Thursday, January 04, 2007

If there is a Liucas, there is a Winn?

Guess what???? This morning, while driving on my way to my workplace, I saw Liucas !!! I'm pretty sure I'm not hallucinating. Liucas is in Penang !!!! Mmm... I saw Winn, LB, May & Angel on the street few days ago, and now I saw Liucas. This Liucas si beh song, really knows how to enjoy life. Lying down near the gate together with his beloved brothers, Max & Jay. If I'm walking on the street, sure I will stop by and shout out aloud say hi to this cute little fella. Too bad I'm driving :(

Mmmm... Come to think of it, If there is a Winn, there is a Way. If there is a Winn, there is a Liucas, or should it be the other way round? Mmmm.... If there is a Liucas, surely there is a Winn !!! But where is Winn? Am I hallucinating seeing Liucas? Nope, I'm pretty sure I'm not. That is indeed Liucas!! Searching hi & lo for Winn. WINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN.... Where are you??? I dowan Winn detergent, okie? I want to see the REAL Winn :) If there is a Sotong, surely there is a Way. (kick away the kaw kaw cheng "Will").

Side note :
Two weeks ago, I gave teaching to a group of medical students and one of the students' name is Lucas. Hahhaa, I was tempted to call him Liucas instead.. Kekekke, luckily I didn't. Else he might open mouth big-big & thought what's wrong with me :P


Anonymous said...

*kidnap liucas*

u mention liucas later that winn cry ah~!

lynnx01 said...

Hahaha. I am just trying to picture you suddenly calling the sudden Liucas. My friend once called a guy Charles, but the guy's name was actually Darwin.

Chen said...

Winn won't cry lah..
i sms her liao this afternoon telling her about my brief encounter with Liucas, from afar :)

kkekeke.. she asked me "U didn't yell his name loud-loud ah?" :P

Hehhe, tempted to but I didn't.
In fact, I have a cousin by the name Lucas, but I haven't seen him for 20 years liao.. He is now in Canada ;) The last time I see him was during my primary school days :D

may said...

the name Liucas is so stuck on me, I can't call the "cat" Lucas anymore. he's part of my clan. Liuliu. Liucas.

Winn, I adopt him as my anjing angkat, can?

Anonymous said...

the name Liucas is so stuck on me, I can't call the "cat" Lucas anymore. he's part of my clan. Liuliu. Liucas.

Winn, I adopt him as my anjing angkat, can?

Anonymous said...

the name Liucas is so stuck on me, I can't call the "cat" Lucas anymore. he's part of my clan. Liuliu. Liucas.

Winn, I adopt him as my anjing angkat, can?

liucas said...

doctor, sorry to disappoint u. i m not in penang. i m now in hawaii jiak hong..


sengkor said...

try throw stones at liucas.. winn says he will sing 'demi negara' one.

Anonymous said...

aiyak... tiba tiba kena put on the table pulak...

lui yan kick me again... :(

angel said...

We have a director by the name of Lucas too... i beh tahan each time his name is mentioned haha!

LOL! This sengkor dem liuuu!!! DYK about the "Demi Negara" story?? Hahaha!!!

Anonymous said...

demi negara, yang tercinta...
dicurahkan bakti penuh setia...

akakakak :P

ah nel said...

lokter ok kar?need me describe some medicine??? :P

Simple American said...

He might still wonder what is wrong with you. Hyuk! Hyuk! Just kidding doc!

I seen Liucas over here too! At Petsmart getting a trim and shampoo with blow dry. What a good life.

Chen said...

LOL same here.. I'm so used to call Lucas as Liucas too, and can't call him back as Lucas oledi. Trying to recall & wondering who is the person who started calling Lucas as Liucas?

Wow... anjing angkat ah?
Liucas so hang fook liao ;)

aiyoh.. but your mummy told me that was you leh? Summore at your house leh... How come leh? Dun tell me they get another maltese that looks exactly like u?

Sei loh if lidat :P

next time I will bring one packet of stones before I visit Liucas. Will Liucas sings other songs beside "Demi negara"? LOL

cos your name is nice to kick mah :P
so special & so unique..
can made a will too with your name

Chen said...

kakkaa... Liucas is so influential!!!
He has become part of our lives liao

Wah.. got setoli wan ah?
I dunno the "Demi Negara" setoli leh..
Tell me tell me, pleaseeeeeeeeeeee..
I wanna know :P

Liu lah u... hahahhaa :D
sing song here pulak? kekekekeke

ah nel,
I really see Liucas wan..
u don't believe me?
Liucas is now in Penang mah.. :D

kakakaa... Abuthen.. The Liucas I saw here is the real Liucas leh ;) But he is more lucky as the other "Liucas" u saw, cos his hair was trimmed by his own mummy ;)

Anonymous said...

Wanted to spam you again tonight at 3:00am, but decided not to! Takut you marah again!! Takut!! But really because I didn't want to interrupt your Liucas Dreams..

Pink Cotton said...

dangerous la...nxt time sure i will call LUCAS as LIUCAS too...kekekeek

Pink Cotton said...


u bcome TEECHER ah?



Chen said...

even if u spam @ 3 am, I won’t notice too cos I slept like a log again yesterday night.. ahhaha…
zzz early at 11:30 pm yest night
Did I dream of Liucas?
I think I dream of Ah Boy instead..
Dream of him manja-ing with me.. kekkee

pink cotton,
now LUCAS’ name is officially changed to LIUCAS liao, thanks to everyone..
I guess only Winn will call him LUCAS, the rest of us will call him LIUCAS :P

I’m not Teecher, I’m Lecturer :P
kidding only lah...
ini part time punya kerja nia…

Winn said...

if there's a liu, there's a cas...

haha yeah i call him lucas. but when i blog he becomes liucas and something else .

next time remember, yell his name loud loud! ask him why dint go study shld u spot him lying near the gate again! then u oso can ask max and jay to ' yap loong'.....then they will go back to the cage ! haha

Anonymous said...

liu liu liu liu liu... :P

Fantasy "Sticky" Flier said...


Chen said...

If there is a Jay, there is a Max ;)
I wonder if Liucas is confused with his identity or not?
at times, he is a dog
at times, he is a cat
at times, he is a rabbit
at times, he is a mouse (wearing mickey mouse costume mah)..
I'm confused, I'm sure Liucas is confused too :P

I think Liucas will made muka bodoh & muka tak tau if I yell at him asking him to study.. LOL. He only reads playboi, remember? :P

phua phua phua phua phua :D

how come can get lost geh?

Anonymous said...

Hmm... lately Liucas and Winnie very famous leh...

Hehe, or did they just pay Dr Chen for the publicity?? :D Joking!

Anonymous said...

cham la... lokter siao siao liao... quik quik... any psychologist out there can help? :P

u must have missed veli much... :)

Anonymous said...

missed them... whats wrong with me today... always some word missing when i give comment.. i think i need to see a psychology also :P

Anonymous said...

psychologist!!!!!!!!!!!! arhhhhhh

Chen said...

Liucas & Winnie always also very famous wan, not only now...
kkekeke :D

I didn't receive a single cent, okie? kekekekke
how good if they really pay me $$$
I can have some side income then for the coming CNY ;)

wah... I really see Liucas lah.
Liucas is now in Penang.
u can ask his mummy for confirmation :D

did u have your dinner tonight?
hope u r not having hypoglycaemia at the moment :P

Anonymous said...

Lucas sounds very the Liucas.. hahaha

Chen said...

all of us have been poisoned with the word Liu liao... very influential... hahhaha.. Lucas is no longer Lucas but Liucas ;)