Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Clam / baby Lala

Last Saturday, I went to the afternoon market and bought some fresh foodstuff back home (including the clams/baby lala, cockles/kerang etc.). Since the clam looks "cute", I thought of taking some photos prior to cooking.

But who knows... after taking few snapshots, I noticed something.. These clams became alive.. Nope, should be.. they were still alive !!! Cos, most of the time I bought these stuff back home, they were already "dead" .. Not only the clams were still allive, the cockles were still alive as well. I will post the cockles picture next time.

Since I saw them in action, so I won't let go the chance and took several shots... Using the clams as model for photography.

Mr Clam protruding his "tongue"
(should be his foot, but I love to call that as tongue, cos it indeed looks like tongue )

Mr Clam's "tongue" is very long and huge (in comparison to his size).

Mr Clam retract back his tongue.
Tired liao I presume? or Dehydrated cos too dry ...

This one was Miss Clam protruding her little tongue.

At the end, those clams still end up in the kuali/wok. What an happy ending - Food are meant to be eaten, right?

I took few video shots of the clams too and included one here.

Baby Clam in Action


cooknengr said...

what's sup Doc, I used to put salt on the snails and watch the agonizing didn't do that, right ?

carcar said...

wahahaha! no wonder u ask me about the clam thingy last few days lah! oic! clam on action now lah?!

cool, new things in your blog ya...mtv mtv! clam dance!!!

Chen said...

Hahaha, now u reminds me of what I used to do during my childhood time.. Putting a pinch of salt on the snails/siput... I have totally forgotten about this till u mentioned it :) The "good old days" :D

Now is the clam in action..
Later will be the cockles/kerang in action.

But before that, I will post pictures on the famous ocean liner QE2 first :)

Sharl612 said...

As I scrolled down the pictures, I thought you are going to say "so pity, don't want to eat them liao."

Kampungkai said...

There's a video of it?! hahhahah!
seems like the clam is slurping something delicious, yummy! forgot to tell u that LALA is one of my fav dish. Any more left? Invite me over the next time u cook them! i like it spicy! ooh la la!

Anonymous said...

i guess in the initial picture, the clam trying to phagocytose the next adjacent clam.

Chen said...

it's pity if I DON'T eat them :P

heheh.. that's why I say the "foot" looks like "tongue" ;) Sorry lah.. semua sudah habis dimakan.. Bought one kati :D

Heheh.. could be also. U won't believe how much time I spent watching the clams.. and the cockles as well.. :D

Cynthia said...

i like to sqeeze the shells when th etongue stick out. ..ekkekk

Chen said...

oouch... u bully the poor clam :P

Alicia said...

clams.. they're nice when cooked with loaaads of garlic and ginger :P

Kristopher said...

Poor so cute and u still eat them..aiyo... :)

I like spicy lala the one at Jalan Alor...hehehe

Chen said...

yeah, that's how we cooked the clam :D
Lotsa gingers and garlic... ;)

luckily the cute lala didn't come and haunt me at night time :P

sbanboy said...

Oh wow clams ... me favorite ... hey wait ... it seems that whatever you put on ur blog is my fav food ... :)

carcar said...

...But before that, I will post pictures on the famous ocean liner QE2 first :)


aunty, wah boh meng peh lu kong sim mee leh ???

and hor...can i ask u something ah? does your hubby ever ask you why, or get frustrated when everytime u snap photo for all those food, cook food or raw food healthy food or junk food...


Chen said...

I guess we have similar taste ?:D

aiyoh, how come my dear little aunty dunno about the famous QE2 ah? Don't worry... u will know what is "it" soon :D With pictures and description..

Photography is good.. Healthy activities mah. He enjoys looking at the pictures I take too ;) hahha..

One thing I don't do is to take pictures in the process of preparing or cooking.. cos too troublesome. Have to clean and wipe the hands. I guess no one will hold the camera with dirty/oily or wet fingers. Manyak time consuming. Kudos to those who snap photos while cooking :D I only take photos before and after cooking.. not the process :D

Pandabonium said...

Reminds me of the Walrus and the Carpenter from "Through the Looking-Glass and What Alice Found There". Of course, those were oyters not clams. :P

Lrong said...

Looks delicious... don't have such lala here in Japan altho we have different types... equally delicious...

agus said...

Nice. Lick*lick*

I didn't know those are the legs, not tongues, like I always thought. Watching them move is fascinating. It's doesn't bug us at all to see them move gracefully one minute and out of a blazing hot wok soon after. Nope, not at all. No matter how cute. Coz they're yummy.

Love the pictures too. Up, close and personal with many shades of yellow.

Sam I Am said...

Poor little clams! Snap! Snap! Snap!
starting with 'an atom, complete with electronic rings' after which came cosmic impact producing a 'photon converter', the first single-cell creature, then seaweed, jellyfish and the clam. I like to make GARLIC CLAMS

12 Cloves fresh garlic, minced
1 Bunch green onions, minced
1/2 c Butter
1/4 c Vegetable oil
1/2 c Chopped parsley
1 t Italian seasoning
1 c Dry white wine
1 c Clam juice
1 c Water
24 Cherrystone clams, cleaned

In large skillet, saute garlic and onion in butter and oil for 1 minute.
Add parsley and seasoning. Add wine, clam juice and water and cook 2
minutes. Now add clams and cook covered until clams open, about 10
to 12 minutes. Serve in bowls.

Chen said...

Heheh.. Walrus and the Carpenter ? That was classic.. More than a century ago :)

I enjoy eating all the shellfish.. lala, clam, cockles, balitong, mussels, oysters, escargots etc etc.. :)

lick? Don't tell me u r now licking your monitor !!!! :P

Hahha.. I enjoy watching the scene (I mean looking at these live clams and cockles). But as u mentioned, they are too yummy to be resisted :D

Sam I Am,
Thanks for the Garlic Clam recipe :)

Selba said...

What a sweet name "baby Lala" :)

Hahaha... I can't believe you!!! Calling them Mr. Clam and Miss. Clam and took snap/video on their minutes of death!!!

You have a very kind hubby :) My friend and supervisor can't handle it when I take pictures of the food. They think it is embarrasing... :(

Robin said...

hmmm.. I am not a beleiver to "torture your food" before you cook it.. hehe.

How could anyone watch the agonizing struggle of live prawns jumping in a glass bowl after a cup of whisky is poured into it?

I normally skip that dish and any fish or meat that I have ordered with the knowledge, or even the suspicion, that it has been killed especially for me at seafood restuarant.

Merv Kwok said...

imagine if the clams could scream haha

Chen said...

The lala is small & tiny, looks like baby, that's why :D

Oops.. Should I post the cockles pictures? It's fun to see the cockles opening their mouth "big big", but at the end they ended up in the kuali as well :P

Your friends and supervisor are just not used to it. Just as when I take photos of food etc in my hometown, people will look at me "one kind" as well :D

Hehehe, I didn't torture them... I just take nice photos and video clips of them :D

I guess u r talking about the Drunken Prawn? I have never tasted the dish before.. But I think the most cruel dish is eating the alive monkey brain.. Yuck.

if the clams would scream, definitely I will let them go.. Hahhaa, or should be.. I will run for my life?

fooDcrazEE said...

nice and looks delish

Chen said...

Thanks :)

Thao said...

They are excellent! And They looked so fresh there. Perfect for saute and served with pasta.

I love them!! In fact, I love all sort of sea foods ;-)

Furkids In Hong Kong said...

Wow, reminds me that I've not had clams for ages!

I like it done with chilli and black beans on the wok. Yum yum!

But either way, I'm still hungry.

Thanks for the sweet pics!

Chen said...

I love seafood too :)
crab, fish, calamari, shrimp, shellfish etc..

furkids in HK,
Oh.. I have never tried clams with black beans before. Will try it out one of these days :D

clemen said...

there is a restaurant called 'la la chong" near terminal 2 subang airport that serves YUMMY la la dishes (+ other YUMMY seafood)

always packed esp. weekend nites. must go early else wait till starvation, still food never arrives yet :)

....seafood is my fav food

err, which afternoon market u go 2?

Chen said...

subang airport? that was very far away :)

I went to the Batu Lanchang afternoon market. They have lotsa different varieties of fresh seafood there :)

slurp! said...

use to dig my own ... they taste sweeter somenow. it didn't spit (water/sand) at your camera har? :D

Chen said...

dig your own clams? That must be interesting.. I never do that :) But I heard my hubby telling me he did that before during the old days :)

The clams were very "well behaved". They didn't do any "funny stuffs" :)

Anonymous said...

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