Monday, May 21, 2007

Selamat Jalai...

Time really flies..
It's time to pack my luggage again..
My flight is in few hours time & I haven't pack my things yet
always leave it till the last minute..
What I did for the last few days?
Eat, Rest, Sleep (most of the time) & Meet Up with few friends, ex-primary/secondary school classmate, ex-coursemate in university and ex-colleague and called up few friends...
Didn't go jalan-jalan ;)

Okie, it's time to pack my stuff...
and bid farewell to Kuching in few hours time..
It's time to Tick Tock Tick Tock again..


Winn said...

tick tock! tick tock! tick tock!

faster come back kacau us!

L B said...

omg.. I so blur! All this time, I thought you were back home in Penang already!!! You are still in Kuching?!!!

Will said...

so short trip this time... tapau some bilin back lar :P

May said...

Selamat Jalai? that's the proper term?

Have a safe journey back to Penang!

Monk[+]Icon said...

oooohh... now i know the tick tock part...

ac said...

selamat jalai?...

got bring back sarawak crystal pineapple?? :D

zeroimpact said...

Haik, trip to where ah
Going or coming ah
Blur liao

Chen said...

still tick tock tick tock
finally almost finish packing..
except i haven't pack my gadgets ;)

and faster come to KL too, hoh?

OMG, blame it on the sotong..
must be cos u eat too much sotong over the last few days..

I were in Kuching from the tick tock tick tock time till today - for 4.5 days ;)

short trip mah..
go balik eat, rest & sleep :P
sleep too much liao over the last few days :)

tapao bilin back for Ah Boy ah?

Chen said...

selamat jalai is a proper term
not spelling error nor typo though
Selamat Jalai = Selamat Jalan
(in Bahasa Iban)

finally u know what i mean..
still not too late ;)

Selamat Jalai to The Land of Hornbills loh :)
Bring back few Iban brinjals :)

I'm now in Kuching, going back to Penang in few hours time

JoeC said...

Have a safe trip then, tick ticky tock drip drip drip....... Cheers!

eve said...

Aiyoyo...back to work hor? too..just came back from Langkawi...So much to do..arrghhh...

angel said...

Tapao whatever for us, liuliu?? :P

*brings ahboy to airport*

ehon said...

sounds like an entry with a tinge of sadness there. :P well, u got to go back! i also wish i get to go back too. hmm.. sounds like a few days of good rest eyh! :D fair enough.

have a safe journey back! ;)

kyh said...

*tick tock tick tock*

jom balik ke penang!

mistipurple said...

it's always good to go back to recharge. i've been sleeping like a pig these two days too. *oink*
you must be selamat and berbunyi
back home now! ahboy sure happies until run in circles! kkkk!

Chen said...

tick tock tick tock..
apa tu drip drip drip?
something leaking ah?

going back to work soon..
very very soon..

Wow, u just came back from Langkawi? That's great
The last time I went there was...
might be year 2000?
or 2001?
I can't remember :D

Sien huh going back to work after hols or vacation :)

tapao whatever for u all?
See-see look-look what is available in my bedroom :P

Bringing Ah Boy to airport ah?
So nice of u..
Ah Boy must be very excited liao :)

Chen said...

nowadays i can come back more frequent, since there's direct flight from Penang to Kuching. Save the trouble of waiting for hours for the transit flight in LCCT - that one is nightmare ;)

u r coming back home soon, too...
in few months time ;)

Hehhehe, u going to Penang too? :D
Marilah melawat Penang beramai-ramai.. LOL

I have been sleeping early (& wake up early) too for the past few days.. Sleep before 11 and wake up very early too (at 7 am or the latest by 8 am)..

No lah, haven't reach home selamat & berbunyi yet..
still tick tock tick tock..
The flight is later in the evening

Can imagine Ah Boy's emotional look & happily jumping up & down when he sees me :P

rinnah said...

Have a safe trip back to Penang!

I learned new phrase today... selamat jalai...

Doreen said...

Have a good time in Kuching!

dino said...

why u got so many days holiday 1??

Selba said...

First when I read the title is like.. "huh??? spelling error??? or msian has a different way of Selamat jalan"

Ok.. got it... bahasa iban :D

Well... 'Met jalan yah.. semoga sampai di tempat tujuan dengan selamat!!! :)

day-dreamer said...

Back d back d?? :P

papercrazy said...

sorry I din get to meet busy i can die already

next time okie??

_butt said...

wah.. must be a walk down memory lane.. gathering with school mates and all.. :)

tick tock tick tock, back to penang already? :D

nyonyapenang said...

no stopover in kay el meh?
come lar, we go makan-makan and shalalalala...

Chen said...

Thanks, rinnah
I reached home liao :)

Huh? I just came back from Kuching
Now back to Penang ;)

cos I carried forward lotsa hols in the past ;)

yeah, it's bahasa iban :)
Met jalan yah, issit Selamat Jalan in Bahasa Indonesia? :)

Chen said...

day dreamer,
sudah sampai Penang :)
selamat & berbunyi

yeah loh..
made me so sad niah :(
*cry buckets of croc tears*

never mind lah..
there's always next time ;)

tick tock tick tock
sudah sampai Penang jam 8:50 malam

nyonya pg,
I took the direct flight from Kch to Penang. So, tarak stopover in KL. Okie, next time I datang KL, we go makan-makan & sha-lalala :D

Kenny Ng said...

Welcome back to the heaven of food island. Have a safe journey ah.

Chen said...

Thanks, Kenny :)
I'm back home already.. :)

Bengbeng said...

Hahha, i am not myself today, all these talk of penang in the comments make me rindu for che hu a type of chinese pasembur.