Thursday, March 30, 2006

Teluk Bahang Dam

I took these photos last Saturday evening. We stopped by at the Teluk Bahang Dam for a while before continuing our journey to Balik Pulau.

The scenic and beautiful Teluk Bahang Dam, opened in 1999. Teluk Bahang Dam has the capacity of 19.24 billion litres.

Since 2002, the Penang International Dragon Boat Festival (PIDBF) has been staged in Teluk Bahang Dam. The dam, located 1.2km from the seas off the northern coast of Penang Island, offers an ideal racing environment with scenic views of the hills and coastline. I am wondering whether unker would enjoy himself kayaking in this dam?


Selba said...

Nice view.... the water so cleaaaaannnnn...:)

carcar said...

Nice view.... the water so cleaaaaannnnn...:)

Cynthia said...

hehe... when i used to stay in Penang.. me and my flatmates in college used to sneak in that place.. swapped ghost stories.. damn scary!! =)

sbanboy said...

I was there before ... very nice :) After exams in May .. I am gonna parcel myself to Penang ... hehe

Anonymous said...

err...can we go and have picnic there?

FH2O said...

I'll kayak anywhere as long as the water is nice! Even not nice; I also kayak! Better if nicer of course! ;)

Sharl612 said...

The water is beautiful

Chen said...

hehe, yeah.. I like the scenery too :)

huh? 同聲同氣 with selba? :D
or "copy & paste"? kekekke

swapped ghost stories over there in the middle of the night or ? sounds spooky :D

yeah, send yourself here to Penang after exam ;)

Chen said...

serious keh nak picnic kat sana? :P Dunno ah.. didn't see anyone picnic there... I guess if want to picnic, better picnic kat Feringghi beach loh :D

so in conclusion, unker will kayak anywhere :D

yeah. Did u stop by this place during your previous during your previous company treasure hunt?

IML said...

Must visit it when I am back next week.

A Fellow Traveler said...

did anyone mention kayaking? haven't kayak for a long time. sob sob.

i miss penang!

slurp! said...

you shuld try Tasik kenyir one day. one of the largest man-made lake in asia.

Robin said...

wah, nice nice pics..

from the angle you are taking the pictures, your photography skill have definitely improved a great deal! Congrats..

Lrong said...

Had thought the dragon boat race was held in the open sea.. no?

Thao said...

BEautiful!!! Here in Belgium, beach is usually grey, cold, and ugly ;-)

Tibbar de Gniw said...

I'm going to Penang this weekend for Cheng Beng to "visit" my grandfather. I'll try to get my parents to take me there...

fooDcrazEE said...

cleaner than Selangor Dam lar..

Chen said...

it's my life story,
I presume u coming back next week for "Cheng Beng"?

err.. how come u choose the Teluk Bahang Dam as "a must visit" when u come back next week? I mean in comparison with all the other places since there are so many other nice places to visit :)

A fellow traveller,
Might be time to pay Penang a visit again? since this is your hometown (i presume) :)

Tasik Kenyir.. Yeah, I have read about Tasik Kenyir in the past together with its limestone caves, but never visit that place yet. In fact, I've never been to Terengganu. Went to east coast once only.. that is to Kota Bahru, Kelantan including the Pantai Cahaya Bulan.

Chen said...

hahha.. I thought what u want to say :D Belanja u one bowl of ais kacang with fresh fruits and ice cream when u come upnorth to Penang :)

I read about the dragon boat race being held in the Teluk Bahang Dam several times but I didn't really go all the way there to witness the event. Might be if I'm free this year, I will go there to have a look, and of course take some nice shots ;)

Chen said...

Thanks. I will take some shots of Feringghi Beach in the future. Well, not all lakes or beaches in Malaysia are nice/clean. Some are very muddy and dirty as well... equivalent to "Milo" or "Teh Susu" (tea with condensed milk) ;)

I Coming to Penang this coming weekend ? I presume there will be heavy traffic on the road this coming Sunday cos of "Cheng Beng". Yeah, enjoy the nice Penang hawkers food this coming weekend.

Selangor Dam ah? Dunno how it looks like cos never been there before :)

doraemon said...

nice place. i never been there before. i hope i can go there in the future. haha.. ask u to bring me to there.. jk

Sharl612 said...

That trip was a real hectic one. I only remembered having to race for time. Next time la. My gang is talking about organizing a Penang trip. *fingers cross*

Dragon City said...

nice place to visit..very windy..took few photo there before.. ^_^

Chen said...

bringing u there if u coming to Penang? Sure, No problem :)

I guess so, since u r participating in Treasure Hunt.. Every minute counts ;)
Organizing the Penang trip? Great :)

Did u visit the "Teluk Bahang Recreational Forest" located nearby the Dam?