Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Cockles / Kerang

Few days ago I wrote a post on clams. I bought cockles/kerang together with the clams that afternoon from the Batu Lanchang afternoon market. I like seafood - shrimp, lobster, crabs, shellfish, calamari, fish etc etc... Cockle is one of my favourites (especially when eating Lok Lok).

Looking at this picture reminds me of the Shell Petrol Logo. Thinking about petrol reminds me of the recent petrol price hike etc etc.. Mmmmm... Let's not go astray. Back to the main topic, talking about cockles.

Shell Logo courtesy of

Cockles from different angle.

I thought the cockles were death initially when I took the photo. Who knows... as I mentioned earlier on in my other post, not only the clams became alive, the cockles too..

Papa Cockle started to open his mouth; showing me his smooth "tongue" (still can't resist calling the "foot" as tongue..). I guess all the cockles were sleeping (or dreaming? initially) and now they had wake up after the sweet dream..

Mama Cockle was more gentle and lady like. She only opened her mouth slightly :)

Baby Cockle halfway opening his mouth. Trying to communicate with his other cockle brothers/sisters or cockle friends? or ... was he yawning ???

I like this photo the most. This uncle Cockle opening his mouth big big and protruding his tongue out. Can even see the saliva drops .. Yucks!!

Uncle Cockle closed his mouth but still with the tongue protruding out. This uncle cockle had big tongue. (Macroglossia?)

Side note : Cockles are hermaphroditic and can reproduce very fast. Consumption of raw or partially cooked cockles has been linked to Hepatitis A, so watch out !!


grace said...

very imaginative & eloquent story telling :)

cockles - not my favourite food though sometimes i curi makan juga

Kristopher said...

I don dare to eat Cockles cos my stomach very sensitive one.... cos those Char Kueh Tiaw/Mee with cockles might not be fully cook when it is served...

don wan to sleep in the washroom the whole night... :)

Robin said...

Yaks.. a Bloody post? (Just kidding)

Eating cockles can be rather messy and bloody.

Unless it is removed and used for Fried Kway Teow.. then I will eat it.

So how did u eat it in the end? The Bloody way or the cooked way.

Chen said...

can I become story teller if I decide to change profession later on in life? ;)

the cockles served together with char koay teow or noodles most of them are undercooked.. that made them more delicious ;)

although the bloody one is tasty and more delicious, but since "Consumption of raw or partially cooked cockles has been linked to Hepatitis A," so I better to be safe then sorry :P If I cooked it myself, I will cooked it "properly" , but if I eat outside, the partially cooked one I will consume also :)

carcar said...

i like the first photo the most! it is beautiful frm that angle! but not others with the tongue out lah, saliva lah...yucks!!

but your story telling is cute and interesting! good job :>

Thao said...

Those are very good when you grill them served with salt mixed with lemon's juice

Cynthia said...

This is one of my fav food!!! I had in in fishing village, at my friend's place.. straight got it from the river (behind her house)..and boil it with hot water (70% cook)..and eat it with Ingham chili sauce when it is still abit bloody.

Chen said...

the "tongue out" photo is special mah.. cos different from what we normally see, kekeke...

over here, we normally "boiled" the cockles and eat together with chilli sauce :) I have never tried the one u mentioned - grilled cockles served together with salt & lemon juice. It sounds yummy.

slurp... I can imagine how yummy is that :P

Selba said...

Hahaha... another funny post, love the way you wrote it :)

Haven't eaten kerang for a long time!!! Eeeh... actually, this evening, there were big kerang at the Inter continental hotel, but they are raw. I was more for eating sashimi, hehehe...

Chen said...

cannot write "serious" stuff all the time, right? ;)

Big kerang? I remember seeing the huge, gigantic kerang during my previous trip to China in 2004. Too bad I didn't take any photos of the gigantic kerang. Aiyo, Now I really regret.. :( Quote the phrase that Robin mentioned --> " A moment not captured is a moment gone forever ... " :(

bottle said...

why do we love to look at the live animal first, before consuming them?


Chen said...

This is nothing compared to seeing chicken or duck or mammals like cow or goat or pig etc. being slaughtered :)

Anonymous said...

i can imagine the papa kerang sleeping, with the mouth half opened, saliva drooling...hehe

sbanboy said...

Now I wish I was working in Hospital Penang so we can go makan makan ..... kerang another one of my favorite .... I used to eat it in Melaka ... just steam in .... :) Ok coming to Penang after my exams ....

Chen said...

hahaha, I like that :D
the scene of papa kerang sleeping, with the mouth half opened, saliva drooling... mimics human, right? :)

ok, we can go out makan-makan when u come upnorth :)

Alicia said...

hmm i like kerang.. but parents always tell me not to eat too much.. !

kerang with char kuey teow.. yummy!

slurp! said...

cockles wasn't my fav, i even have it excluded in my char kway teow.

perhaps i have seen the water condition where they was living & harvested! eeekk! if someone can point to me that these cockles were living in clean waters, i might probably change my mindset.

oh yeah, don't ever eat dead cockles ok :)

took my first 2 jabs hep A-B-C immunization (hehehe ...) my last jab this coming June ;)

IML said...

Indeed those were the days, when I would slurp up the cockles with lime and chilli dipping. HHmmm..thinking about it makes me salivate!!!

Jacky said...

Haven't tried any cockles for ages...

How do you know which one is papa kerang, which one is mama kerang?

FH2O said...

I LOVE 'em blood and all, dipped in lime n chilli padi first of course! Yummy!

When you wanna enjoy, why worry about the mess? (n hepatitis!) ;)

agus said...

I've known about the hepatitis but unsure how it works. What is considered unhealthy ways of eating or are the poisons seasonal. All that aside, I love them in char kueh teow. Love the kerang bakar and the excellent sauce to go with it. Mhhhh good.

P/s: the picture looks fishy, tongue and all. Oh well, they always do.

Chen said...

when parents not around, then can makan manyak-manyak :P

haha, if consider too much, then difficult to enjoy nice food :P Just as if one sees how dirty or unhygienic are the hawker stalls or the way they prepare/cook the food or the kitchen situation, that will be a major "turn-off".

How come u didn't take the Hep B immunisation earlier ?

it's my life story,
now u make me salivate.. thinking of it..

Chen said...

actually, cockles are hermaphrodite, so they can be both papa kerang and mama kerang at the same time :D

must think-think a bit mah.. Or follow the crowd "Eat First, Worry Later" ?

Cockles and other shellfish might carry the viral pathogens such as Hepatitis A virus, that's how consumption of raw or partially cooked cockles has been related to those diseases.. The "safe" way to eat is to cook the shellfish properly till they are "fully cooked" in order to kill the germs..

Hahaha.. btw, these are "clean" pictures lah, u made the pictures sound like "18-SX" pictures :P

fooDcrazEE said...

hahahaha! love the way u write....sure made my day..thanx

The Yongs said...

whoaaa.. and u still can eat it after looking at those pics?? Anyway, I like them fried (like in Penang fried kuay teoh) and not raw or limed or anything closed to raw.

By the way, the 1999 Shell logo must have a white edge around it... otherwise it is not the official Shell logo.

Still enjoying your blogs... albeit the recent "tougues" = "foot" blogs. :p

Chen said...

Glad u enjoy the post :)

the yongs,
I did feel a bit "kesian" to cook/eat them initially :) But... well, they were too delicious to resist :) Glad u enjoy my posts :)

slurp! said...

i tot by default I should have got the jab while i was in primary school. but it seems like not that when I had the test. so decides to go for all-in-one Hep jab hahaha ...

bad hygienic is a BIG turn off for me. I also beginning to appreciate the importance of having food source that come from clean environment. It do counts!

i knew of someone who have pass away from eating these shellfish ... so better dun play-play. for those who love eating these, better go get your immunized first.

slurp! said...

omg, what am i typing ... i think i need a spelling & grammar checker hahaha ...

>> but it seems like not that when I
>> had the test.

but it seems like i did not that (i.e Hep B immunisation) when I had the test.

Jacky said...

What will happen if human are hermaphrodite? :D

babe_kl said...

eh you got nothing better to do meh, go watch them open and close geh?? :p kekekeke

i tell u hor i simply lup cockles!!! so disappointed dat i was preggy earlier cos i cant take them, after wat happened i'm so glad i can eat them again hahahaha and sashimi and half boiled eggs too!!! better eat them or now before season starts :D

Chen said...

No lah, during the older days Hep B immunisation was not given "automatically" unlike nowadays, the jap was given to each newborn very soon after delivery. I remember having my immunisation in one of the GP clinic @ Primary Six time.

Actually the immunisation we get is for Hepatitis B, and eating partially cooked shellfish is related to Hepatitis A. So it won't do any help unless one get Hepatitis A vaccination.

if human are hermaphrodite, then I really "no eye see" :P

Hhahaa... I really have NBTD or "nothing better to do" at that moment.. Spending more than half an hour looking at the clams and the cockles. Hahhahha....

Aiyak, better "enjoy" yourself now before the season starts again ;) Lotsa pantang then..

Daniel Yiek said...

I love cockles in laksa. Dont dare to eat it now as my hepatitis vaccination is >1 year ago. Is there any expiry date for the vaccination's efficacy?

Chen said...

U are asking about vaccination for Hepatitis A or Hepatitis B? The Hepatitis A vaccination has the efficacy of 1 year and needs booster after that.

Eating partially cooked or raw shellfish is related with Hepatitis A infection. Have to bear in mind that the vaccinaton we normally take for Hepatitis B doesn't confer any protection for Hepatitis A. There is different vaccine for Hepatitis A.

The actual duration of immunity after Hepatitis B vaccination is unknown. Many healthy adults will need periodic boosters of hepatitis B vaccine.

Red Sponge said...


Chen said...

red sponge,
mana ada scary woh :P
so cute leh...