Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day

Mothers are wonderful creations of God. They sacrifice their time, their sleep, their pleasure, their energy, their food and in fact everything so that their offsprings can have the best. Mothers will shower their kids with love and bring them up with full wisdom. Who are we without our parents? We should treat everyday as Mother's day. We should show our appreciation towards our parents everyday instead of just on that"particular day".

Why I use safari seed photo for Mother's Day? Cos to me, my mum is a tough person, just like the safari seed. Although I can't join my brother and sister in celebrating Mother's Day together with my mum today, but I will go back home soon. Happy Mother's Day, mum. We all love you.

Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there
advanced greetings to all the "mum-to-be"


may said...

I wish I was with my Mom too. not just today...

L B said...


When is it your turn?

L B said...


rinnah said...

Happy Mother's Day to your Mum!

Wennnn said...

Happy Mother's day lo.. When when ur turn????

ehon said...

now i know that is called a safari seed! i never knew that!!

happy mummy's day!

Will said...

safari seed? apa tu?

Chen said...

Time flies...
U r already in Oz for 3 months liao
Soon u can travel back home again :)

Definitely not for the next few months or in the coming future :P

Still LOL at the "very expensive rice", almost to the extend of laffing under the table liao :P

Thanks :)
How you celebrate Mama's Day? :)

Chen said...

Happy Mama Day to your mummy & to u too (the future mama mah)
My turn ah?
Yours will come first lah..
Hahahha, i dowan yet :P

I get to know the name from the Flora & Fauna Festival held in Botanical Garden last year. The exhibition will be held again soon, and hopefully I have time to go. Have been visiting it for the past 2 years :)

Happy Mummy's Day to your mum too.

apa tu ah?
Neh, the one shown in the picture.
Something hard and not edible, which is easily available..

And the good thing is..
Can use it to throw at people too

Kenny Ng said...

Happy Mother's Day to ur mom... when is your turn to be mama? :P

mistipurple said...

Happy Mother's Day to Chen's mummy!
yes, mothers are the best, and so are fathers too!

day-dreamer said...

Happy Mothers' Day to all mama!

Cocka Doodle said...

Happy marder's day to you too.
You are Ah Boy's mother, right?

_butt said...

happy mom's day to your mom too!

and the toughest mom would be single mothers out there.. :)

kyh said...

mamas are the best! we love u mommas!

u oso shud be fast so that we'll be able to wish u too... :P

ah nel said...

i tot u like liulian n u can used tat to decribe her oso...hard n tough to break... ;)

btw u r mother of penang coz u save alot of ppl life...

Hepi Mother's Day to u n ur mom...

Selba said...

Happy Mother's Day to Chen's mum and also to Ah Boy's mum :D

eastcoastlife said...

Happy Mother's Day to all Moms!

So chen, when are you gonna be a Mom? hehe... kaypoh a bit.

Doreen said...

indeed....motherhood is nothing can compared! Happy mother's day to all mums (Though a bit late) Your turn soon? (^_^)

ehon said...

botanical garden? m'sia got botanical garden ka? where?!

Chen said...

Thank u :)
Happy Mama Day to your mummy too.

p/s: When ah? The answer is... It's easier to take care of a doggy than a child :P

Terima kasih banyak-banyak:)
Happy Mama Day to Misti's mama too.
Parents are the best ;)

day dreamer,
Happy Mama Day to Day Dreamer's Mama too :)

LOL.. I guess so ;)
Ah Boy shared with me his Pedigree Dog Food as Mother's Day pressie.. :P

Chen said...

Happy Mama day to Butt's Mama :)
Yeah loh, it's not easy to bring up a child.. Lotsa responsibilities involved.

LOL.. no need to be fast wan..
since Ah Boy already calls me as his Mama..

ah nel,
*faint* at using durian to describe
Durian many thorns lah..
Cannot play-play wan..
Later cucuk tangan then susah :P

Mother of Penang?
Walao.. very cheem liao :P

Happy Mama Day to Selba's Mama & to Lulu's Mama too ;)

Chen said...

Happy Mama Day to u too ;)
When ah? To me, it's easier to take care of a doggy than a child :P

Happy Mama Day to Doreen's Mama :)
U planning to become Mama soon?
My turn ah? I already have a dog :P

There's a Botanical Garden in Penang island. I have taken few shots & written few posts of the place in the past.

1. Penang International Floral Festival 2006 (1)
2. Penang International Floral Festival 2006 (2)
3. Lantern Festival (Botanical Garden)
4. Monkeys (Botanical Garden)
5. Penang International Floral Festival 2005

mistipurple said...

lol at some of your answers!! goes under table to laff kaw kaw!

Chen said...

Got space meh under the table?
Can squeeze meh?
So many people laffing underneath there liao :P


Simple American said...

Happy Mothers Day! Hope your mom has a lovely day. Good that you can see her soon. :)

Chen said...

Thanks. I will be seeing her in less than 48 hours ;)