Friday, May 25, 2007

Photo Hunters : Colorful

photo hunters

Today's topic is Colorful.

Photo taken last year in one of the villages in Sichuan, China. One little gal using the home made mop (several pieces of colorful absorbent fabrics were tied up to form a mop) to mop the wet floor. An useful invention using the available resources. This somehow reminds me of the comfy handmade quilts (stitched by my mum) during my childhood time.

Have a COLORFUL & Fruitful Weekend


Will said...

chup :P

you take this pic in china ah?

Will said...

oops baru saw the text... ya china... :P

you didn't ask the girl to make some pose for you? hahah

mistipurple said...

simple is good.

Chen said...

ini orang mesti chup without reading the content
yeah loh, taken in China last year, CNY time aka Winter time :P

no lah, sked the girl use the mop to chase after me if i asked her to post. LOL.. just kidding :P

no need to scratch & crack head so much, huh? :P

may said...

cute wor, that mop! reminds me of quilts too, though my mom didn't ever finish making hers... lol!

Happy Fruity Weekend!

nyonyapenang said...

i am still using those colourful cotton patchwork blankets.
very comfy wan. :)

L B said...

My Witchypoo Broom not as colorful! *merajuk*

angel said...

My Rainbow Teh Kor that Momma Misti often picks up after me is more karerfoooool! KKKKKKKKK :p

mistipurple said...

*dips LB's Witchypoo Broom in a can of purple paint* *cabut*

mistipurple said...

kakkaka just saw my char bor kiah's rainbow karer tei kor's remark!!!
Angeliu!!!! don't discuss your private things in public!! :P
*quickly sews more rainbow tei kors for my char bor kiah*

Chen said...

Stitching the colourful quilt is really hardwork leh.. I won't be able to finish it too (well.. cos I'm lazy) ;)

nyonya pg,
Wah.. still using ah?
Mine dunno where issit liao.. :P
miss my comfy old time quilt leh..

Witchypoo Broom is not supposed to be colourful wan, else defeat the purpose liao :P

Chen said...

why u never show us geh?
Ah Ben showed us his blue-blue tei teh kor liao..
Now it's your turn to show us your rainbow teh kor

That will transform the Witchypoo Broom into Purpithypoo Broom?

Abuthen, your char bor kiah discuss about it only mah, she never show us the colorful rainbow karer teh kor :(

mistipurple said...

kkkk very hard to pronounce Purpithypoo Broom. if say fast fast even worse! say with the broom also, kkkkk
you want to see my char bor kiah's tei kor ah? *quickly finish sewing new rainbow karer ones for her*

mistipurple said...

i lup my char bor kiah and wishes to protect her dignity, so i did something for her already.
a momma's lup.... *sigh*...

angel said...

kkkkkkk... my Momma sigh liao... kkkkkk... u ask my Momma to show u ler... she always scold me that I leave my Rainbow tei tei kor wor... kkkkk...

Yippie! Got more rainbow tei kor! TQ Momma!

Ei, your "Waiting Period" is over! :p

day-dreamer said...

I have a colourful quilt too! My 外婆 made it for me. :D

Doctor can you gimme a letter so that my friends and I can be exempted from NS once and for all?? Hahaha! *dreaming*

ehon said...

Wahahaha! Yeah it's hardwork. Stupid quilt. Growing up, my mother has made erm erm 4 quilts for me I think! :D She used to be a tailor and use the scrape cloth, cos we last time very poor mar.

But you know hor, I very kuai ler. Last time, I always make also. 1/4 of the quilts are sewn by me ler. :D

Jemima said...

I still got my quilt that my late grandmother made when I was a little girl.

FireHorse said...

Have a great weekend :o)

TNChick said...

Wow that's neat... the colorful mop.

tegdirb92 said...

My photo is also from China this week :) Beautiful photo! Have a great weekend.

Doreen said...

Emm...colourful.....may be I should go dig out my colourful clothes and wear it for this weekend to match the theme. Hehehe

Chen said...

yeah hard to pronounce, sounds a bit like tongue twister ;) Wah.. a new set of rainbow teh kor for your char bor kiah ah.. She really very lucky liao..

u r really Mooooooo..
Moo rocks ;)

Your momma very great. She showed it up in her blog liao.. The rainbow tei-tei teh koh. Kkkkkk..

Finally the waiting period is over.
Waited till neck long-long liao

day dreamer,
u still using the colourful quilt?
Full of kasih sayang & love, that's why so comfy leh. :D

Err... joining NS is fun leh..
Can gain new experience ;)

tray said...

oooh.. i love this. a great 'capture' of life going on. :-)

Monk[+]Icon said...

poor lil girl have to do such work...

Chen said...

u have 4 quilts !!!!!
Wow... So lucky :D

My mum made the quilts from scrape clothes too, since she sew our own clothes. So, there's quite a lot of remaining or leftover fabric materials :)

U so quai. Next time u saw one for me too. Hahhahha.. I dun want just a quarter, okie? :P

Must be very comfy then... :)

u have a great weekend too ;)

Chen said...

Yeah, They really did a good job :)

That's great. I enjoy visiting China. Been there 3 times and I will go back there again in the future :)

Enjoy your weekend.

Hehehhe... might be can wear those striking colourful clothes :D

I love to take shots of people with activities of their daily lives.

Hard life, huh..


Great photo.

Angie said...

nice.that's just so cute.. have a great weekend!

The Simple Times In Life

rinnah said...

My baby blanket underneath had a patchwork quilt cover sewn by my mum... I used it until it was pretty torn up, then she threw it away! I missed it for so long after that...

Bibik Nyonya said...

Hi darling...thanks from dropping by my blog come back more often ya! Ha ha ha!

You sure have some really nice pics here...and those food gawd...i see also my stomach louder than lion dance already. Ha ha ha! said...

That's so creative of her.
Use what is available

Linda said...

That is the most colorful mop I have ever seen!

Hummie said...

Goodness, I had to study that photo...what an awesome and unusual capture...great work.

Rachel said...

Great pic. I love the "everday" quality it has...

eastcoastlife said...

Ooohhh, you went to China for Chinese New Year? Everywhere very crowded, right? Some more very cold leh!

Oh ya, you would be eating Sichuan Ma La Hotpot and then have sausage lips due to the extreme spicyness! Colourful language come out or not? hehehehe.........

Barbara H. said...

That is certainly the most colorful mop I have ever seen!

Chen said...

friday's child,
Thanks :)

Thanks, u have a great weekend too.

baby blanket is just like the smelly handkerchief or the smelly pillow or bolster, right?
much sentimental value ♥♥♥..

bibik nyonya,
hehehe, u r the second nyonya i know of. The first one is non other than our beloved Nyonya Penang ;)

Stomach playing drum ah?
Good also mah, can listen to free music :P LOL..

jmb said...

great photo. she's doing such a good job!

Chen said...

Yeah, just like when we are small time, we use whatever things available and made them into toys :P

Colorful & unique ;)

Thanks Hummie :)
The colour of her clothings and the mop in contrast to the grey floor * the white door, making the colour more outstanding ;)

Thanks :)

kyh said...

wah nice... very karerful indeed! ;)

Chen said...

yeah, i went there last year for CNY. The weather is pretty cold in Jiuzhaigou, especially at night time with cold breeze. Luckily the heater inside the hotel is working well. LOL

Yeah, yeah..
I love the Sichuan malat hot pot or steamboat aka 四川火锅. LOVE IT !! I have written a post on it last year. I love hot & spicy stuff. So not so bad for me.
I wanna eat it again :)

yeah, colorful & unique :)

Thanks jmb :)

and now looking back at the photo, the pink baju somehow reminds me of someone. LOL

ipanema said...

the child's pink jacket is as colourful, it's eye catching! :)

amy said...

Im so glad you have posted this!!!!

good picture

Cocka Doodle said...

Great shot! Next time take more pictures of me when you come down to KL ok?

Chen said...

yeah, especially with the white & grey background :D

Thanks. I noticed the photo when I browsed through the old photos few days ago and noticed this :)

Terima kasih manyak-manyak.
Cocka wanna become my model for photo shooting ah?
Boleh, tentulah boleh..

Bengbeng said...

wat a priceless photo and so original. might do that too and see mrs bengbeng's reaction hahahahah

Lynn said...

This is good! The colors are so alive!

Dragonheart said...

Nice shot! Excellent photo for colourful.

Jenn in Holland said...

A wonderful real life moment. Beautiful shot!

Chen said...

LOL. Mrs Bengbeng might get a shock out of her life ;)

Thanks Lynn :)
The most striking colour is the gal's pink-coloured winter jacket :)

Thanks dragonheart :)

jenn in holland,
Thanks Jenn :) I have so much fun browsing through the old photos :)

Cats ~ Goats ~ Quotes said...

Neat mop! This is the second China Photo I've seen. Would love to visit there!
Happy Hunting :)

arlene said...

cute photo..great take on the theme this week, so simple yet colorful:)

Loni said...

Another picture from China! How neat AND colourful!

Mine is up!

Vader's Mom said...

I know you were spotlighting the mop, but I love her jacket.

jcfloresinc said...

Very nice picture and great take on the theme. Have a safe weekend.
Samantha, Tigger and Mom

PastorMac's Ann said...

Bless her heart, she's working hard. Great shot of "color." Perfect pick for The Hunt.

fibrate said...

Great shot. Nice take on "colorful".

Chen said...

I have been to China three times and I will definitely go back there again.

Thanks Arlene :)

Thanks :) I will visit yours soon..

vader's mom,
Hehhe, her jacket is indeed outstanding with the striking pink colour :)

Thanks, Samantha, Tigger and Mom :) I love the photos u put up too, especially the one with Samantha yawning :)

PastorMac's Ann,
Thanks :)

Thanks, Fibrate.

_butt said...

I liked her pink sweater..


Chen said...

LOL.. The pink colour is indeed striking ;)