Monday, February 27, 2006

Chengdu : Street Hawker Stalls (2)

Pineapple stall and several stalls making and selling the round and fluffy candy floss or 棉花糖 (direct translation as cotton candy). These round and fluffy candy floss I guess is the old time favourites for most of us.. Don't you agree with me? I remember having the white coloured and pink coloured 棉花糖 during my childhood days.

冰糖葫芦串(Fruits coated with a think layer of transparent, hardened rock sugar syrup). The original fruit is the 山楂果 (hawthorn or crataegus) coated with rock sugar at the price of RMB 3 (yuan) per stick. The mixed fruit (hawthorns, grapes, strawberries, dates, pear, apple etc) was sold at RMB 4 to RMB 5 per stick. The first time I bought this was way back in 2002, during my previous trip to Beijing/Chengde/Tianjin.This time, I bought few sticks of different varieties. The original 山楂果/hawthorn is still the best. Mixed sweet and sour taste :)

Stunt man.. He will clap his hands each time someone put money inside the container in front of him. We gave him few bucks as well.. If I remained in this posture for hours, I guess I will have severe giddiness :P

Purple sugar cane.. Out of curiosity, I bought some from this stall. The taste is similar to our local gree coloured sugar cane.

Thin skinned Pomelo. The skin is as thin as the orange skin :D Doesn't taste as nice as the local ones in Malaysia.


carcar said...

woo hoo!! finally the night version is out! yeah, it does gives diff mood and the bing tang hu loo looks delicious! but i don't really like shan zha guo...hmm..

Selba said...

WOW... nice... nice... nice.... I remember when I was in wang fu jing street in beijing... the street hawker stalls at nights were so nice also... Had a chance to try eating scorpions and cocoon :)

Chen said...

冰糖葫芦 is indeed delicious, especially with the 山楂果 ;)
err.. u eat 山楂果 before? available in Malaysia/Singapore ah? Where is it? I want to buy :D

First, i want to salute u for eating scorpions :D
I went to WangFuJin street before.. Eaten the silkworm before as well.. but not scorpion lah :P
Posted a post with photos (including the worms) on WangFuJin street as well in my previous post..

Cynthia said...

fu la maakk! the guy upside down like that? his brain can tahan meh? i see also scared..ekekke
Dr Chen, thanks for calling.. I really appreciate it! =)

Pandabonium said...

I remember 'cotton candy' at the county fair as a kid. And sugar cane on Alvera Street in Los Angeles (a Mexican market). Can't imagine eating pure sugar now.

Back then I'd stand on my head for some.

Alicia said...

the candy looks nice xD.. u shud deliver us as souvenirs haha

Anonymous said...

no wonder diabetes mellitus is on the rapid rise....fruits coated with sugar....?

very sweet lah. hmmm i can feel my blood glucose rising just looking at the pics :)

thanks chen for the great photos.


Chen said...

I dunno the guy stay upside down for how long..

Enjoyed talking to u yesterday night ;)

Another stunt kid :)
I guess cotton candy is the old time favourites for most people :)

Err.. Didn't think of that earlier on :) But at least I have photo as souveneir for all :D

The soft drinks in China is very sweet as well.. including their Coke. And the percentage of alcohol in their beer is low. Something like 3.8% only :)

Anonymous said...

that cotton candy, i love that too during school days.

Furkids In Hong Kong said...

Great street/food pics! Thanks for taking us there!

FH2O said...

I'd tried to take a shot of the guy but with my camera upside down so that it would look like he's carrying the world ... maybe not as u can just turn your photo upside down!

I must be running out of ideas like Robin! :)

Chen said...

Occasionally I still see those cotton candies :) Remind me of those days :D

Furkids in HK
Glad u enjoyed the pict :)

hah? then the whole world will be upside down instead :P

carcar said...

i ate shan zha bing b4 mah, it is also tasted sweet and sour...the shan zha taste is strong, but i heard is good for health/heart? not too sure.

malaysia also have the purple sugar cane lah my dear.

Chen said...

I have read articles saying it is good for digestion and heart. Mmmm.. I didn't go & dig further the details :D

Msia also has purple sugar cane ah? I don't know about that cos I haven't come across any so far. Thanks for the info :)

IML said...

I wonder if the pineapple over in china taste as good as our sarawak pineapple. They happen to be my favourite. Must be sarawak pineapple or nothing.

Chen said...

it's my life story,
talking about pineapple, in my humble opinion, Sarikei (Sarawak) pineapple is the best.. Very sweet and juicy. But too bad, these pineapples cannot be consumed in large quantities cos it can "cut" the tongue or the oral cavity mucous membrane.

I didn't taste the China pineapple :)

Dragon City said...

wow...the stunt man really great lar.. wonder how much can he earn per night..

Chen said...

dragon city,
dunno lah... I guess he gets $$ mainly from tourists.