Thursday, March 02, 2006

Fish Ball

When I talk about Fish ball, I'm not refering to this....

This is the one that I'm talking about ... The edible fish ball...

This is something that we see quite frequently in Pasar Malam or Night Market. Regardless Fish Ball or Crab Ball or Prawn Ball or Sotong Ball or whatever Ball :D Whatever it is, I still prefer Yam Ball. How about you?


agus said...

I like my yam ball with samball belacan, or kimball chilli kecthup.

Stargazer said...

I love fishball! :) Any type of processed ball actually! ;)

Alicia said...

sotong or chicken ball is nice too.. but i prefer ramly nuggets xD

Chen said...

another yam ball lovers?
welcome to the club :D

any types of edible processed ball? :)

I know a number of people liking Ramly Burgers :) Ramly Nuggets? Not bad :)

izchan said...

Ramli is one smart person.

Cynthia said...

me? FOOTBALL!!! Go Go Go! GOAL!!! =)

Chen said...

Ramli is smart,
izchan is smart as well :D

muahahhaa... u r good leh :P
football pulak ..

carcar said...

me? football too! world cup is coming real soon! am so excited now!

i don't really like fish ball, and never try yam ball before, but im alright with meat ball or sotong ball!

牛筋丸is my favorite!

Chen said...

u r futsal fan too?
I'm not.. :D

牛筋丸 ah? Those 弹性 or 弹牙牛筋丸 ah? :D

shookmeallnightlong said...

i makan everything one...

but these balls... really tak syiok if too oily. so must know how to cook one

Selba said...

hahaha.... gosh, when I was looking the first fish ball, I though that's a "real" fish ball maybe made by sugar and flour.

I like all kind of balls, hehehe... no favourite one :)

Chen said...

I know lah.. u sapu everything (provided the food is halal)

gosh... luckily u didnt take a bite on the "first ball", or else, really *ouch*..

Jacky said...

The Fish ball Sculpture looks edible :)

Anyway, I like eating fried fish balls. Yummy.

Chen said...

mmm.. both u and selba says the fish ball sculpture looks edible..
After looking back at the picture again.. at first glance.. I get what u mean :)

Anonymous said...

me, my fav is sai toh fish balls with tang hoon soup n lettuce. yummy yummy


carcar said...

kpd doktor yg disayangi,

futsal is futsal ;
football is football.

futsal is indoor football by lesser player, smaller 'field'

sekian terima kasih.

Chen said...

西刀魚丸 (sai toh fish ball) + 冬粉 (tang hoon) = yummy + delicious :)
Haven't eat that for long time liao...

to me, futsal = football :D

indoor or outdoor made no difference to me.. after all, they are chasing and kicking after the same ball :D (Don't throw stones at me) Hahaha, cos I have no interest in football at all (my interest in football = 0%)

Jellyfish said...

aiyak... where u get that cute fish ball one?

Chen said...

which cute fish ball ah? the real edible fish ball or the batu fish ball? :D

Batu fish ball I get from internet.. U can click on the "Fish Ball Sculpture" for the hyperlinks :) The real fish ball ah? Buy from pasar malam loh :D

Robin said...

I am impressed, to coat the fish ball with such think bread crumps, not easy to do.

But I guess, it is now commercially available.. I wonder if they still put fish into the fish ball.. or just flavour and powder, which is what I heard from friend in China.

Chen said...

yeah, all those food stuffs are now widely available commercially.. and the ingredients for these "balls" are mainly flour and flavouring :)

Pandabonium said...

I can't figure out how they swim.

Chen said...

These poor fishes moves around by rolling on the floor... Remember? They are "ball" .. They are not the ordinary fishes :D

Pandabonium said...

Sorry. Silly of me. Of course they roll, not swim.

Chen said...

Hahha.. I guess the answer just slip out of your mind at that moment..