Monday, May 29, 2006

The 16th Penang International Floral Festival 2006 (1)

I went to the Penang International Floral Festival 2006 (held at the Botanical Gardens from 28th to 4th June 2006) last Sunday after visiting the Penang International Dragon Boat Festival . This is the floral festival held annually which draw huge crowds of people. Furthermore the school holidays had just started. As anticipated, there's really a huge crowd of people inside there - 人山人海 aka people mountain people sea (since it's weekend & also the first day of the festival).

Don't ask me the name of the flowers, cos I'm hopeless in naming them :D

By the way, I take quite a number of orchid pictures... since orchid are nice. There are several categories of orchids (don't ask me how to differentiate them cos I've no idea. Anyone can enlighten me? )

Orchids with mini flower..

These are some of the more commonly seen orchids.

Orchids, orchids and orchids.... Of course there are other flowers as well, but orchids caught my attention the most ;)

I took few hundred photos inside there (as usual) but I will just select few to post here. Others are for my album collection ;) This is the second time I visit the Festival. Went there for a brief visit last year.

Tak larat to stay too long cos of the super hot weather (& I'm super dehydrated !! Went out to buy the icey cold coconut juice from the coconut stalls twice to quench my thirst). Few more pictures to come ... (I get tired of uploading so many pictures at the moment) ;)


L B said...

Must chup ~ cannot resist the bright light... cannot resist...

may said...

oooh, I love those flowers! my brother's an orchid fan, if I show him those photos I'm sure he'd be able to name them.

the first few... errr... ginger flowers ka?

more, more!

L B said...

Kekekeke, I sneaked in faster! Anyway, I love flowers too, and I used to have this big thing about flowering plants a few years back on my balcony.. The Green Fingers sprouted up a bit then. Orchids don't grow that well here which was a shame, cos I love them too. Especially the pure white ones. Orchid Pie..

kat said...

Oohh...nice! Until 4th June, eh? Might make a visit for this.

BTW, what kind of doctor are you? You seem mighty free for a regular doctor. An anesthetist perhaps?

Chen said...

how come u'r so fast? I know, u didn't take the tuk-tuk but u ride the huge vvrooomm vvrooommm motorbike instead ;) that's why :D

wow.. your bro is great :D There are more than 40 categories of orchids in the festival and each categories there are several different orchids. I bet he will enjoy himself visiting such festival.

ginger flower ah? I dunno leh..
cos as u know, I'm indeed "hopeless" in naming them :P

yeah loh, cos u ride motorbike & may ride mountain bike only.. that's why u overtakes her :P

I only have one very special plant at home. Will show u my plant next time ;) Something different from the others..

Orchid Pie? Phew..weet :P

Chen said...

yeah, until 4th June. Do pay Penang Loral Festival a visit if u r free.

I'm previously working in that field (anaesthetist) for several years but now I'm doing something else, which gives me more free time. Life is pretty hectic in the past (sometimes no time to see the sun also), and I have had enough of it after working so long for so many years ... so I decided to give myself a change :)

Life is short...

L B said...

You laff! But there are flowers I found in prepacked salads for sale here!!! Will show you picture one day too!! LOL.. VROOooooooooomm...

Chen said...

okie okie, I take back my laughter & zip my mouth for few seconds :P

kekkek... Yeah, there are edible flowers around us. I wrote a post on flowers few months ago & someone commented whether flowers are edible. So I did a research on internet previously and found out that there are so many edible flowers around us..

Written there "You can eat almost any fragrant rose as long as it hasn’t been sprayed with chemical pesticides. Don’t eat the white bits at the base of the petals because these are bitter." I was amazed..

This is one of the links..
edible flowers

Yeah, I want to see the flowers in prepacked salad :D *waiting*

angel said...

Wheeeee!!! So nice! So colourful!! I like! Only orchids ka?

Sheesh... so late again... u sure u not giving any medals here?

Chuang Shyue Chou said...

The colours are dazzling! I love them!

fooDcrazEE said...

there goes our bandwidth..

Chen said...

Got some other flowers on top & at the bottom of the post :P Mostly I took orchid flowers, cos orchids attract me the most ;)

no medal cos I'm lazy to count :P

eye soothing :)

Hehehe, this is definitely the "dial-up unfriendly" blog :D

L B said...

Ok, sending it by MafiaMail......

Thanks for the interesting link of what type of flowers NOT to eat!!!

Cynthia said...

wow!!! flowers!!!!!!!!!!

gosh! =)

carcar said...

if selba is here she will be very very happy!

*flower power*

nice pics of diff kind of flower... i appreciate flower more than dragonboat, hehe..


Chen said...

MafiaMail ah? I hope u send to the correct address. Bear in mind I'm waiting patiently..

May that day send the application form to the wrong address --> “Hospital Bahagia, Penang Bridge”

I want to pengsan..
No wonder I waited for few days also the postman sending the snail mail never turn up...

I know.. You are flower-lover :)
Hope u enjoy the flowers :D

Selba is now enjoying herself somewhere in Turkey.. She very syiok one.. enjoying the Turkish Bath - whereby a turkısh man shower,apply soap & massage her. Something interesting.... Waiting for her to come back to update us & tell us more stories !!

Selba said...

WOW!!! gonna show thıs post to my mom when ı,m back from my trıp!

Grettıngs from Turkey wıth a lot of kısses and hugs!

carcar said...

deja vu!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chen said...

my goodness.. Greetings from Turkey !! I really get a shock out of my life. I'm just talking about u a couple of minutes ago & now u suddenly appeared ;) this is like what we always say - don't gossip about people, hahaha :D

Enjoy your trip & have fun, dear :)

Looking forward to seeing you soon & hearing your stories & seeing the pictures.


slurp! said...

sibeh swwweeeeee (very nice!)... in the tropics, the hotter it gets, the hotter the floras

angel said...

Lazy to count?

Well, in the spirit of THHC (or some ppl call it the HAS), the angel aka Tabulatrix, (dun pray-pray hor...) offers to, well, tabulate the scores for the Doc.

How now, Brown Cow?

Chen said...

u r hokkien lang?
hahha, but not as hot as your red hot babes :P

wah, are u serious?
u are so hardworking...
volunter to tabulate the scores :D

Brown cow? looking left & right.. where is the cow? :P

may said...

err... wrong address? *pengsan*!! some delivery boy told me that address wan wor... aiseh!

need to resend package now...

Chen said...

now is almost 12 midnight liao.. delivery service still on meh? Or u plan to DHL yourself personally this time?

Thao said...


Chen said...

yeah, there are lanterns picture to come. I'm thinking of going there again at night time to see the beautifully lightened up lanterns :)

Anonymous said...

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