Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Chengdu : Street Hawker Stalls (1)

These hawker stalls are located on the street right infront of the Chengdu Zoo (the place where I saw few lazy giant pandas in their "sleeping beauty" position). After coming out from the Chengdu Zoo, I gave myself a treat :) Must taste some of the local food, or else what's the point of travelling so far away?

First of all, I bought several sticks of grilled mutton meat/satay(烤 羊肉) with extra chilli powder sprinkled on top of the grilled meat. (RMB 0.50 per stick). The taste is so-so only... I still prefer our Malaysia satay :P

Next I get myself a stick of Yunnan Stink or Smelly Bean Curd/Tofu (雲 南臭豆腐) (RMB 1 per stick) The stink element is there, but not to the extreme and still tolerable. The red coloured powdery thing next to the Bean Curd and Sausages is the chilli powder, for additional spicy taste. We also get ourselves two different variety of local sausages (RMB 2 per sausage).

Grilled Sweet Potato. Bought one at the price of RMB 3. The sweet potato was still hot. Very tasty and yummy.

There are several other stalls nearby.. The one above is the sugar canes stall.. The sugar cane here is purple in colour ( in contrast to the green coloured sugar cane in Malaysia). I didn't bought any at this time cos I can't consume so much food in one time. (I bought some later on in the night from different stall).

Pineapple on the stick. The display is unique (first time I see pineapple being displayed this way) but I didn't buy any :)

Water Chestnut. Peeled water chestnut. The price is much much much cheaper compared to Malaysia. I didn't buy any this time but I bought some later on in the night.


cooknengr said...

what's up Doc, is the Timbang calibrated in gm/kg ?

Cynthia said...

the food doesnt look that fantastic.. so so only. Is ok, the view was aswesome!! =)

Chen said...

they used catty for measurement.

the local street food really taste so-so only.. :) I have the night market picture as well, but will upload next time..

izso said...

Where on earth is this? Change your blog name from Ramblings to "food and stuff" la. :D

FH2O said...

So early in the morning u make me hungry oledi!
Nice n thanks for sharing these with us!

Chen said...

poor u :) Chengdu is located in Sichuan, China.

I can name whatever name I like for my blog.

unker, u should have eaten your breakfast already by now :) I still prefer the Malaysian foodstuff :D

Winn said...

the food looks cold to me. probably coz of the weather...

Anonymous said...

envy u, u have a strong stomach - able to eat road side foods. im more cautious due to previous bad experiences.

have dropped my contacts at your email. pls give anna a hug for me. HUG HUG Anna. long time no see.


Chen said...

they will deep fried the food (sausages and tofu) when someone/customer wants to buy :) The one u see in the picture is the uncooked food (i mean the sausages and tofu).

I will only select certain roadside food to eat. Those unhygienic one I won't touch :)

I get your email already. Will convey your message to Anna when I meet her :)

carcar said...

look fwd to your Street Hawker Stalls (2)..the night time version! haha...

i heard b4 chengdu is a big city too, hope i'll have chance to drop by one day..maybe.

thanks for the pix sharing. and i love the pineapple pix the most! it is something new to us Msian!

IML said...

Call me paranoid, I was quite reluctant to try the street food in Kunming. Did not look very clean esp their serving hands.

Chen said...

There is one huge Mao Tze Tung statue in Chengdu city, as well as their "treasure animal" Giant Panda statue :) The night version will be some time later on :)

it's my life story,
U are not paranoid lah..
U are just on the cautious side :)

PhotoCrazy said...

Those photos looks like Cameron Highlands town. But still Cameron Highlands looks much better.

Selba said...

love to see street hawker stalls, very interesting... btw, sometimes they tasted better than the hygiene one (because of the extra spieces from the dirt/flies? kekeke).
It's lunch time now, don't have anything to eat except my pear on my desk...

Anonymous said...

thanks, chen. ya, when im tempted to eat something from the dubious looking street stalls, i would contemplate in my mind 1st 'what would be the microbial count?'. that would settle it.


Chen said...

Cameron Highlands' stalls are more colourful :) I went there in September last year for 4 days & 3 nights. Enjoyed my stay in CH.

Hahhaha.. I can't disagree with u. The hawker stalls food indeed are much tastier and more delicious than the restaurant food :) Eg in Penang, the most delicious Char Koay Teow, the most delicious Penang Assam Laksa, the most delicious Hokkien Mee etc etc are all from the hawker stalls :D

Aiks? only eat pear for lunch? mmmm.... on diet or ?? :D

Chen said...

I guess most of us are "tolerance" to the local hawker food.. Just like we won't get any stomach upset or from eating local roadside hawker food but outsiders (those from overseas) will..

Anonymous said...

hey, talking about char koay teow make me miss my fav one at kimberley street. ate there during CNY -- yummy yummy. it cost me $5/plate with duck's egg but why not, since it's my fav? it was so 'heong' (fragrant) coz of the duck egg. a must visit place whenever i go back home.


Jacky said...

Nice one. So much chilli powder there huh, must be really spicy...

How come they don't eat satays with sauces like what we do in Malaysia?

Chen said...

Very true.. CKT with duck egg is more fragrant than CKT with chicken egg :D
But I haven't eat CKT with duck egg for quite a while already :)

Some how, these chilli powder is not very spicy.

I guess this is their culture. And they will ask, how come Malaysians don't eat satay with chilli powder like how they eat but instead eat with peanut sauce ? Well wel... I still prefer Malaysian Satay :)

Loong said...

Ohh .. so that is "Lok Lok" ... but in China? Hehe ..

Chen said...

This is not Lok Lok lah..
I didn't capture any picture of Lok Lok previously, but I saw one from my KSL's blog.. Click here to have a look :)

Dragon City said...

how they mix the chilli powder with satay ? just put on top of it?

Chen said...

one can dip the satay into the chilli powder or just sprinkle the chilli power on top of the satay.

Loong said...

Wow .. that picture just made me drool all over my keyboard. Make me hungry!

Alicia said...

Foood!! they look yummy.. hungry lei..

Chen said...

Reminds me that I haven't eat Lok Lok for quite a while already.. Time to do so :D

Malaysian's food is more yummy :D

Pandabonium said...

Now you're showing some food the vegetarian and picky Pandabonium can enjoy. Grilled sweet potato, yum.

Don't tell anyone, but I might even sample the mutton satay (hold the chili powder) when no one is looking.

How are the accomodations in the area?

Chen said...

hahah.. I will show some food which is suitable for vegetarian in my next post ;)

accomodation wise, I didn't spend the night in this area. Spend the night in the town area in Chengdu :)