Thursday, February 09, 2006

The lazy Giant Pandas (四川熊猫)

Sichuan (四川) is the home of the Giant Panda (熊猫). Giant Panda is also known as the treasure of China(国宝). Pandabonium asked me whether I saw his panda cousins in Sichuan or not.. This is my answer ;)

This is the second time I see real life panda with my own eyes. The first time was few years back in Beijing Zoo. Too bad we don't have enough time to visit the Wolong Panda Breeding and Research Center (3 hours plus ride from Chengdu). We only visited the Chengdu Zoo. There are 3 giant pandas available...

The "Sleeping Beauty" lying lazily... Giant Pandas no doubts are cute and lovely, but they are also the most lazy animals I have ever seen. They are too lazy to move around. They can either sit or lie still in the same posture for hours. They can even eat while lying down (I have seen several pictures of pandas eating while lying down on their back in the local magazines). And they like to sleep :D

Some of the hilarious and funny sleeping posture of the Giant Panda.


Selba said...

aaiiiiiiiii.... so sweeeeetttt... :) I want to have a panda as a pet!

Robin said...

yep, saw them, so fat lazy and smelly one..

hmmm.. totally spoilt my idea of panda being cute and cuddy and pure white and black

Chen said...

They are cute,
but dirty & lazy as well..

especially after seeing their dirty butts? ;)

Winn said...

wah the pic so cute!firs time i see panda laze aroudn like that.. !! hahahah
y u color ah boy a panda.. !! u ar :P

Chen said...

wah.... where I got coloured Ah Boy as panda woh?
Ah Boy is skinny, don't have so much meat as panda :P Hhahaha...

Cynthia said...

wah lau.. remind me of myself thesedays.. I sleep like panda. NOt pig =)

Jellyfish said...

lazy lazy...
no good.

dowan to gip you eat

Chen said...

Hah? u sleep like panda?

u noticed the third picture how the panda sleep? Sleep with legs widely open leh.. I hope u don't sleep with that posture ;)

u r not allowed to feed those lazy bum leh.. :P

Pandabonium said...

All right, Chen! My cousin Panda in Sichuan. Great.

K will attest to me being lazy, but I am one clean Panda.

Robin, pictures of Pandas in other zoos and in the wild show they can be clean and pure black and white. Maybe if you were locked up in a cage or pen with a dirt floor, you'd get fat lazy and smelly too.

As for being lazy, what is wrong with that? Pandas use up fewer resources that way.

Human kind is preoccupied with making money, beyond what they need, and it is always work, work, work. And look what humans have done to the planet as a result! Maybe Pandas have a message for us. Stop being greedy humans and give the environment a rest.

Thanks for posting this Chen. ;^)

Chen said...

Panda really knows how to enjoy life, huh? Very relaxing lifestyle ;)

Anonymous said...

eiiii...geramnya! so cute!

Sam I Am said...

Wow Chen!!
We have a new baby panda at our zoo
Now seven months old, Tai Shan weighs 33 pounds. His cuteness has taken on a longer and lankier profile. While his body slowly matures, his attitude has rapidly expanded. Among the panda staff, Tai has a new set of nicknames and descriptions, like "little toad," "little monster," "wild man," and "rotten child," just to name a few. When he is awake, if he is not chewing or climbing on Mei to get her to play, he is trying to "help" the keepers move bamboo. A new soccer ball will provide some distraction so that the keepers can finish the task.

We still cannot confirm that he is eating bamboo, although we all think that some is now going down. What a mess the enclosures are in the morning! When we come in, it looks as though there has been an extended play session involving water and hay.:)

Alicia said...

my notti boi can sleep like a panda :/

Wilson said...

awwww~~~so cute, can i hug the panda?

Furkids In Hong Kong said...

Hey hey we're baaack! Sorry for the long absense.

Pandas really are lazy, but then so is Mom ;p


PhotoCrazy said...

ouch! I can't imagine myself sleeping on the ladder.. panda must be having those fat to cushion it backs.

Chen said...

They are nice to hug huh?
My friend hugged panda before :D
in the panda research centre..

Sam I Am,
Great to have Tai Shan the baby panda in US :)

I know what u mean :)
Cos I have a miniature pinscher as well :D

That one ah.. I can provide u a soft toy panda to hug.. :P

Furkids in HK,
Err.. what happened to your mum?
I guess she is just too exhausted..
CNY mah.. Not enough rest & sleep, I pressume?

yeah loh.. looks so uncomfortable..
I worried the panda in the last picture might fall down leh... Hhahaha..

Dragon City said...

haha..the panda so so cute..