Saturday, May 19, 2007

Photo Hunters : Cooked

photo hunters

Today's topic is Cooked/ing...
Presenting Mr Crab
(before & after entering the kuali/wom/cooking pan)




tegdirb92 said...

AAWWW..poor crab. Have a great Saturday!

Bernard said...



Melissa said...

That 2nd picture looks tasty!

Chen said...

at least he has his last picture taken prior to RIP

Enjoy your weekend :)

the exopthalmus crab his with protruding eye balls

i love crabs..
baked crabs, black pepper crabs, salted egg crabs, kam heong crabs bla bla..
hampalang sapu :)

Baked crabs..
Sweet & juicy :D

Will said...

wah what did you do, make the crab so angry until face red red? :P

ehon said...

I also want crab. I want seafood! Seafood here are too expensive! :( Except for Fish and Chips lar. :P Hehe.

CRABBB!! Tonight if I dream of that crab, I will look for you!! :P LOL!

Winn said...

pinch aben's butt later!! until ang ang like the crab!

Doreen said...

Aduh! Pooooor crab, but you look sooooo yum!

may said...

waaaa, just now kenot comment wan...

poor crab... so red... so yummy!! I want chili crab!

L B said...

Tong Chiang! Tong Chiang!! Really See Ghost this time! H A P P Y H A P P Y G H O S T !

PastorMac's Ann said...

Well, he certainly was cooked wasn't he. Great pictures for The Hunt.

Lynn said...

I love seafoods and crabs are one of the best! Pity I have to see the "before" photo. Delicious though, right? :)

angel said...

*makan crab*
*then come here and crap*

Jennifer said...

Something about seeing the actual before photo just creeps me out. But sure makes for some good eatin'!

Pink Cotton said...


very big difference between the before and after lei!

i think it is the crab season now..i see a lot of crabs along the roadside...i mean ppl selling them :P

julie said...

Yummy crab! We love seafood.

Mine is up too. have a great weekend.

Selba said...

BEFORE: Aiyoooo.. so ugly and spooky

AFTER: Aiiiii.... so pretty and yummy


Dragonheart said...

Nice shots. :) I'm sure the crab tasted good!

nyonyapenang said...

come lar....we go crab-feast again.

mistipurple said...

crab = aphrodisiac. kkkkk.

Chen said...

what i did?
i killed & cooked the crabs
that's why he is angry with me loh..

i also want crabs !!
I didn't eat that crabs today..
Both the photos were taken few months back..
But I did have crabs recently, and that was 2 or 3 weeks back (didn't snap any photo though that time)

If u dream of that crab, don't look for me cos I can't offer any help..

i pinched his face instead..
His face is so soft..
exactly like baby's butt...
so can consider as pinching his ka chng liao too

Chen said...

Food is meant to be eaten, right? ;)
Reminds me of the cute balitong photos I took in the past prior to cooking them..

sorrie sorrie selori
dunno how i ter-click do not allow any comments earlier on prior to publishing the post..
Too sotong liao :P

I never eat chili crabs leh..
i so suaku liao

Wah.. u can see the Ghost of the Crab hah?
Although sked, but will still continue to eat crabs

on the Rock said...

Great shots:)

Chen said...

pastormac's ann,
yeah, The crab was cooked to perfection..
Thanks :)

Yeah, I love seafood too.
Fish, prawns, crabs, cockles, clams, shellfish, lobsters, oysters..
Delicious :)

Suddenly I was reminded of scene regarding The Crappy King, Sengkor's posing in the King Crab's Restaurant with the King Crab's tissue paper.
*laff die me*

Chen said...

most meat dishes are lovely creatures prior to being cooked... But they are just to delicious to be rejected :)

pink cotton,
one is alive whilst the other one is dead...
one is green whilst the other one is orange...
one can pinch whilst the other one cannot...
one is cooked & edible whilst the other one is raw...

LOL, just like answering exam questions lidat, listing out the differences

u tarak beli crabs keh?
Actually hoh, I took those pictures few months back ;)

Seafood is my favourite too
I will visit yours soon :)

Chen said...

So... better dun look at the "food" prior to cooking? LOL
u like crabs?
i love them...

Thanks :)
The crabs were tasty..

nyonya pg,
Crab feast sounds good..
i'm lovin' it :)

Betul keh?
I knows oysters are... LOL
i dunno about crabs woh..
I only know crabs are delicious

on the rock,
Thanks :)

rinnah said...

Oh. Poor crab. RIP.

But I'm sure it tasted great. *wink*

Simple American said...

Haha. I like crab. But if I have to eat crab everyday with my missus family I will starve to death. They are so much faster than me. :)

srp said...

And why do they turn colors when cooked? Great pictures... I know that crab soup is wonderful!

Cocka Doodle said... did you get it to pose liddat ah?

Don't eat so much crab. nanti you walk sideways baru tahu.

eastcoastlife said...

haha... great take for the theme! A picture speaks a thousand words! You got 2 photos leh.

Monk[+]Icon said...

uhh....crabby! long time never eat.. :((

day-dreamer said...

Ei, I thought crabs have been featured before? :P

Kenny Ng said...

U murdered the crap! I gonna report to Crap Police... LOL

mistipurple said...

lol, i think lobsters and prawns included too. pengsan. don't ask me how i know. hahhaha

Jackson said...

wow... i love steam crab!!

dino said...

u got talk to the crab before u wanna eat them or not?
say something like, poor crab i wanna eat u liao..
the taste will be more delicious 1 lei... :p

Chen said...

The crab had definitely RIP
Food that doesn't "RIP" are those who ended up in rubbish bin instead of stomach.

u gotta speed up liao.
I have a friend who eat crabs with fork & spoon (or knife?) and he always ends up eating less than the rest of us..
if u ask me to eat crabs with fork, it will take me ages..
so better mess with the fingers ;)

might be i should go & read up why they changed colour... Flower crab curry is fantastic too :)

Chen said...

cos i forced the crab to pose
notice my finger in the first photo?
i hold & press the crab with my left hand to make it stayed still :P

Only those "certain people" will walk side ways..

Thanks :)
Oops, I just remembered i haven't replied your email yet..

2 photo.. speak 2000 words?

Time to have some? ;)

Chen said...

day dreamer,
Yeah, crabs had been featured before, but under different theme, different photo, different content and different writing style :P

Kkkkk... just like chee cheung fan can be featured several times too

I guess the Crap Police are busy eating Crabs too...
that's why they are so crappy...

wah... i really want to know how u know liao..
*imagination runs wild*


Chen said...

Yeah, especially when cooked fresh..
The crab flesh tasted so sweet & juicy just by itself without any ingredients..

Hahahaa, don't say out so loud :P

I challenged the crab - tengok apa tengok, nanti i masak & makan u baru tau
just kidding lah :P

should we all talk to our food prior to cooking or eating them?
There's a risk of being labelled as "psycho" if ppl see :P

dino said...

say it inside your heart lah, nobody knows...

_butt said...

mister crab, you're blushing!! lol!!

Chen said...

if say inside my heart, then the crabs won't hear what i'm talking or telling them mah :P

so, won't be so effective liao..

i tot Mr Crab was angry, that's why turn red? LOL

Simple American said...

I use chop sticks. Not a total amateur. ;)

Chen said...

using chopstick to eat crabs?
I salute u liao...
I use fingers :P