Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Blog in Chinese Language

Robin asked me whether there is any website translating blog into Chinese language since his Malay Language is very private limited.. or the so called Sdn Bhd in Malay Language :P

Here are the links :) One can translate not only text or website into Chinese Language but into several other languages (French, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, German etc etc) as well.. But really have to bear in the mind the translation is not 100% correct and there are errors. Well, nothing is perfect. Have fun.

1)Applied Language
2)World Lingo


Chen said...

after I translate my own blog into Chinese language, the first thing I noticed is.. Robin = 知更鳥 :D

Jellyfish said...

sendiri comment on 1st posting.

but nothing better than kennysia bengify

Selba said...

Good links :) I usually use "AltaVista - Babel Fish Translation"

Chen said...

Cos I can't help it when I see the word Robin = 知更鳥..
If u understand what is 知更鳥, then u will know what I mean :D
知更鳥 = name of a bird. This bird is also known as robin :D
So basically, they translate the word Robin into bird, hahahha :D

kennysia bengified blog is very crude.. that one is rated 18SX :D

yeap, there are lotsa translating tools available online :) Babel Fish is one of them :)

agus said...

Hahaha, sounds more like a dialog from crayon shin chan, the indonesian VCD version. Very funny. But relatively accurate, surprisingly. An excellent tool. Now if you'll excuse me I'm going to tweak mine...thanks for the link!

Anonymous said...

no comprehendo lah. OCBC, what to do.

btw, do u know how i can get in touch with anna koay, eye specialist? we were in school 2gether.

Chen said...

Have fun reading your blog in Malay Language :)

Oh, u r Anna Koay's old schoolmates?
Graet :) She is working in my hospital. Might be u can pass me your particulars etc via email.

Winn said...

i finshed my tag!!!

and u kena tagged again! hehe.

what goes around comes around:P

Furkids In Hong Kong said...

I'm using Babelfish too, but I've been told that it causes laughs and headaches more than anything else. For example, Mark is translated to marking. :\

But more or less understandable.

I'll give your links a try, thanks!

Chen said...

oooh.. u sayang me also, that's why u tagged me :)
*so sweet*

Anonymous said...

english ka, malay ka, as long as u get the main point, it's fine with me.

Chen said...

That's true :)

I'm thinking of translating a post with medical terms and see how it turned out to be :) Have to dig my archive liao cos I used to write a number of work or study related post previously :)

@ロウ 。LOW@ said...

You could have saved my life here, Doc. Chinse blog shall be the next milestone! :p

Chen said...

Looking forward to reading your Chinese Blog :)

FH2O said...

'wa khan puk tong'!

Chen said...

not bad :)
at least u can speak Chinese --> 'wa khan puk tong'