Tuesday, May 22, 2007

A Place Where Great Minds Converge...

One fine Saturday afternoon, 5 Great Minds namely Pink Cotton, Red Sponge, Goober, Ben & Chen decided to meet up & sot for 3 hours inside The Causeway Bay @ The Crowne Square Plaza, Kuching.

Intensive session of exchanging and sharing ideas... At times, Great Minds dun Think Alike..

Pink Cotton with her ice cream toast (very keng huh? ice cream also pink karer). Apa pasal tu toast manyak tebal?? o.O Gotta open mouth big-big to eat the toast. The eating-toast photo was *censored*..

The so called Thai-styled Fried Rice. Mmm... Tarak hot, tarak spicy, different from the authentic Thai-styled Fried Rice i had in the past. I can cook much better than this. And Pink Cotton's toast looks more delish pulak. Tak aci. Why other's food always tasted better?

Siapa punya jari tu? Btw, I will let Ah Ben habis sapu his lam pek-pek sizzling noodle maggie mee (in peace) before I started pinching him.

And the leftover koay teow.. Apa pasal so oily geh? So unhealthy.. Cabut fast-fast before Red Sponge piaks me with the leftover oily koay teow..

And not forgetting the so called "Group Photo" for the "kenot see light" gang - guess who is who? I presume everyone knows who is the one wearing the pink Kroc. Hahahaha... Too obvious liao :P


Woof Woof n Meow Meow said...

wah...dat toast really look yummy...

hehe...jie having fun...=)

a^ben said...

the mee also not very tasty` tsk tsk tsk hahahahaha but i finished it anyways :P

slurp! said...

ooooooooooh guessing game ;)
From left clockwise
Red Sponge, Mr Goober, Pink Cotton (this one so easy), Ben, Chen

ah nel said...

of coz the kueh tiaw leftover coz i saw got flies in it...


y u post my leg in pink kerok??? :P

Winn said...

only pink cotton got krok????? red sponge leh? haha i mean red sponge

angel said...


*admire admire group photo*

Winn said...

how come angel not yet come and hiao hiao here? i can see her bz browsing everywhere liao...

sigh .....i can only access angeliu's at work now!

Winn said...

oh here she is...io until here liao

Chen said...

woof meow,
i presume so...
Hehhehe.. cos got thick cream & ice cream :P

u having fun too mah, with woof :P

Hahhaa, i still remember everyone discussing about whether liking soft or hard.. LOL

Yeah, i snapped a pict of your empty plate too.. including two slices of lemon on top.. LOL

Hahhaa, Bingo!
Clever lah u :)

L B said...

What a group shot! Thebest kind of Bloggers Group Photos are of toes and krocs, eh? Yeah yeah, I agree with myself... If I had known you were hanging out with ben, I would have asked you to pinch him for me again.. *sigh* wasted!!

Chen said...

ah nel,
kakakka.. later red sponge piak u then u know :P

o.O. U r the one in pink krok meh?
Since when u tukar jadi perempuan ah? LOL

Now I remember..
All the dinosaurs supposed to buy krok huh for the group photo session.. but we all malas cos we dinosaurs liao.. LOL

Red sponge not yet dinosaur mah :P
Pink Cotton definitely not dinosaur yet.. LOL

admire the group photo again, together with Angel..

Chen said...

u and Angel sem len siong tong woh..
both appear at the same time

apa pasal u so kesian geh?
Cry on your behalf :(

Angel also start to io ka chng liao ah? :P
I can pinch her ka chng liao...

Nice hoh the group shot?

I can still pinch Ben, since he is coming to KL & Penang soon..
early next month mah.
u can ask Angel to pinch him too!!
*Giggle under table* :P

Cocka Doodle said...

I can recognize your leg....neh, that hairiest wan leh....

Wingz said...

omg chili crabs!!! i like!!!

_butt said...

how nice! blogger gathering! :D

somehow pink always stood out better than the rest :P

day-dreamer said...

Wah... itu tos memang manyak kau!!

Wah... special punya grup foto!!

Kenapa tak ada saya punya share? :P

mistipurple said...

"kenot see light" gang!! kkkkk i laugh until peng when i read that!

may said...

harharhar! those 2 jari look like snail going after that plate of food!

is Viva any better than Myvi ah?

Will said...

so liu... hahaha

that pink krok too obvious liao... hahahahah

ehon said...

im still not over the crabs! booooo!! I WAN CRAB!! I WAN I WWWAAAAANNNN!! :P

Mr Ho's BBQ Pork the best!! :D The shop is opened by my errmm somthing like really really close family friend, so I get to eat for free. Hehehe. But before it opened for dining, I go there food testing everyday until I sick of BBQ pork! but recovered d now. :P Now craving for it. LOL!!

Simple American said...

And we all know who the pink shoe is. hahaha

The food is just torturing my empty belly. :P

ah nel said...

should piak the 'ho sin' in the kueh tiaw ler!!!


in tis world got law say guy cant wear pink mer o u jeles tat my leg so black n dirty stil wore tat pink krok?

Monk[+]Icon said...

huuu... so nice... huuu pink katen really big time pink kaki... gerori~

Chen said...

Walao, apa pasal u always salah tengok wan??
Dunno whose leg u spy at in the past..

Chili crabs? o.O
I want to eat chili crabs too!!!

Last time I didn’t have chance to really talk with u leh..
Cos u sit so far away.. :(

Another pink lover, huh?

Chen said...

day dreamer,
Next time we take group photos of hands, or fists?

Apa pasal tarak u punya share ah?
Sebab u duduk manyak jauh mah..
Seberang laut woh.. :P

Dun laugh too hard,
Cos u r included in the "cannot see light" gang too

Hahhaa.. the fingers resemble siput mia tentancles
I never test drive Viva yet.
I will one day.. but dunno when :P

Chen said...

Keng leh?
If u were to wear Croc
(or u prefer Krok?),
What colour will u choose ah?
Hopefully not pink-pink tei :P

Ai si..
still dreaming of crabs?
Nobody eat crabs here lah...
U can enjoy all the crabs when u balik kampong ;)
or..when u yearn for crabs, u can crap to overcome it

Mr Ho’s food (BBQ pork) so yummy ah? Free food summore.. So nice !!
I never makan there before :(

Chen said...

Yeah, that one is the "give away" answer liao

I’m hungry too... :(

ah nel,
Cos I remember the one wearing pink krok in the pict is a gal mah..
Not u woh :P

U look nicer in yellow krok mah..
Wong wong tei :D
Reminds me of Phua Chu Kang pulak, with the yellow boot

She is indeed pink..
Very pink..

Selba said...

Aiiii.. slurp already answered the quiz from you.... can not join the guessing game anymore :P

Eh.. btw, I heard that in spore, the krock sandal has been baned for the children because a few accidents happened in the elevators.

kyh said...

wah so much fun!

*guessing which pwetty leg is urs*


mistipurple said...

HAHHAHAA EVEN LOUDER!! i forgot about that!!!! *peng under table liao*

Fantasy "Sticky" Flier said...

Sigh..how I miss Ice Cream Loti..

Doreen said...

Wah~~so nice ler, got blogger meet up somemore. Kuching blogger association is it? Hehehe. And, not to mention, scrumptious food too!

rinnah said...

Hahaha... no show face show feet only ah... this is a novel idea!

carcar said...

all the photos are simply awesome!

i have great mind too, no need to worry for me k...


cutiepie said...

love the group photo *pinch each toes*

Chen said...

Hahaha, don’t peep at the answer next time..

Yeah, I read about the incident in Singapore regarding the croc shoes get stuck in the elevator.
This shouldn’t pose a problem to the bigger kids, unless they are careless :P

What’s your guess?
It’s very easy, right? :D

u laugh so loud till the window and glasses also almost cracked liao
Luckily u r laffing inside your studio & not in my place.
My damage is not so "great" then..
If not i really no eye see liao :P


Chen said...

Me too..
I should have ordered that instead of the Thai-styled Fried Rice :P

*Regret kaw kaw*

Kuching Blogger Association? Wah..
No lah, I dun go to big scale blogger meet wan
Prefer to meet up with those whom I know of, or bloggers whose blogs I have been reading, rather than a big group of "absolutely strangers" :P

I met up with them several times liao in the past ;)

Chen said...

Yeah, good for those who wants to appear as "anonymous"
Might be next time I will take group photos of hands ;)

Thank u thank u..

Yeah, I remember u always have great mind. Cos we always think alike mah..


Pinch each toes?

don’t pinch so hard leh..
Painful woh..
Later cannot walk properly liao :P

sengkor said...

the 9 oclock position is ahben..

_butt said...

pink is nice but I'm not that crazy about pink than someone ahem :P

yalo.. next time ar, must chup tempat sit next to each other okies? hehe

Chen said...

9 o'clock position?
adjust spect again..
Wah.. I didn't know Ah Ben wears high heel wan.. :P

What's your favorite colour?
Black is nice..
and White is elegant ;)

Next time u must come early liao

angel said...

KKKKKK!!! This winn saw me hiao-hiao at other places last nite kkkkk!

Sigh, now winn winn's lappie dun like angeliu liao... so liu... :(

jelly the cute fish said...

this kai jie say i see but no comment means stalking...
oklo... i've put some words d kekekekek....

where is my cake? :P

_butt said...

blue!!!! I know you like black de hehehe

you chup for me lar next time :P

Chen said...

kkkkkkk... must be u hiao-hiao doing your rounds liao :P

Winn's lappie got PMS ah?

wah, i crap with u mia words also u quote & put up here ah?
u really crappy lah..

cake? apa cake?
Tiramisu cake ah? LOL
I didn't bake cake, I eat dragonfruit nia :P

u love blue-blue tei ah?
This reminds me of the blue-blue tei teh kor hoo-hah few months back.. LOLOL

U dowan to come early meh? :(

Pink Cotton said...


aiyooooooo too bad i only managed to comment now...so FAMOUS hor this post??

must b bcos of my pink krok! kekeke

eh u din wait for THE pic first leh...u kno??? THE pic? :P

Chen said...

pink cotton,
femes cos u r featured here mah..
pink-pink tei :D
summore pink krok
add in more urmpphhhhh

i waited for THE pict till neck long-long liao, but u haven't posted to me yet..
faiti faiti loh send me "that" pict..
i waited till neck long-long liao
almost like giraffe oledi :D

Will said...

in fact i got 2 pair of kroks... hahaha... one is deep blue one is light blue :P

Chen said...

wah.. 2 pair of krok summore
but all blue-blue tei geh?
u r indeed no 1 krok fan-see
peminat setia "buaya", huh?
luckily u r not one of the buaya

ah nel said...

ekcherli he is a guy u noe!!! :P

wong wong tei hou ma!!!seem like my surname...yellow... ;)

Redsponge said...

must comment hor? the hor fun not bad le...oily kar? hmm i must be too hungry liao.

Wat is the pic? ahem...doc, u din send me any photos hor?! hmph!

_butt said...

ohh, ok lo, I come early early.. chup place, insist that I MUST sit next to doc chen :D

plink said...

hAlamakz! I thot the first foto means AhBoy dimakan oredi....

Chen said...

ah nel,
how u know geh?
u go periksa ah?

Can call u as Mr Yellow in the future? since Yellow is your surname :)

I know u r super hungry. Luckily u didn't bite me :P I haven't send any pict out yet. Resized the photo yesterday night and shared a mountain with Pink Cotton using sharing folder.. Kkkkk. I will send to u later ;)

yes, it's a MUST

u dun sked Ah Boy lah.. :P

ah nel said...

shhhhhh...don tok so loud...


wong sin sang...

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Chen said...

ah nel,
why paiseh woh?
Ooi sin seh :D

ehon said...

Yeah lor, eat until I so fat. Almost everyday's lunch at Mr Ho's.

When we get to meet at Kuching one day, we go makan at Mr Ho's!! :) My treat! ;)

Chen said...

lunch almost everyday at the same place?
not sien meh?

Can, prvoided we are back home at the same time..
just that dunno when..
That might be years later..