Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Finally I reached Penang...
Misti, I reached home "selamat dan berbunyi"
For those who catch no ball what is "selamat & berbunyi", it means "safe & sound" :P
The flight landed 3 hours ago, and I stopped by the hospital for a while on the way back home..
Not that I went back straight to work after arrival (I'm not workaholic) , but I went there to collect my car, which I left in the staff car park as I went to the airport straight after work last Wednesday.

So sian cos have to start working soon liao... :(

p/s: Ah Boy waited for me in the airport leh!!! So touching.. And he has put on weight!! :P


mistipurple said...

hehe. selamat dan berbunyi!! good good!
ahboy fatter ah? *guilty look, too much char siew i left on his plate*

ah nel said...

got bring terubok masin kar?all ppl noe im from sarawak sure wil ask bout tat when i go bek...

Will said...

hahahah first thing reach home is blog :P

Chen said...

yeah loh, we always talk to each other about selamat & berbunyi mah..
hahaha, tat has become part of our conversation liao :P

ah boy fatter loh..
too much good food over the past few days.. He needs to start dieting liao :P

ah nel,
no woh.. My colleagues asked about it previously..

Hahhaa, I remembered telling them I never eat ikan terubok masin before, and they o.O
giving me a weird unbelievable look...
I indeed never eat it before mah..
really so nice ah? :D

i reached home few hours ago liao..
mandi, makan, bersihkan rumah, sapu lantai, cuci pinggan, mandikan Ah Boy..

Did so many things liao leh before I go online :P

mistipurple said...

you mandi yourself first or ahboy? then you wet wet already orr? ahboy not scared of water like cats hor?

Chen said...

wah.. so many questions wan?
mandi together can or not? :P

ah boy hates bathing..
he dun mind playing with water but he hates bathing...
He will run and hide himself at one corner when I told him I wanna bath him..
and at times, he will start shivering when i carried him to the bathroom

mistipurple said...

ah yo poor thing. *imagines ahboy shivering* scared mah hor? but i think bathing cats will be worse. at least ahboy won't scratch and snarl. lol

Chen said...

yeah, thank God Ah Boy won't scratch & snarl. But he will make funny & kesian sound which sounds like crying..

p/s: He really hates bathing kaw kaw

L B said...

How come you won't take me away with you wan? I want to sneak away too, with you, look at funny fern, funny biji, funny weird stuff... and get fat along the way! Can?

angel said...

Alamak... sei for... ah boy fatter means u not gonna feed him liao tomolo???

*sneaks ah boy out for supper*

Welcome home!

Simple American said...

Welcome home Chen. Fat AhBoy. He catch all the weight I lose. :P

may said...

welcome home!

your Ah Boy put on weight is good! means he was well taken care of while you were away mah. can I be well-fed too when I'm there?

ehon said...


Sama geng!! I also never eaten terubok masin ler! And I thought this doktor so dedicated. Just touched down go hospital to catch up liao. Lol!!!

On the bright side of thing hor, work work a few months, balik kampung again right?! :D :D You've got your break liao, so fresh new start, fresh new you! OOOMPH! JIA YOU!! ;) :D

Firehorse said...

welkam back home, glad you arrive safe and sound.

Monk[+]Icon said...

welkam bek..!!! ada kelija ka ini hali? gero~

mistipurple said...

good morning chenliu!!! it's a new day!! i want to be a good girl! lol!

dino said...

welcome back..
seem like ahboy not sad when u are not around..

ah nel said...

i oso never eat it before but i think it taste like ur socks tat never wash for 1 month...

*ah boy fatter is good coz i got more meat to chew*


cutiepie said...

selamat berbunyi = safe and sound, the beauty of bahasa malaysia

yenjai.net said...

welcome back

Woof Woof n Meow Meow said...

welcome home jiejie..

tok bout mandikan AhBoy...Bobo oso d same laa..

wen told her wana mandi time, she runs and hide 1...


Selba said...

ni hui lai le!!! :)

selamat dan berbunyi? hahaha... never heard that kind of expression.

ah boy picked you up at the airport.. wah.... so nice of him! did he pick you up with his girlfriend? ;)

cutiepie: selamat berbunyi? oh.. you meant "selamat dan berbunyi"? kekeke...
Selamat berbunyi means congratulation for sounding, no? LOL

day-dreamer said...

Welcome back to Peninsular Malaysia! :P

At first I really thought you love work so much, touchdown nia already go hospital! LOL!!

Ah Boy can go airport ah?

Chen said...

Can can..
I will see whether can sneak u inside my luggage or not..
Abuthen cannot give this funny idea to Ah Boy :P

Ah Boy can lose weight easily wan..
Within few days, he can be back to his old self liao ;)

walao, curi-curi bring Ah Boy out for supper? I pun nak ikut sama :(

Thanks for the muacks...
and yeah, I received your postcard liao. Terima kasih banyak-banyak

Hehehe, Ah Boy loves food :)

Chen said...

yeah loh, he is definitely well taken care of with 3 regular meals a day with jelly as supper. Good life, huh? But now everything is back to normal liao :P

u wanna be well fed too?
with regular doses of char siew?
Can.. No problem :D

Hhahaha, I'm curious though how the ikan terubok masin tasted like since so many craze about it ;)

Now I feel lazy to work..
I wanna rest summore..

Thanks :)

Chen said...

I'm not working today but have to spend several hours in the hospital.
Officially I start work tomorrow :)

Good afternoon Misti.
The weather is so dem hot
i sweat kaw kaw
beh tahan...

u want to be a good girl?
i tot u always a good girl liao?
not meh?

Ah Boy knows how to capture people's heart wan...
that's why he can get his regular doses of makan & kasih sayang..

Chen said...

ah nel,
i tot u have tasted it liao since ppl always ask u to tapao back for them
socks tat never wash for one mth?

u want chewable toy bones?
Good for your teeth :)

The beauty of language
Yes, and especially to the one who translated it...

Have to come back to "reality" again...
zzZzzzzzzzzzzzzzz... :D

Chen said...

woof meow,
dunno whether all the dogs hate bathing or just Min Pin?

Hahhaa, I created myself the terminology "selamat & berbunyi". I guess u won't find it elsewhere kua..
The wonders of playing with "words"

Yeah, he waited for me inside the car in the airport. So nice of him.. He is still single, no gf yet ;)

day dreamer,
Yeah, welcome back from oversea..
Since I travel across the South China Sea - over the sea loh :P

I won't go to the workplace when I'm on leave unless necessary..
Sometimes, no choice mah.. :P

Ah Boy waited for me inside the car in the airport. :)

rinnah said...

Welcome back, chen!

Kekekekeke... who brought ahboy to the airport to meet you?

kyh said...

welcome back!!!

eee ah boy gain weight ah... tell him to gip me some of his fat when he's dieting! :P

Bengbeng said...

Hey Dr. I am a little out of touch. Can u pls recommend a hawkers paradise in penang where i can get lovely lovely chee chiong fun, cha koay teow n stuff :

Doreen said...

oh good to be back? Tell us all about your trip leh.

Woof Woof n Meow Meow said...

jie, i think min pin kua? remember my uncle's doggie? dat mix breed with chihuahua 1? she loves bathing 1 wor...

aNNie said...

then i want 2 c ahboy fat look 4to :P.. hehe

Selba said...

my lulu is pretty soon becoming a teenager! (or is she already yet?) Can I recommend Ah Boy when she is looking for a boyfriend since he is still single? hahaha :P

Chen said...

Thanks, Rinnah :)
My in-laws bringing Ah Boy to the airport. Ah Boy slept next to me on the way back home... LOL

Wah, doggy's fat also u won't let go ah? LOL..
Ah Boy looks thinner liao today :P
He can put on weight fast & lost weight pretty fast :D

beng beng,
If u want to get several type of hawker food "under one roof" in Penang island, the more popular ones are The New Lane Hawker Stalls in Macalister Road & The New World Park nearby Swatow Lane. I dun go to Gurney Drive cos that place is over-crowded..

_butt said...

ni hui lai le! yay!!


ah boy gain weight liao? wahhh

Chen said...

I didn't do much other than eat, sleep & snap few photos. Didn't go jalan-jalan.

Met up with few bloggers (This was not the first time we meet up). I will write a short post on that later :)

woof meow,
Ah Boy says Coco is weird..
Kakkakak, he said doggies are not supposed to like bathing wan :P

Ah Boy looks thinner liao today.
He can lost weight pretty fast wan
I guess by tomorrow, he will back to his old self liao :)

Chen said...

Lulu is 5 months old, right?
1 year human age = 7 years doggie age
Lulu is still a puppy :D

Let's see how it goes..
Long distance relationship for doggies..

Yeah, gua sudah balik :)
lebih kurang 23 jam yang lepas ;)

Ah Boy gain weight fast, and lost weight fast too...
*Amazing* :D

Kenny Ng said...

Glad u were safe and sound, it's time to make more noise in your blog hor? :P

Woof Woof n Meow Meow said...

uih...jie still remember her name...


Chen said...

made more noise & more sound
including jeng jeng jeng!

woof meow,
of course lah..
Great Mind mah..

day-dreamer said...

Can I learn tactics from Ah Boy? Half enough... gain weight fast that part don't want, just need the lose weight fast part. :P

ehon said...

*piak doktor's butt* already rest wana rest somemore?! tsk tsk tsk!! :P lol!

Chen said...

day dreamer,
Only Ah Boy has such ability..
I also dunno how he manage to do it..
But I can overheara Ah Boy grumbling in one corner, "if u starve for one whole day see u lost weight or not?"

Got people who are tired of resting meh?

Must know how to enjoy life, if one has the opportunity
cos life is short ;)