Friday, January 05, 2007

BacK HOme SooN

I just got my air tickets back home for the coming Chinese New Year. Wow, the air fares prices have gone up so much. The return air fares (economy seat for Penang-KL and KL-Kuching) including taxes now cost a freaking RM1,320 ( RM1,096.00 + RM224.00) !!

Yeah, yeah.. In less than 6 weeks time, I'll be back home to a place called The Land of Hornbills. *Countdown*


Anonymous said...

eek, so expensive now ka? what about Air Asia, no cheaper?

how fast time flies, gonna be tong tong chiang season soon!

L B said...

Wanna borrow iPort? No frills..

angel said...

wah lao... why so kui wan?? go bangkok also not so mahals... kia si lang...

Chen said...

yeah loh.. lotsa difference in the price compared to two or three years back. I didn't do back home last Chinese New Year.

Air Asia is only cheap if bought early. I compared the price of the air tickets for Air Asia at the same date and the prices is RM900++

Gong Xi Fa Cai in advance ;)

wah.. TQ. I not so canggih wan lah..

Really expensive hoh? :(
I also shock leh..
last time is few hundreds nia..
yeah loh.. it's cheaper to join the tour to Bali or Bangkok. This one is just air tickets only.

nyonyapenang said...

aiyoh, aneh kui ar?
if take the 'everyone can fly' airplane, oso this expensive ar?

ah nel said...

whre is Land Of Hornbill ha? in north korea kar?

Anonymous said...

wahhh... expensive nya...

Chen said...

scary hoh looking at the price?
air asia is cheap if buy early.
at the moment, the tickets for air asia for similar route costs RM900++ (including taxes)

ah nel,
ini ah nel..
really dunno tat is your hometown meh?
i know lah..
u dowan to balik kampung oledi :P

can buy one digital camera liao with tat amount of money :D

Anonymous said...

heheheheh` no frust~ got AA direct flight already~ hehehehehe :D

Pink Cotton said...


you r back again!!!!!

*run to hide*

Pink Cotton said...


wahlau eh so xpensive meh???

agree with ben...i tot theres direct flight for AA d?

Chen said...

waiting, waiting..
haven't launch yet lah..
somewhere in February..
waiting waiting.. :)

pink cotton,
sikui lah lu :(
u can run, but u cannot hide :P

AA flight from Pg to Kch haven't started yet mah..
next time I will fly back home more frequent once this Pg-Kch route is available :D

carcar said...

ANGEL, your comment contain english, mandarin, hokkien and malay, kia si lang! hahaha...

yippie! im going home for CNY too! got my coach tix liao!!

not too ex and no tax, haaa...


Anonymous said...

wa...ya wor..CNY around the koner...*sighs* been months since I last balik kampung altho its just 170KM away from my place in subang...

cynthia said...

when u going?
im going back too!!

Chen said...

u so hang fook
no need pay expensive tix & tax :P
now the balik kampung song lingering in my mind liao :P
soon u get to taste the home-cooked food again..
everything home-made is indeed sweet hoh?
yes, including the home-made Carcar
manyak manis :D

Hope u get some time to balik kampung soon..
and taste the home-cooked food
home is still the best place, right?

leaving on 15th February.
Hope I get the chance to meet up with u before I balik kampung :D

Anonymous said...

That is really too expensive. Can u fly return Kch-KL-Pg air asia? The flights may not link so well but MAS is for the loaded. I fly Sibu KL Sibu at a discounted rate n think how stupid i was to fly MAS in the so much for the on flight food and the service is no better than air asia.

Bengbeng said...

oops sorry..anonymous just now was me..i clicked wrong button :)

Selba said...

Chinese New Year? When is it? Sometimes, I got envy with you guys who celebrate it... Maybe someday, I would be able to celebrate it too with my "family" :)

lynnx01 said...

Yes!! So expensive. No joke one. And then now they introduce the security charge. Aduh..

babe_kl said...

:o so ex!!! happy new year to you doc

Chen said...

The price is for the return tickets (means to & fro), not for one way :)
I took MAS to save the hazzle from check in and check out again in LCCT if i took AA, cos AA don't provide the facilities to check in all the luggages till the final destination, unlike MAS. Need to check out & then check in again later on in LCCT.

Another problem is most of the AA flights doesn't take off on time and there are delays. In order to avoid missing the connecting flight, AA passengers need at least 2 to 3 hours waiting time in between flights. It is a disaster if missed the connecting flight back home.. else cannot celebrate CNY at home :P

As for MAS, I just take the nearest connecting flight (one hour in between), and this saves the hazzle of long waiting time in airport. When AA launched the direct flight from Pg to Kch, I will took that flight ;)

Chen said...

First day of CNY falls on Sunday, 18th February 2007. It's a major celebration here for the chinese communities :)
Err.. Why is there an inverted comma for "family"?
Or do u mean your future family? ;)

At least u r in KL, u can take the AA flight back home ;) But if buying the AA ticket late, there won't be much differences in the ticket prices though..

Happy New YEar, BabeKL :)
Yeah loh..
So expensive and yet they say they don't made $$$ !!
Adoi... The flight tickets to the nearby ASEAN countries are even cheaper than this :(

kyh said...

so exp one ah! better go overseas to celebrate at that kinda price!!!

Chen said...

i went to China liao to celebrate CNY last year (2006). This year have to balik kampung lah :D

padi_friend said...

That is really expensive, can't believe that the domestic airfare is almost equivalent to overseas airfare. Have a wonderful CNY, Cheers.

Chen said...

padi friends,
Yeah loh, with tat amount of money, I can go for a short trip to nearby ASEAN countries liao :)

U coming back for CNY? ;)

Anonymous said...

No Penang-Kuching flights on AirAsia??

Your tickets is more than enough for my one month's living expenses in PJ lor... so 恐怖!

Chen said...

AA going to launch that route soon, but not yet.. Can buy lotsa things with that amount of $$$ hoh? :)

Anonymous said...

I think if AirAsia launches the route, you can fly to and fro a few times with that amount of $$$!

Anonymous said...

six weeks!! sounds very near! weeeeeee... :D

Chen said...

that's true, especially if able to grab the cheap tickets :P

Yeah, in just a split of seconds, it's CNY liao. I saw lokam few days ago in the market ;)

VampireM said...

airasia PG<->KCH one way promo only Rm19.99 + Rm65(surcharge+tax)...

I bought my CNY return ticket (MAS + AA) thru KL, Rm612 :p half of yours

Chen said...

yeah.. if bought the AA ticket early, then can get good deal. This is provided the leaves is confirmed :)

The AA Pg-Kuching route, I checked several dates but flights all not availables one.. Even up to April or May... I know they supposed to fly on Mon, Wed, Fri & Sun. Even Pink Cotton faced the same problem when she checked the flight :)

Simple American said...

Hope you have a nice time.


More food. Yay!
Damn I'm fat.
Must diet. Boo!

Chen said...

Thanks, SA :)
CNY = endless eating..
And summore.. I’m on leave ;)
Yeah yeah yeah :D