Thursday, February 23, 2006

Jiuzhaigou ( 九寨溝) : Shuzheng Lakes (树正群海 )

A picture speaks a thousand words. Several pictures will speak millions words ? I won't write much in this post. Mainly want to share the beautiful sceneries of Shuzeng Lakes (树正群海 ) and Shuzeng Waterfalls (树正瀑布 ).

Shuzeng Waterfall. Be prepared to get wet. By just standing for few seconds in front of the waterfall, I can sense cold water from the waterfall splashing my face non stop :). It is nice to feel so close to the nature... I really enjoyed myself :)

As you can from the pictures above, one can really touch the splashing water of the waterfall. I didn't stay long in this location or else I will get really wet cos of the continuous splashing water.
Cold weather + cold splashing water = ?? Well, I would describe as syiok. Fantastic !!

Tourists/Photographers with various posture at various position for the same reason - trying to get nice shots of the waterfall. I really salute them.. Climbing so high up on the steep slope with tripod :)

Lots of walking need to be done if one really wants to enjoy the beauty of Jiuzhaigou - splendour of the magnificent waterfalls and the calm colourful lakes and ponds. I really felt very tired and my legs were so heavy towards the end of the day, but I had no regrets. Or more appropriate to put it this way, if I didn't walk, then I will really regret..

Shuzeng Lakes - Combination of 19 large and small lakes.

The Tibetan Mill Houses.

I have no idea what is the name of this thing.


Cynthia said...

again, nice view~!!

awesome! =)

Chen said...

u are fast :D

Furkids In Hong Kong said...

Thanks for the tour chen!

Just to be sure, is this place called 'gau dai kau' in Cantonese?

Really am considering visiting the place (as well as Beijing) when time permits.

Thanks again!

Sam I Am said...

that was wonderful thank you for sharing that. its always nice to see something so AWESOME .

Anonymous said...

really amazing & awesome the creation of God. thanks for sharing with us :)

FH2O said...

Hmmmm. Now I MUST go there to see for myself! Thks!

Chen said...

furkids in HK,
I guess so :)
Beijing is another nice place to visit too :) Went there in year 2002. Great Wall, Forbidden City etc etc..

Sam I Am,
You are mostly welcomed :)

God's creation is indeed awesome.

U really won't regret going there :)

boo_licious said...

Nice pixs! Love the waterfall. Yeah, I heard you really have to walk a lot and endure the hairpin roads when you go to this place.

Robin said...

did u visit for just one day.. wah, if u have been to this end.. u must have walked a lot!!

Did your guide follow u all the way?

BTW, the big golden thing is the sutra wheels or 转经筒,亦称嘛呢转经轮,藏传佛教信徒人人持有,不停地摇转,象征诵经数遍,一般还 要同时绕寺庙走动;藏传佛教寺庙、佛殿、经堂外也有转经筒,一般较大.

Guess you are not religious..

Anonymous said...

is it possible for mandi manda at the waterfall? looks inviting!

Chen said...

yeah, lots of walking and have to endure the long journey (10 hours bus ride) before reaching Jiuzhaigou.. (from Chengdu).

Yeah.. one whole day..
from morning till late evening :D
No doubt tired but I don't mind..

Thanks for the detailed explanation reg sutra wheels :)
I'm Christian btw :)

Chen said...

mandi manda there?
later sure kena tangkap one..
for contaminating the place :P

btw, the water is very cold leh..
cos it's winter :)

Jee said...

Woohoo.. another groups of amazing jiuzhaigou photos.

Love the place, always wanted to visit.. hopefully can make it this year.

Jellyfish said...

muahahahaha... your digicam kena water liao.. using z2 ar? must gimme to protect it liao :P

Selba said...

Beautiful!!! :)

Robin, are you religious?

carcar said...

AWESOMATIC! wahahaha.... can i save out a picture or two as my screen saver or display pic? hehe...

china has beautiful scenery indeed, im referring to those natural one, hehe...

Chen said...

hopefully u can made it this year :)
And share the trip photos with us too..

haha.. can always wipe mah :P
This picture are captured with my compact digicam, X50.

Magnificent view :D
I guess Robin is very religious from his postings..

sure, no problem..
which pict u want? This are resized pictures. I can send u the original pictures. I plan to compile few of these pictures to become my screensaver :D

Pandabonium said...

Such awesome beauty. I am thinking that one the way to Fiji we should go through China and Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore....oh, dream on, Panda.

I am happy you shared pics from this area Chen, I had no idea.

The last picture is of a scripture wheel. I don't know what it is called there, but people spin it and chant Buddhist scriptures. (called "prayer" wheels in the West).

agus said...

For a moment there I thought I saw a ghostly figure in your second picture, the bottom part. She blended well against the brown rocks and the rushing white water.

Beautiful places.

Chen said...

wow.. that will take months to complete the tour :D

thanks for the info :)

hahhaa.. the girl will be sad if she sees this --> suddenly become ghostly figure :P

Happysurfer said...

Chen, awesome pix all, though I like the seventh and ninth pix best. They exude peace and calmness. The last picture of the sutra or prayer wheel is interesting. Thanks for sharing.

Chen said...

Thanks :)