P)


L B said...

That big bed! So comfy! If only Ah Boy was along, he could curl up in the middle, instead of see ghost under the table back in Penang, hor? LOVE the KOLO MEE!!! * O P E N S *

may said...

your big bigger than mine wan?! lol!! can be foursome on it liao, including seahorse! I also want konloumeen!!
* W I D E R *

L B said...

All those OYSTERS and that HUGE bed... Wenn would be so jeles too!! Excellent BB making tools...

Chen said...

not only big, but very very big :P
if i have such a big bed at home, then syiok liao..

If Ah Boy was along..
Mmmm, cannot tell Ah Boy, else he sure jeles kaw kaw liao :P

Pour half bowl of Kolo Mee into LB's mouth :P

Now it's not mine liao :P
It's only mine for one day..
how sad, huh? LOLOL

sea horse also included in the dunno how many some ah?

Pour another half bowl of konloumeen into May's mouth :P
(The first half went into LB's mouth liao :P)

yeah yeah yeah..
Wenn must stay in that hotel if she visits Miri in the future ;)

mistipurple said...

so lovely environment. it's always nice to see the sea. and you also can see the sea from your house. so nice feeling everyday. :)

day-dreamer said...

So many nice and delicious pictures!!


lynnx01 said...

The 'Oscar Trophy' is actually the rangka of (yuppp..... yet another) Seahorse! Serious. It's a lighthouse, actually.

Miri is soooooooo home to me. And you didn't go visit Scooby-Yoshi?? I stay very near Park Everly leh. I once blogged why they use seahorse as mascot but forgot d.

Hehehe.. anyway, never seen the first seahorse picture leh. Where is it? Look so old

Chen said...

yeah, very relaxing,
breathing in fresh air..
and eye soothing too :)

day dreamer,
U like raw oyster too?
or the kolo mee?

wah, change new profile pict liao?

I received the mp3 liao
Thanks :)

Oooh.. it's the light house that resemble sea horse?
I see.. Thanks for the info.

That was my first visit to Miri.
I dunno where u stay woh :P
So no luck with Scooby.
Never mind, there's always next time ;)

The first seahorse was taken quite far away from Miri. At the roundabout, I think something like 30++ km from Miri town (since I saw the signboard indicating Miri town is 36 km away) :)

Kenny Ng said...

I wanna go! Arrgghhh... the foods, beh tahan lor.

lynnx01 said...

Next time you come Miri, must let me know. Will bring you around if I'm around.. :D

Will said...

huge bed...
apa lar you lazy bum, always wanna sleep nia... go out and jalan jalan more la :P

Chen said...

mari-mari :)
A warm welcome to the Land of Hornbills.
Let's pay a visit to Kuching first

Sure, that will be nice :)
Thanks :)
Can I have your contact number?
via email of coz.. ehheehe

wah, u already know it's raining cats & dogs outside still asking me to go jalan-jalan? :P
i hate to walk in the rain leh.. :P
to some, might be it's romantic..
to me, it's leceh..

rainy days of coz zzzz lah
not meh? :P

Woof Woof n Meow Meow said...

wah...raw oysters...YUMMY...

jie got enjoy holiday much much boh?

slurp! said...

look here why they used seahorse LOLz

btw, may i know what's the red sauce they used for the red version of kolo mee?

yeah, the bed looks so comfy. but the price not so good for budget poor fellows like me leh. can recommend some good & reasonably priced guest house bo? ;P

i bet you went mulu, rite? kekekeke ...

angel said...

Just now masuk here then lupa wat i wanted to comment then hv to go back see yr post kkkk :P

I wanted to say, WAAAA!!!! You had more than 1 doz of raw oysters???? No lao sai ah after tat?? KKKKKK :P

carcar said...

how come the bed can 'cater' three pillow one?

i have alot of seahorse photo frm miri too!

welcome back!

*welcome carcar back to chen's blog lah*

dino said...

the bed sio big... can dancing on it... :p
i wanna eat oysters and the kon loh mee...

papercrazy said...

hahaha....I was not the only who said u r lazy!! lol

Me no jeles about u eating the worried nia...ahemm

zeroimpact said...

I miss kolo mee!
I went to the first oil well in Malaysia the last time I was there
Up the hill one right

mistipurple said...

lol at angel's comment! kkkk. i was thinking the same thing but dare not comment. *cabut*
eh, i read again, it's not more than a dozen! hahaha. should be ok then. heehee.

rinnah said...

Looks like you had a nice holiday! I wanna try kolo mee too... never had it before.

eve said...

Wah ..the oyster reminds me of Mr Bean in Mr BEan's holiday...Karen would call that a holiday bed..

kyh said...

wahhhhh those oysters! O.O succulent and big and fat and juicy! too bad! js too bad!

aiyo now see that big bed i oso wanna hop in to zzzzzzzzz la. been deprived of my sleep lah... *yawns*

nyonyapenang said...

woww.....beautiful pics. i like the conical trees. :)

JL said...

the thing that resembles an oscar trophy is a Sea Hourse light house :)

Chen said...

woof meow,
U also enjoy your hols mah..
Kkkkk... summore "double" celebration.

p/s: bila nak datang ambil hadiah?

Hehehe, u r very hardworking..
Thanks for the info :)
I lazy to google for the reason :P

Sorry lah, I dunno what is the red sauce they used for the red version kolo mee.
I’m not really a fan of kolo mee.
I prefer kam pua more than kolo mee ;)

Regarding the accommodation in the bigger towns in Sarawak, u can get further info from this website.

Nope, I didn’t go to Mulu.
I went to Bintulu to visit my sister instead ;)

So fast lupa liao ah? LOL
Wah.. must eat gingko to improve your memory liao..

Wai wai wai..
I ate more than half a dozen of raw oyster lah..
Not more than one dozen..
Manyak lain woh..
How to eat more than 10?

Chen said...

This bed is specially for those who loves Zzzzzzzzzz…

How come u have lotsa sea horse photos from Miri geh?
U been to Miri liao ah?

Ai si, sendiri welcome sendiri. ah?
Dunia apa ni..
I welcome u also lah...
Welcome Carcar back, yipeee.. :P

Not only can dance but can roll around on it too…
Wanna eat baked cheese oyster?
I haven’t have that for quite some time liao :P

Who else said I’m lazy?????????
Must be that skipping cotton liao :(

Ai si, what u worrying about?
Mai cincai think :P

Chen said...

I visited the place too
"The Grand Old Lady" on top of Canada Hill.
Will write a separate post on that, later….

Kkakakaka… u also !!! :P
I sapu less than a dozen lah..
Less than 10 in fact.
How to eat more than a dozen woh?

Kolo Mee is one of the Foochow delicacies..
The only place with plenty of Foochow people in Peninsular is Sitiawan ;)
The texture of the noodle is springy :D

Chen said...

I tarak tengok itu movie lagi..
So I dunno what is the oyster story in Mr Bean’s Holiday liao :P

That is indeed a holiday bed.
How I wish I have such a bed at home leh..

Got some bigger one summore, which I didn’t take photo :P
Hand dirty liao mah after eating the first serving :P

Why u tidur so late lately?
Or why u sleep so late all these while?
Or should I rephrase why u sleep so "early" all these while?
Cos u r still awake at 6 am mah…
Hahhaa… true boh?

nyonya pg,
Terima kasih banyak-banyak.
Itu conical trees banyak kecil..
Kecik molek :P

Thanks for the info :)

Doreen said...

Oh MIRI! My lovely hometown!! Those photos make me so want to go back.....those memories and nostalgic feeling are flushing back...(-_-). Hope you had a good time there.

_butt said...

so suang la makan angin.. :)

seahorse cute!

Chen said...

Miri is your hometown?
This is my first visit to Miri.
Didn't go around much, as this is more like a "transit" town to me, cos I'm heading towards Bintulu :)

Yeah, I enjoyed my time there although it's just a short stay :)

very suang..
suang till got uuang uuang sound :P
(i dunno what am I crapping about)

i wonder why is sea horse called sea horse & not other name.. (side topic )

Cocka Doodle said...

Ok, July I'll be in Miri. Gonna hantam all the bilin and kolo mee.

Chen said...

wah, u fly to Sarawak so frequent ah?
Your second home liao... :P
hantam kaw kaw the bilin ;)

eastcoastlife said...

Aaah... Miri looks interesting. I want to visit Sarawak and Sabah - hope soon. I want to eat kolo mee! slurp... slurp...

Chen said...

Have u visited Kuching in the past? If not, u should visit Kuching :)
Kolo Mee is available in Singapore too, from what I read in blogs :)
Might be u can try it out first in Singapore.. Hehehhee...

Bernard said...

Miri is one cool place.. we used to go there to meet friends. And bowled there.

And kolo mee!

Chen said...

i went for shoulder massage in Miri too..
syiok ;)