Thursday, March 23, 2006

Ocean Liner QE2 (Queen Elizabeth 2)

The famous Transatlantic Ocean Liner, Queen Elizabeth 2 or commonly known as QE2 was in town, I mean in Penang on 22 March 2006. My hubby told me the news in the late afternoon. The Ocean Liner arrived in Penang yesterday morning (from Singapore) and will depart later at night (on the same day) to Phuket. We went to the site after work (I won't let go the chance to take photos since we won't get to see QE2 very frequently).

By the time we reached the destination (we stopped at the Esplanade, Penang) it was 6:15 pm in the late evening and the sky was dark and cloudy.. Looked like it was going to rain any minutes. Thank God it only started raining almost half an hour later, so I still had time to play around with the camera take photo.

The Queen Elizabeth 2 (QE2) was the flagship of the Cunard Line for over 30 years. QE2 is one of the last great Transatlantic liners. At 70,327 tons and 963 feet long (294 m), 105 feet wide, 32 feet draft with a maximum speed of 32.5 knots she is also one of the largest and fastest passenger vessels afloat.

The QE2 was built by the Upper Clyde Shipbuilders in the John Brown Shipyard in Clydebank, Scotland. She was launched on 20 September 1967 by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. QE2 made her maiden voyage from Southampton to New York City on 2 May 1969.

The photos didn't turn out well cos of the weather. Haha, shouldn't complain so much, at least I still manage to take several shots before the heavy downpour :P

Anyone noticed the red coloured Britain Flag on top of the mast ?

Several lifeboats hanging on the Ocean Liner. Judging from the numbers of windows seen on the Ocean Liner, anyone want to guess how many passengers can this cruise carry? She can carries up to 1791 passengers !

The small white thing in this picture is the small ferry - carrying passengers to and fro to the nearby Swenttenham Pier (cruise terminal).

Sweet Indian couple enjoying the nice view. I didn't notice this is the 8888th photos I took with my Minolta Dimage Z2 digital camera till I upload the picture to blogger. What a prosperous number..

For those who are interested, more facts and pictures of Queen Elizabeth 2 are available in the Liner website by Rob (including pictures and facilities on board) or QE2 experience website.


Cynthia said...

wah lau.. remind me of Titanic =)

Loong said...

Yeah just don't end up like it you know ... hehe.

Daniel Yiek said...

I visited the other Queen E liner in California which is now a museum cum hotel parked in a dock. There's a few "haunted" areas due to the transport of sick people during the war.

Chen: do you get any spam mail in the comments section after u removed the text verification?

Furkids In Hong Kong said...

Sweet pics chen! And 8888th photo! Share the luck when it comes ok? :D

Nice write up and thanks for the links. This is one cruise I sure wouldn't mind going on.

Take care!

Chen said...

QE2 is even greater than Titanic..
kekke. I presume Titanic is one of your favourite movie ?;)

Wah.. *touch wood*

I have read about the QE story online. is one of the websites that I visited. Did u take any pictures of the QE liner?

After I removed the text verification for one week or so, so far I only receive one spam comment (which I have deleted).

furkids in HK,
I guess the luck will go to the indian couple in the 8888th photo, hahhaa...

clemen said...

i missed that!!!!!

22/3 - wed right? i was at the church for prayer meeting. never mind, hope i hv another chance to see QE2.

it really looks so majestic and grand, just like HRH :)
absolutely stunning!

Alicia said...

the ship's nice but the pic of the indian couple is cute :P

IML said...

Hi good morning!!! QE2 was in singapore last week for a 4 day visit too. I mean the queen herself and the duke. I was hoping the catch a glimpse of her but such luck.

Godknows said...

Wow, I got a job in the similar of this ship called Star Cruises 10 years ago but I couldn't make it because my dad passed away at the same time. Love the photos.

c.e.j said...

now i know what is the QE 2 u mentioned lah, hehe...

remind me of Titanic too :D

oh travel frm singapore, did u see me inside the cruise?


c.e.j said...

hey sorry, is me carcar, i don't know why it turns that user name?!! wahahaha...

hehe, that is my another blog with my frens...


Chen said...

yeah, QE2 was in Penang on 22/3/06. Hope u able to see it next time :)

Hehe.. There're quite a number of couples paktoh at that site :)

it's my life story,
QE2 in person, HRH is in Singapore last week? I dunno about that cos I didn't read news :P

Sorry to hear about that.
Star Cruise? I took this cruise once several years back. If not mistaken - in year 2002.

Chen said...

hahaha.. i thought who is that earlier on :D How many blogs u have? :P

Let me guess..
C.E.J. = Carmen, E? and Jane ?

Now u know what is the QE2 I'm talking abt. Didn't see u inside leh.. How to see u cos u r definitely not inside there :)

Selba said...

Yeah.. it really reminds me to Titanic, hehehe

8888 pictures??? wow... how big is the memory card? I only can take around 200 pics. with 256 Mb (the pixel of each pic is only less than 3 Mb).

carcar said...

i only have 1 blog! that C.E.J world is share by 3 of us! haha...consider another one?

who said im not inside the cruise? i am the captain you know?! wahaha...

selba nana,

8888th is the count for the photo taken by chen, unless u reset your cam, if not it will keep on running the count.

if her camera can store up to 8888th pcs of photo hor...i want to know what brand is that? or how huge is the memory card! wahaha...


Chen said...

another Titanic fan? :D

Carcar has answer on my behalf.. that's the number of photos I have taken with the camera ;) Currently I'm using the 1 GB SD memory card :)

consider another one?
I have "another one" earlier on already :P

u r the captain ah? sure boh?
or u just wake up from your sleep?:D

8888--> very prosperous or very "8"? I mean busybody.. ahahha...

Anonymous said...


Robin said...

Every night in my dreams,
I see you, I feel you.

OOPS.. wrong ship!

shookmeallnightlong said...

no photo inside the cabins ah? pool karh?

fooDcrazEE said...

thought QE was supposed to cruise along Europe and America only. Asiai is more to STAR cruise arent they ?

FH2O said...

U should kayak out to the QE2 to take better shots of her ...

Oops! sorry; talking to a non-kayaker! hehee

Pandabonium said...

Wow, cool pics. That's exciting.

I remember flying over the QE2 in a small twin Cessna commuter plane back in the late 1970's. She was between the Island of Oahu and Molokai. Quite a sight from the air. The pilot circled her so we could all get a look.

I'm glad I don't have to pay for the fuel - she burns something like 18 TONS of fuel an hour and moves all of 26 feet on a gallon.

Chen said...

nurul cakap pasal Titanic ke? :P
salah kapal lah :D

kekke.. I dowan to jump woh..

Aiks, Titanic again..
wrong ship leh :D

Just wondering whether this QE2 has any theme song or not ?

aiks, I ni kan orang luar, tak boleh naik kapal ni lah..
Photos inside the cabin or pool or whatever can be search online loh..
or try this website..

Chen said...

QE2 although mainly cruise along Europe and America, but she comes to Asia as well.. This is the QE2 2006 itinerary.

Aiks.. asking someone who never kayak before to kayak to QE2? The kayak will sure get stuck or won't jalan :P

Wow, that was more than 2 decades ago. Although it was so long ago, but we will always remember the sweet memories :)

Hehe, she drinks fuel like the way we drink water :P

carcar said...

hey chen,

1 gig memory is big enough, but one full charge of your camera can take how many shots? i doubt max 400 pcs? but that is consider a lot ...

Chen said...

200++ shots, less than 300 shots.
But normally I will bring spare batteries together with me if I'm planning to take photos :)

PhotoCrazy said...

I thought you will get to see it again since you are staying nearby. This time blur next time clear lo.. :)

Chen said...

I dunno when is the next time QE2 will be here in Penang again.. Might be years later ??

Anonymous said...

Great photos and thanks for including the link to my site!