Wednesday, March 01, 2006

My "Toys" (Digital Camera)

Quite a number of people out there asking me what camera I used to capture pictures. Mmmm... most of the time I use Minolta Dimage X50 and at times I use my Minolta Dimage Z2. These are my toys.
Minolta Dimage X50. The ultra compact digital camera which I always bring together with me where ever I go. Since it is small in size, I can put it inside my pocket. Yeah, this camera no doubt has limitations, but I am quite happy with it..

If I need to take better quality pictures, I will bring my Minolta Dimage Z2 (the SLR-like digital cameras). Bought this camera in 2004. Since this is one of the older models, there is no Image Stabilizer or Anti-Shake system like the new cameras; (the latest release is Minolta Dimage Z6). Just that this camera is more bulky. And... Jellyfish has always aims for this camera (? he drools at the 10x optical zoom) and wants me to give it to him as present :P Well, he can always get for himself the newer model in the market, or better still, get a dSLR.

My first digital camera is the Minolta Dimage E203 which I bought in early 2002.. Still in good condition. Hahhaa... why all my cameras are Minolta Dimage? Cos I'm quite happy and satisfied with the picture quality, and furthermore, the memory card used is the Secure Digital (SD) card or Multi Media card (MMC) which is interchangeable with my PDA and handphone. At the moment, I have one 1 Gb SD card, one 512 Mb SD card and three 256 Mb SD cards.

*Side note : Too bad... Konica Minolta is withdrawing from Photo and Camera Business :( So, I have to aim for other camera if I plan to get a new cam...


agus said...

Wow! You're well into it. Now people will stop asking you about the camera you use. A good camera in the right hands is a blessing. The result, priceless.

Cynthia said...

as log as use-able then mah ok already i guess. I use canon A70 i think. not sure =) it is a bit buly but it mobile screen does help alot for shor ppl like ..ekke

Robin said...

Minolta is a great camera but somehow never made it to the market acceptance.

When buying a camera, my decision is based on:
Memory type
Camera weight

Chen said...

We can do wonders with cameras :)

U r not very sure what camera u use ah ? Must piak u liao :D

How about water resistance?
Mmmm.. I guess the water resistance criteria is more applicable to our dear unker fh2o :)

Besides Pentax, is there any other model which is water resistant? I used Pentax camera during my uni days.. (not digicam)

izchan said...

I need to get one of those. :>

Alicia said...

xD i dun have a digi cam yet lol

Chen said...

yeah.. get one and u can start putting up photos in your blog :)

Time to get one? :)
Then u can take several nice shots of notti boi as well :D

Jacky said...

Wah, those are good cameras... I have two camera too.

1. A compact camera on my Nokia 3230 phone. hahaha...
2. Sony DSC P10

Anonymous said...

im using canon. because sometimes i can explode like a canon..hehe

Chen said...

kekkeke.. true also..
I forget to include in the my handphone camera and my pda camera :P

explode like canon?

shookmeallnightlong said...

this is really gila kuasa. so many camera one!

Chen said...

long time no see..
gila kuasa? nope...
should be gila kamera lah :P

FH2O said...

It's good to have a good camera but its nothing without good photographic skills, knowledge and experience.

Having said that I must confess that I have a couple of classic leica bodies n lens! I adore my M6 although it hardly get used these days. A pity really.

I challenge myself everytime I shoot something to really 'see' what's infront of me. We see with our hearts! :)

Chen said...

yeah, photographic skills, knowledge and experience plays a big role.

unker, u use Pentax to capture the kayaking picture ?

Sam I Am said...

Way to go Chen,
very nice.

carcar said...

i was first thinking to buy a konica minolta too! then i shortlist my choice from minolta, nikon cool pix, sony and finally was settle with ---------> CASIO! woo hoo! im lovin it!

my brother have a gift frm his friend is a sony dslr! jellyfish wanted that so much too :P

but i think digital cam in the market nowaday are more or less the same. like wat robin had said, is the price range that u consider, or personal favorite brand loh..

and i can't agreed more with unker fh2o, oops, hehe...

" It's good to have a good camera but its nothing without good photographic skills, knowledge and experience "

Chen said...

Sam I Am,

yeah, personal favourite brand. Each one has their own favourite :D

Buy few kilos of Singapore Bak Kua for unker; that will do the trick.. For your info, our dear unker loves Bak Kua :D

And, oops.. Forget to tell u, our unker cannot read Chinese lah.. so he won't understand your last sentence :D

Jellyfish said...

neber gip z2 to your KSL one

Chen said...

gip liao to u, then I use what ah?
:P U buy a new one for me ah? :D

Furkids In Hong Kong said...

Nice toys!!!

It's always handy to have a smaller digi as you've said. Our Canon A60 died a few days ago so now I've only got one camera left. :(

Have fun with them!

Selba said...

Whoaaaa.. you got nice "toys" :)

My dad always loved Minolta cameras. But as for me, I don't go for brands, anything will do :) but for sure, these days, I love my panasonic lumix FX8

Robin said...

Pentax has both waterproof and Water-resistant cameras in Latest Model.

Not expensive but gives great shots, Unker is using the water-resistant model, which I am closely monitoring the price to drop further so that I have a reason to buy it.

some of the older models are Pentax Optio, Casio GV, Sony Cybershot, and the Ricoh Capillo.

Come to Singapore lah, all the models are available.. oops, encourage you to spend money.

izchan said...

I am going to KK next week.
I need advice on where NOT to go. :P

Selba said...

robin, I got some bad experiences buying electronic stuff in Singapore :(
Don't think I want to buy there anymore, better shopping something else or going to Holland V with carcar :)

Cynthia said...

yeah you and carcar like to piak me one? i know you all sayang me la..=) ekekke *perasan*

Chen said...

furkids in HK,
Sorry to hear about your Canon A60..

Err.. Anything will do?

Shopping for camera in Singapore?
mmmm... Is it much cheaper compared to Malaysia? :D

going to KK? I can't help u in this matter cos I myself never been to Kota Kinabalu before :)

piak = sayang, like the chinese saying, 打=爱..
beat is equivalent to love.. hahahha.. clever lah u :D

PhotoCrazy said...

Wah! no wonder can produce good photos.. very professional.

izchan said...

I thought u were at kk recently? Or was that kuching ... :(

Chen said...

U r now using which camera?

I was in Kuching/Bintulu lah recently :D

PhotoCrazy said...

I am now using Sony T1.

Jellyfish said...

use x50 lor..

i gip my E500 to u

Chen said...

wah.. what sort of deal is this ah?
cannot :P

Anonymous said...

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Chen said...

Hi Rex. Thanks for dropping by :)