Monday, May 07, 2007

See Ghost? 见鬼 loh !!

There is no lamp post nor street light on this road (on the way to Kuala Baram). The place will be in total darkness at night. Imagine driving alone on this road in the middle of the night. Spooky or not?

Not only that, I noticed something.. If you look at the photo carefully, you might spot something. Cannot see clearly cos too small?
How about now? Can see clearer?

This photo is for those blur sotong who still couldn't spot anything..

Really "See Ghost" liao. 见鬼 loh !! Imagine if walking or driving through this isolated road in the middle of the night and see one white shadow floating in the sky, what will one think of? GHOST!! 见鬼 !! Hahahhaa....


Winn said...

见鬼 ...produced by chen! hehe

Woof Woof n Meow Meow said...

aiyo....hak sei lor...

L B said...

...falls over laughing till pee all flow like geyser!!!! SEE GHOST!!! 见鬼。见鬼。见鬼。见鬼。

L B said...

*oops, I meant to say ..till fall under table!...

Chen said...

not produced by me leh..
i not so cekap wan :P
Still lol over the origin of 见鬼 at LB's previous post
LOL kaw kaw

woof meow,
bright day light also hak sei lei meh? :P

Come in time hoh?
When the terminology "See Ghost" is still fresh in our minds ;)
Really 见鬼 liao

p/s: Ah Boy wondering why...

L B said...

* O P E N *

Chen said...



may said...

apa laaaaa... so TI(P)U wan, until I OPEN big big!! where got 鬼 leh? kkkkk!! kena con!

day-dreamer said...

may, Chen said "money back guarantee", so no frets. LOL!!

I wonder is it Chen who purposely put the 鬼 there to make it look as though 见鬼. Wakakakakaka!!

Chen said...

very ti(p)u :P
it's good to OPEN big big once in a while mah..
practice made perfect mah..

*OPEN bigger* :P

day dreamer,
Money back guarantee?
u sounds like i'm selling stuff liao..

Wah... Must piak u for coming up with such a evil thought liao :P
u think i eat full nothing to do meh?
见鬼 loh !!
I was on vacation woh..

I'm not a monkey leh..
I won't climb so high up just to hang the ghost on the branch :P
if pokai & jatuh, then there goes my holidays liao !!
Not worthy to do so :P

Will said...

haha... someone too free i guess

mistipurple said...

hahahhaaa you really have an eye for things!!! i don't mean ghosts of cos! *peng*
at first i thot was orang utan on tree farfaraway.
suddenly i thinking of angel farfaraway.. *miss her*

mistipurple said...

er.. LB's pee so strong wan ah? can flow like geyser somemore. don't know if hot like hot springs or not hor? hehe

Chen said...

dunno who is tat someone..
creating such a "joke" :P
Dunno whether is there anyone who gets an heart attack seeing that in the middle of the night :P

Observant mah :P
I can notice those insignificant things wan, so don't play-play :P
LOL at see ghost ah?
Thank God i don't have "such" ability :P
*touch wood*

u tot of orang utan earlier on ah?

pss.. that's the result of wearing yellow-yellow tei teh kor :P

a^ben said...

chey~ i thought real antu` ahhahaha

kyh said...

wah wat street drama is that?so geng wan? :P

Mr. Goober said...

house too many people issit?? need to dry clothes somewhere in the middle of the road?!

psy00060 said...

WAH..... the familiar place!!!

Chen said...

i dowan to see real ghost :P

Hopefully no such street drama nearby our places :P

might be the "Invisible House" stayed by invisible beings, cos I didn't see any house along that road :P

familiar place?
u stay somewhere nearby Kuala Baram ah? or in Miri? :)

angele said...


I'd freak out for sure if I was on a dark road with all those trees and then suddenly this thing caught my sight!

sengkor said...

wah, tht one can cause car accidents wei..

Cocka Doodle said...

Next time see such things, be sure to stop and ask for 4-D. If got underwear hanging there lagi ong. LOL

ah nel said...

u wil definately tu tiok kui wan eh...dun woli...if cant meet them go beach n burn belacan... ;)

Pink Cotton said...



why wanto hang the cloth there???
who put it there?


ask those csi ppl to come investigate!

Wennnn said...

Ahhhhhh kwai ah.... cabut first.... Aiya kia si lang la... got ghost in the broad daylight!!! :P

cutiepie said...

*join LB under the table laughing* ..

JoeC said...


eve said...

Who would want to put that thing there?..kalau sawah padi ok gak..scarecrow kat tepi jalan...hoi sei yan meh?..hor?..

Kenny Ng said...

Someone just setup the thing there to scare people? Good idea, so I can put nearby my house there... so the Mat Rempit see it get shock and crash there... kekeke

papercrazy said...

scarecrow = to scare away crows

scareghost = to scare away ghost...

the baju look familiar
*search search wardrobe* wodner look baju lor...I left outside to dry and the strong wind blew it away...soli soli

Chen said...

But I’m sure most of us here will have the same response too !!

And bicycle accident too !!

Especially red colour tai fu huh?
Too bad I don’t buy numbers :P

ah nel,
Already have experience of "tu tiok kui" in the past liao..
Dun need additional experience liao :P

Chen said...

pink cotton,
CSI ppl busy yum char :P
Dunno who so eat full nothing do, hang such a thing up there..
Or… might be that “thing” was hang there to serve certain purpose..

This is the “white ghost” mah,
That’s why appear in daytime :P

Wah.. the table is very small leh..
Over-crowded liao :P

*pour cold water* :P

Chen said...

I guess the purpose is to sked ppl loh
I wonder that thing was up for how long liao???

Excellent way to sked away all the annoying mat rempits

Aisi, your "baju" ah?
Blow till so far away…
From one end of the state to the other end leh..
Kuching to Kuala Baram !!


rinnah said...

I thot it's there to scare crows / birds loh... but if in the middle of the night sure would be freaky! LOL!

zewt said...

in the first place... shouldnt be walking alone at night on such a road right? anyway, yeah, drivig alone would be equally bad.

Chen said...

There's no plantation nor paddy field etc nearby woh. Likely it serve the purpose to scare human instead of crows or birds :P

even if not walking alone but walking in a group of two or three also will be frightened by the sight :P

slurp! said...

i tot i saw a small field of maize and some smaller shrubs? also got fruit trees behind.

so scary one hahahahaha but i more scared of modern headhunter lei after hearing some horror tales about them :P

Chen said...

wah, u r indeed observant :P
Those are just a small field of maize, just like what we used to see in the villages back home. LOL

I can't spot any house nearby. The nearest (small) village is several km away.

Modern Headhunter? Those who use guns or missile to kill, or? ;)

slurp! said...

they use super fast black car to chase & catch you wor then they perform head shrinking job on your head lor kekekeke anyway hearsay only lah

_butt said...

Wut the.. walau!! hak sei ngor!! I thought really that woo woo thing! siang siang see this kinda thing.. scary.. yes, can imagine driving at night and spot that 'ghost'.. lol

nice one, btw. :D

Bernard said...

I was blurrr la.. thanks for the up-close photo! :-)

Chen said...

don't use the word "you" & "your head" lah
sounds like referring to me pulak

Giggle at the terminology "Woo Woo thing" :P If see at night really can get an heart attack wan.. :P

Hehehhe.... must be cos u r too busy & tired liao lah, that's why u blur-blur :P

slurp! said...

orrrrrrrr so sorrie leh
since i can't edit liao, can you help to amend to "victim's"? or juz sim ply remove that comment away, can? thanks! :)

Chen said...

Don’t worry lah.
It’s alright.
I’m just kidding with u ;)
That "you" is just a universal "you" :D

psy00060 said...

haha... no lar.. I mean miri... ;)