Friday, May 18, 2007

Happy Birthday Winn Winn

Happy Birthday Winn Winn
One Year Younger Liao
(No more Dinosaur liao..)
No more Liu Liu??
If there's A Winn, There's A Way
cos Winn is Forever our NaWinngator
Winn Winn, you are the Best
cos Winn The Detergent can give us Complete Care
Let's continue to Melayang-layang & Sampat on this day,
18th May 2007
and yeah, it's a FLYDAY

生日快樂, Ah Winnliuliu dearie

p/s: Did Liucas offer himself as birthday pressie ah?


Kenny Ng said...

yeah... Happy Birth-day to Winn~~~

angel said...

H A P P Y L I U L I U B I R T H D A Y , W I N N L I U L I U ! !

*goes sms winn*


L B said...

*sing sing Happy Birthday Song for Winn Winn*
h a p p y b i r t h d a y t o l i u
h a p p y b i r t h d a y t o l i u
h a p p y b i r t h d a y t o l i u l i u
h a p p y b i r t h d a y t o l i u

kyh said...

winnliu!!!!! happy birthday liu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

big muaks!

day-dreamer said...

Winn will share her cake with me hor?


kat said...

♥ h a p p i e s b i r t h d a y w i n n ♥


may said...

Happiest Happy Birthday, Winnliuliu liuestliu!

Wennnn said...

Happy Happy birthday Winn... Yes yes greetings all over!!

Simple American said...

A Winnderful Birthday Winnie the Liu!!!

Simple American said...

Love the sheep. Mutton for supper anyone?

ehon said...

happy birthday to winn liu liu! :P

wahseh, doktor also manyak creative oi. hahahaha.

Will said...

happy happy happy :P

papercrazy said...

hapeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeBirdayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Winnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

ah nel said...

Happy Birthday to the fierce winnlulu

*liucas will offer a cokulat cake later*

Jemima said...

Happy Birthday Winn Winn! :)

Happy Weekend Chen! :)

mistipurple said...

Happy Birthday Winnliuliu!
we all lup liu like cwazy!!

angel said...

*becomes winn's spokesperson*
*copy from misti's*

Our apologies, chen, and thank you for this entry. Winnie the Liu will be here shortly... after she gets her Internet Explorer UP and going...

*giggles a bit*

eastcoastlife said...

So cute.

Happy Birthday to Winn!

L B said...

*still waiting by the bed*

Winn said...

LOL LB!!! i posing sleeping buddha on the sofa now!!tsk. no pay attention one!!

chen chen@@!!! thanks for your bday dedication..thanks for remembering the liu things..( some i oredi forget:P haaaaaaaa i got short term memory. luckily got u. and blog engine:P)

hugs hugs!

liucas says he wont pee on my bed today ...coz it's my bday..and thats a present for me too..-__-

rinnah said...

Happy Birthday to winn!

Chen said...

♥♥ 生日快乐 Winn Winn ♥♥

Sms Winn with the Winnie the Pooh phone.. Kkkkk

♥♥ 生日快乐 Winn Winn ♥♥

Can encore the liuliu birthday song? Liucas likes the song very much!!

♥♥ 生日快乐 Winn Winn ♥♥

♥♥ 生日快乐 Winn Winn ♥♥

day dreamer,
if there is any leftover after Liucas makan-ing the cake, I presume u can have some loh..

♥♥ 生日快乐 Winn Winn ♥♥

Chen said...

Winn is forever young & forever leng :D

♥♥ 生日快乐 Winn Winn ♥♥

Happy gappy bappy birthday to the "creator of liu" in blogsphere :D

♥♥ 生日快乐 Winn Winn ♥♥

yeah, greetings from US, UK, Europe, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore bla bla bla...
very keng hoh? :D

♥♥ 生日快乐 Winn Winn ♥♥

Very Winn-derful indeed :)
Count me in. I want to eat mutton curry :P

♥♥ 生日快乐 Winn Winn ♥♥

Hehehe, those are some of the "liu" events that i can recall when I did the post.

♥♥ 生日快乐 Winn Winn ♥♥

Chen said...

very happy indeed
Happy Gappy Bappy
Lappy Nappy Mappy :P
can rap, ooi...

♥♥ 生日快乐 Winn Winn ♥♥

♥♥ 生日快乐 Winn Winn ♥♥

ah nel,
Winn only fierce to u mah.
Remembering the tearing singlet event !! LOL

p/s: the choc cake is the "non edible" cake ah?

♥♥ 生日快乐 Winn Winn ♥♥

Happy weekend to u too :)

♥♥ 生日快乐 Winn Winn ♥♥

We all sayangz Winn kaw kaw :)

♥♥ 生日快乐 Winn Winn ♥♥

Chen said...

u r indeed the best spokesperson

*giggle under table*

♥♥ 生日快乐 Winn Winn ♥♥

hehehe, it really bring back sweet memories when I wrote that post at the wee hours (midnight loh)

♥♥ 生日快乐 Winn Winn ♥♥

luckily u didn't transform into rock in the process of waiting (for years & years)?..
(remember those chinese novels? Oops, u tarak baca chinese novels)

♥♥ 生日快乐 Winn Winn ♥♥

Chen said...

i know i know..
u sure ter-fall asleep when posing on the sofa as sleeping buddha time. Kkkkkk.. true boh?

Hhehehe, the thought just came in one by one when I started writing..
so sweet recalling back those events and happening :D

I still love this magical statement till now,
Winn Winn, 你是最好的,你知道吗?
Lotsa hugs & muacks..

p/s: I hope Liucas dun simply bake choc cakes on your birthday too

♥♥ 生日快乐 Winn Winn ♥♥

♥♥ 生日快乐 Winn Winn ♥♥

ah nel said...

y to me onli???i so innocent old man!!!

u stil remember after so long kar?

anyhow its liucas sincerity so she must take it... ;D

Chen said...

ah nel,
Hahahha, I will remember those "eventful" events.
So dramatic, how to forget leh?

Bengbeng said...

Happy Birthday to Winn

Ah Boy said...

Happy Birthday Winn Jiejie
Woofing Birthday Song
Give quarter slice of gardenia bread as birthday pressie