Monday, February 27, 2006

Happy Birthday, Cynthia

On this special day more than two decades ago, a sweet and lovely baby gal was born.. Her name is Cynthia.

Sorry gal, no time to handmade a birthday card for u, so I substitute with something I made several years back - my calligraphy. I just snapped the photo of my calligraphy, written many years ago.. I write that just for fun initially, and still have it in my collection.. Yeah, I know it's old.. And the paper is yellowish liao.. Hope u don't mind ;)
Happy Birthday Cynthia

Wish U Many Happy Returns and May All Your Dreams Come True...


Jellyfish said...

happy bday :P
i wan my share of cake =)

Cynthia said...


Thank you soooo much!!


No cake for you jellyfish until you come to Perth =P

Anyway..Chen will get bigger slice! =)

Selba said...

cyntia: happy birthday :)

chen: wow, you are really good in calligraphy!

FH2O said...

Happy Birthday to Cynthia with the BIG Green sunglasses! Yes, you with the open-mouth-ready-2-eat-cake pic! :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to CYNTHIA, Happy Birthday to you......

clap hands....


Jellyfish said...


yung yi sau seong dik boiboi :(

Chen said...

Let's sing Happy Birthday song to birthday gal Cynthia :D

why u always call yourself as boiboi woh? :D

pass tissue to cynthia to wipe tear..
wanted to call u yesterday night but somehow the line cannot get through leh..

Thanks for the cake :D

During school days, I always write calligraphy :) But those were the days liao...

Jellyfish said...

cynthia bully me :P

Chen said...

My dear Cynthia mana ada bully u ? :D

How u expect her to give u cake when u r in Malaysia & she is in Aussie woh ?
DHL ah? :P

cooknengr said...

what's us doc, good penwomanship. I remember when I took an interest in calligraphy, I even did my form 3 home work using the calligraphy pen...totaly pissed off the teachers.

Pandabonium said...

Happy (belated) Birthday Cynthia! Your cake looked wonderful. Make it a good year.

word verification: audaz - plural of Audi?

Chen said...

I start loving calligraphy in Form 2 or Form 3. Written lotsa calligraphy at that time.. but not to the extend of doing homework using calligraphy pen :D

yeah, Cynthia's cake is nice..
Lotsa fruit chunks :D

audaz = jargon to me :D