Thursday, February 23, 2006

Vegetarian Food

Guess what ? The rings in the picture above are not calamari ring/sotong ring nor onion ring. The round balls above are not fish balls.. But... those are potato rings and yam balls. (Very misleading!!) Since these are something different, so I went for another servings (Buffet dinner in Jiu Zhai Paradise International Resort in Jiuzhaigou). I love the yam balls. The potato rings are nice as well. Something different from what we eat everyday.

This is another vegetarian dish I have in different settings. The green coloured bean is the green soya bean. There are few people asking me why the soya bean milk in my previous Sichuan cuisine post is green in colour. The answer is --> cos it is made from green coloured soya bean. Prior to this trip, I'm only familiar with the yellow soya bean (which is widely available in Malaysia) and black soya bean. This is the first time I see the green soya bean. The double-layered black coloured thing is the tofu/bean curd product (豆干). How's the taste? My comment for this dish was ... not nice :P


sbanboy said...

I love vegetarian food !!! :)

Cynthia said...

the green coloured bean..wah lau, did you realise your urine stink after eating that? my old baby-sitter told me.. they detox our body =)

Chen said...

hehehe.. I love vegeterian food too :)
U r back to your old profile pict :)

dunno ah..
never go & smell the urine :P

Shackks said...

reading ur blog never fails to make me hungry. hahaha

Jellyfish said...

vege food is good food

Dragon City said...

haha...not nice ah? for me all vegeterian food got no taste ler.. ^_^

Sam I Am said...

vegetarian yummy .We think we will have somthing to eat ..

Furkids In Hong Kong said...

First time for me too to know of the existence of green soya beans - thanks for the education.

But that second dish - it doesn't even look yummy. :\

Take care!

yuin said...

the green beans look kinda like edamami, those japanese beans.

IML said...

You can get these cooked green soya bean still in pods frozen in most supermarkets. A health food for the japanese. Taste really good(to me anyway) Yellow ones are the matured sundried soya beans.

Selba said...

Hahaha... yup, so far as my experiences, vegetarian food tasted ... uhmmm, how should I put the words? "yucky" hehehehe
But it looks delicious in the photos :)

Blackwidow said...

Green soya bean-edamami in nihon go! I think asian vegetarian food has the reputation of tasted yucky. But when you go to Japan, or here in northern california, it's really really good. really really healthy(not oily, greasy, starchy).

hawks said...

Looks like a lot of vegetarian food lovers here.

Including me :-)

Alicia said...

the green coloured bean looks like petai!

Chen said...

next time, remember to only read it after u have your meal :)

Then u won't feel hungry :D

I enjoy eating vegetable and vegetarian food too..

But the green bean dishes is not nice leh :P

Dragon City,
Ooh.. I can see u are meat lover..

I love to eat vegetable and I prefer eating vegetable more than meat ..

Sam I Am,
American Food? I haven't eat western food for quite a while already.. Time for me to have some too ..

Furkids in HK,
Yeah, the second dish doesn't look appealing or appetizing :D

Thanks for dropping by and thanks for the info :D

Today I learn one new word - edamami

it's my life story,
oh? Is it? I will try to look out for it in the supermarket..
I dunno whether this is available in Malaysia ..
Cos I can't remember seeing it previously :)

Hahhaa.. u are another meat lover :D
Personally I prefer eating vege much more compared to eating meat :D

Your brother, cooknengr told me Japan has nice food and the real Japanese food is out of the world :) Will consider going there for food sampling trip.. But too bad, Fish Fish is coming back to Malaysia soon..

I dunno u are vege lover as well :)
Welcome to the "club" :)

the colour is like petai but different size and shape ..
different taste loh ..

Pandabonium said...

Now you're making me hungry.

Anonymous said...

same like alicia, i thought the green soya bean looks like petai!

Chen said...

This is something that u can eat :)
vegetarian food, and it's not spicy :D

who knows.. might petai kahwin dengan soya kuning = anak dia orang = soya hijau :P


carcar said...


ya that 'detox' green bean should be petai wat alicia said.


i don't like vegetarian food :(
but thanks for sharing...and i always wondering, why are all those vegetarian friend want to makes their 'non meat' food looks like 'meat' ??

Chen said...

mmm.. I guess those who just recently become vegetarian might still have the "crave" to eat meat.. that's why they made the "non meat" food looks like meat loh.. just my wild guess :D
I might be wrong :P

Jacky said...

Haha, very weird food indeed. Got green soya bean too :)

Chen said...

weird food? :D
weird to us but normal to them :D

but at least this is better than eating scorpion :P

PhotoCrazy said...

On seeing the second photo, "Wah petai in China?" luckily I read. Else I leave your blog thinking people in China eat petai.. :D

Chen said...

heheh... your profile pict is cute :)
mmm... I also cannot imagine China people eat petai. As u know, most of them don't eat sambal belachan :D

fish fish said...

Chen, that is Edamame, the younger version of soy bean. Very few people know that edamame and soybean are actually the same thing, in different maturity. ;) Hmmm... now I wonder how is a Edamame milk taste like.

Chen said...

fish fish,
I see :)
I don't know how to describe the taste . My hubby and I enjoy drinking it but apparently the others in my group dislikes it :) I can't remember how many glasses I drank that night :D Different people have different taste buds :P

PhotoCrazy said...

Thanks.. I ciplak some website icon.. hehehe..

Yup that is what I heard too.. no sambal in China.. no fun then.. :D

Chen said...

we can always bring our own sambal and chilli padi when we go to China :D