Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Ipoh : Lou Wong Ngar Choy Kai

I went to Ipoh with my hubby last Wednesday. Prior to doing any "research", I wanna take the easy way out to ask any Ipoh lang that I can see online.. including the ex-Ipoh lang.
Chen: where to have good food in ipoh ah? u ipoh lang mah
LB: ok, wait ah, lemme think
LB: chicken kai beansprouts. I cant remember the names, but there are three restaurants all at this junction. Wait, I power up Google Earth. Now, this place is the bestest of the best
Chen: the good kai?
LB: YUP, kai see hor fun
Chen: see whether can find the place or not tomolo :D
LB: only night time ok?
Chen: the name of the makan place?
LB: cant remember names liao
Chen: wat is the name of the street? easier to find if know the street name :D
LB: No, I cant remember name of street, but it's in front of the old Odeon Cinema, which is now a Nightclub, I think. Easy to find. Ipoh small town. (Edited @ 12:49 am)
This ex-Ipoh lang 爱尔比 very keng.. Although he cannot remember the name of the place nor the name of the street but he produced the google map.. Notice the landmark for Starbucks? Heheh.. thanks for the map, LB although I couldn't figure out "where is where" by the time I was in Ipoh town, but we still manage to find the Good Kai place - The bestest of the best :D I googled & did some last minute research few hours prior to departure for the name of the place & the street :)

It is considered incomplete if one doesn't taste ngar choy kai(芽菜雞) or sar hor fun in Ipoh. Some said Restoran Lou Wong is the best in town whilst others will opt for Onn Kee. Anyway Onn Kee was closed that night. Judging from the crowds... I won't be wrong :D

The fatty, stumpy, juicy and crunchy Ipoh Ngar Choy or beansprouts.

Steamed Cocka KoKo Kai aka Chicken @ Ayam with soy sauce, sesame oil & chicken oil?. These are real kai that tasted like..... kai (what else u expect?) Pssst.. Sengkor, Not all chicken tasted like frog, okie? :P

The tasty Ipoh Hor Fun with smooth texture.

The springy and tasty Pork Meatballs.

One plate of Steamed Chicken, 2 plates of Ngar Choy, 2 bowls of Hor Fun and 1 bowl of Pork Balls - all for RM 15.20 (Cheap? No? Yes?)

Address :
Restoran Lou Wong Tauge Ayam Kuetiau
49, Yau Tet Shin Rd,
30300 Ipoh, Perak.

to be continued...


Anonymous said...

these days so high tech liao..

if only columbus had google map

Anonymous said...

Ya..that street marked with Good Kai has several shops selling Ngar Choy Kai.
They close rather late at night too.
If you go around 2 am, you'll see the kais after their night clubbing activities having their ngar choy kai supper there. LOL

L B said...

Wooi! Hahaha!! The second part, describing the Odeon Cinema is for the Chee Chup Chuk lah! You edit edit until no kai head no kai puut!! LOL!! The kind of kai you find near the Odeon cinema are the Can Tawk Kai!

Chen said...

Columbus will have google map if there is a time machine :P

yeah loh.. so many kai shops. I forget to count how many kai shops over there.. If i didn't remember wrongly, at least got 5 :)

kai eating kai? kekkee...

cos too cheong hei liao mah..
too long-winded..
must snip here & there a bit to made the setoli short :D Hehehe, mana tau terover edit till no kai head kai tail... really liu :P

earlier on got kai eat kai
now is can tok kai :D
wah.. kai nowadays very keng :D

L B said...

psst: Forgot to mention to you that day, to ask for the Woo Soh Kai! Apparently that's the better of the kai types they serve there.. *hungry now*

Anonymous said...

Somewhere about 2 streets away from Shyuen Hotel, there's a Robin Hotel that serves a different kind of kais. LOL

L B said...

All this kai tawk is really making me hungry now! *glances over to Robin Hotel* Breast meat or drumstick?

kyh said...

Wah so yummy looking! You so bad la... oways make me so hungry in the middle of the nite!!!

angel said...

So, what's the diff btwn Ipoh Kai and Melaka Kai and KayElle Kai??

Chen said...

wah.. "kai" has different "class" wan ah? :P Woo Soh Kai is the Grade A Kai? Will bear that in mind for future references :D

I'm hungry too..

Those are kai that can tawk? :P

how about bishop nose? :P

i dunno u will come here in the middle of the night mah :P
Sorrie loh...

Then have to ask the kai liao..
koko kai... what are the differences ah?
Mmmm... no answer geh?

Simple American said...

No white coffee ma? haha

Food looks good. Wow! Great customer service from L B there. :)

letti said...

wah lau, i miss ngar choi kai

Anonymous said...

i think last time sengkor was saying the frog tastes like chicken... not the other way around, right? :P

Anonymous said...

wuahhh!!!! I miss ipoh...and the cheap foods...

Pink Cotton said...

me think this lb sudah lama tidak balik kampung...hahaha

ppl nowadays very keng ho???can use google earth to look for directions.the other day during our church house-to-house carolling,one of the ppl who requested for carolling..instead of drawing out the directions to his house..he printeed out the google earth route..haahhaahah

zeroimpact said...

I want to go too
I don't think I have eaten that before though I have been there a few times for work

carcar said...

usually i will stop at this same restaurant if im in ipoh.

but mom's 白斩鸡 still the best :P

u making me hungry, i don't mind having chicken rice for breakfast. haaaa....

with ipoh white coffee! yum!~

Anonymous said...


heheheheh i've been to this shop too that time` ahhahaha soooooo packed can die :X

mistipurple said...

that kai looks fat and juicy, smooth. got blood or not ah? some people like smooth until got blood here and there. *faints* :P

Anonymous said...

ahhhhh.... my favorite food, Kai fan!!! so hungry now...

Chen said...

White Coffee is a “must” to have in Ipoh. I had it in different setting & different time, not together with the ngar choy kai.
I’ll put that up later.
The food is indeed good.

When u wanna come to Malaysia?
2007 is Visit Malaysia Year ;)

The crunchy & yummy ngar choy :)
I ordered the second servings or ngar choy after we finished the first plate :D

kakkakak… don’t have be too serious here wan :D
just cakap-cakap oni wan mah…
if not, where got fun? :P

Chen said...

Ipoh is not far away from KL :)
Drop by there one of these days if u r free..

Pink cotton,
Aiyak, he went to Ipoh liao leh during his previous balik kampong trip in July/August 2006 :D
Just tat he couldn’t remember the name niah :P

Google Earth is very useful. I like to play with it too when I have NBTD time.. LOL

I have been to Ipoh several times too but this is the first time I visited Lou Wong.

No regrets. You must try it out one of these days too… :D

I haven’t eat mom's 白斩鸡 for long time liao.. Previously my parents used to cook 白斩鸡. Love it with soy sauce or oyster sauce :)

wah.. eat chicken rice for breakfast? So yummy… reminds me of the yim kuk kai which I will post up later :P

The Ipoh White Coffee was sinfully yummy, although I seldom drink coffee, but I love Ipoh White Coffee!!

Chen said...

hehee.. packed like sardine..
just like people mountain people sea. The place is fulled with people liao prior to the time they start their business. So we went there for dinner late, around 9 pm. At that time, the place was still packed.. till almost 10 pm, then only can see empty tables/seats ;)

Very smooth & juicy.
Got blood or not ah? Can’t remember liao.. kakkaka..
Cos I sapu & makan… Didn’t really look in details :P

How about stopping by in Ipoh during your next trip back home?
But this place only open at night time…

Anonymous said...

my mum cooks very yummy 白斩鸡 too :P

Leonard said...

The food looked YUMMY, M'sia seems to have many good food too... Ipoh easy to go frm singapore bo?

Anonymous said...

It's been a while!! I'm back! (for a while) LOL

Waseh.. so canggih manggih la this LB.

Went to Ipoh once with a group of friends last two years ago. A friend of mine is Ipoh lang oso ma, so she brought us to have ngar choy kai there oso (not sure it's Lou Wong or the opposite road) and, and.. *jogging memory* salted chicken!! :D

Happy New Year!! (hope it's not too late to wish)


Chen said...

Next time invite us to your house to eat Will’s mummy home cooked白斩鸡 :D

Msia indeed have lotsa good food – Ipoh, Penang etc..

U can ask Carcar regarding the transportation from Singapore to Ipoh :D
U wanna drive or ??
Long distance bus is definitely available

Butt is back !!
After MIA for so long
Back for a while also never mind lah..
As long as u r back… LOL

Salted chicken or yim kuk kai ah?
I had that too..
Will do a post on that soon :D
I lazy to combine everything together…
Cannot so cheong hei or long winded mah..
Later kena marah cheong hei, then cham… :P

Never too late..
Today is 4th January only lah..
As long as u don’t wish in December can liao…

Anonymous said...

Ini loctor ah...

Here got Ipoh lang don't wanna ask, go ask ex-Ipoh lang for what??

Hahaha... joking only, don't marah okie?

Ya, Lou Wong is nice. No go Old Town for White Coffee?? :P

Chen said...

day dreamer,
ini day dreamer...
wanna kacau u earlier on liao, but at last i didn't kacau u..
cos u r not in Ipoh mah at that time

of coz I gasak Ipoh white coffee @ Ipoh Old Town..
go ipoh liao mah..
how can i missed that out???
cannot, right? :P
i lazy to squeeze everything into one post, dowan to be so cheong hei mah... so I will split into few posts :D

carcar said...

nowadays your reply comments are pretty long, is it bcos of we hardly chat lately?

haaa....the price for two is not too expensive, i think is reasonable.

Anonymous said...

yup, that's the place, best ngar choy kai see hor fun in town...

nyonyapenang said...

angelmelaka kai comes with bola-bola mia rice.

Winn said...

u need a champion nagivator

Chen said...

really ah? Cham loh.. I also become cheong hei liao... hahahha...
when are u free to chat again? :D

Yeah, the price is pretty reasonable, and can be considered as cheap too, right? In comparison to prices in other places :)

This should be the place u visited the last time u went to Ipoh, right? I still remember the little piggy biscuit u took picture of that looks like a crocodile or sumthing like that. Hope my memories didn't fail me :)

hehhe.. TQ TQ. Now I remember. Malacca Kai has balls one :D

mai hai loh.. We need Ah Winn as navigator. The best navigator in town. The most important back seat passenger cum navigator. Next trip I book u, okie? ;)

yenchiew said...

super advance peeps..
u guys googled out the ngar choi kai's place..LOL..
you can try out the one in Ipoh old Town.. it's pretty good too ;)

Chen said...

hehe, yeah.. we tried out the white coffee and hor fun in the Ipoh old town too @ Sin Yuan Hoong and Sin Yuan Foong. The place is really packed with people. No empty seats wan :)

Alicia said...

onn kee is better larrr.. too bad that it's closed that day xD

Chen said...

next time loh...
if i go to ipoh again, i will try onn kee :D