Sunday, May 28, 2006

Penang International Dragon Boat Festival (PIDBF) 2006

Today it drizzled briefly in the late morning; towards the afternoon, the rain stopped. We went to Teluk Bahang Dam in the late afternoon after our church service to watch the Penang International Dragon Boat Festival Races 2006 (held in there from 27 till 28 May 2006). I posted a post on Teluk Bahang Dam not long ago.

Since 2002, the Penang International Dragon Boat Festival (PIDBF) has been staged in Teluk Bahang Dam. The dam, located 1.2km from the seas off the northern coast of Penang Island, offers an ideal racing environment with scenic views of the hills and coastline.

I will say.. the weather is extremely hot... The nice weather with bright sunlight is good for photo shooting, but definitely not good for the skin (but who cares ? - Seems like I'm darker my skin has nice tan now - hitam manis).

I had never been to a dragon boat race before. Can't see much cos the participants and the dragon boats are so far away. Cheh, no nice looking colourful dragon boats... Can't hear any loud drums also.. So disappointing.

So we just stayed for a short while and took few shots before leaving to my next destiny - the Penang Floral Festival & Lantern Festival :) This is gonna be my first & last time visiting the Penang International Dragon Boat Festival Races :P


carcar said...


must count the point for mth of May okie?

Chen said...

aiyak, how come on & off still got people Chup-Chup here :D

I pass the task of counting points to u, alright? ;) Reason ah? Cos I'm lazy :P

L B said...

LOL, since someone is counting, ok, I also CHUP!! WAAA DRAGONBOAT PIES!!!

L B said...

Wa, far away, no excitement whatsoever.. At least at the F1 races can still hear the roar of the engines..

Chen said...

haha, if carcar dowan to count, then I pass the task to albie kor, how about that? :D

today is dragonboat pie, I guess tomorrow will be flower pie then :P

Cham, I'm getting tanned now - after walking under the hot sun in Teluk Bahang Dam then followed by few hours stay in Penang Botanical Garden.

carcar said...

after you ask me or lb to count the points, both of us gone disappeared.


This is gonna be my first & last time visiting the Penang International Dragon Boat Festival Races :P


may said...

technically even though the points get passed, I still chup for bronze... LOL!

oooh, Dragon Boat races! always exciting to watch. mmmm... nice ripling muscles.... yummmm... *salivates*

Chen said...

that means... no need to chup-chup liao, cos no one wants to count the points, kekekke :P

regarding the statement ah? means I dowan to visit it again in the future loh.. cos so boring :P
Better zzzz at home or play with dog :P

aiyak, chup again?
*swallow saliva*
btw, chup sounds like kissing sound to me :P

No nice ripling muscles to watch lah..
so far away...
Unless I bring binoculars :P

angel said...

Cheh... all chupped already...


Nevermind... I *kisskisskiss* :D

It's really farrrr... last time @ Gurney, we still got to see the 'muscles' up close & personal when they come ashore... ;)

Can't wait to see the flower pics... faster faster!

Chen said...

Huh? from chup-chup-chup to sulk-sulk-sulk to kiss-kiss-kiss ?

nowadays, must bring binocular to Teluk Bahang Dam, or else can't see anything :D

Flower picts are still inside the oven. Will be served soon :)

L B said...

Can't wait... Can pre-order? Fa Pie?

kat said...

Almost wanted to make trip to Penang to see the boat races. Since so boring, lucky didn't. But the ones in HK look so fun...with such colourful boats.

How about the Chingay parade? Any fun that one?

Looking forward to your floral and lantern pixes.

Chen said...

Fa Pie will be out soon.. Pretty soon..

luckily u didn't come, or else u will be really disappointed :D Sorry lah, I have never visit The Giant Flags Procession or the Chingay parade, so I can't make any comment on that :)

The Floral & lantern festival pict will be out soon..

Chuang Shyue Chou said...

I love the panoramic shots you have occasionally of the landscapes in Malaysia.

You have a beautiful country there. Take more photos man!

Chen said...

thanks for liking the picture ;) I will post more pictures on & off.

Yeah, Malaysians are blessed to have such a beautiful country with beautiful landscape, but sad to say that there are many out there who don't really appreciate it :)

Thao said...

Wow That's so cool, I wish I could be there to see that

Chen said...

but.. you can't really see much cost it's so far away, unless you bring a binocular for clearer view :D