Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Jiuzhaigou (九寨溝) : Colourful Lake (五花海)

As Malaysian, I am familiar with the muddy (like Milo or teh susu coloured) lake or pond and occasionally we will see clear water lake. This is the first time I see such a scenic and beautiful multi coloured lake. Really an eye opening experience.

The Colourful Lake or Five Flower Lake (五 花海) is a multi coloured lake whose bottom is criss-crossed by tree trunks. The lake is 5 meters deep (elevation 2,472 meters).

This lake is the pride of the Jiuzhaigou area. Due to the varying depths of water and the formation of silts on the bottom, the lake's waters assume a variety of colors, such as light yellow, dark green, deep blue etc.

Despite the huge crowds of tourists, Jiuzhaigou remain very clean and free from rubbish. Smoking is strictly prohibited here. No flower/leaves/plants plucking nor feeding the wildlife or fish.


Selba said...

Gosh.... what a beautiful lake... someday, must visit China again!

Cynthia said...

think again when a product is madein china, it normally turns me off.. this is absolutely different =)

Chen said...

I remember u have visited lots of places previously :)

Yeah, even though this is the 3rd time I visit China, I will go back there again.

err... The little koala bear soft toys sold in Australia is also produced in China, right? :P

We don't talk about the toilet in China.. that is a major turn off :P

cooknengr said...

What's up doc, I'd do toilet post when I visit China :)

Chen said...

hahahha... that will be a hot topic :D
toilet in China :D Toilets in big cities like Beijing & Shanghai is alright..

Most of the toilets in the interiors don't have doors.. and some of the toilets are like the longkang :D So, u can imagine how it smells like..

One of my group members vomit after using the toilet :P

sbanboy said...

Wah so nice .... God's creation is FABULOUS !!!!

Anonymous said...

5 meters deep? it looks as if someone can just walk across the lake!

Peace said...

After reading and seen the beautiful pic, I hope I can be there now.

Chen said...

yes, will u consider visiting this place in the future? :)

The depth varies. Certain area is deep :)

the place is even more beautiful in autumn ;)

Jacky said...

Magnificent scenery. Next time must go to Jiuzhaigou for holiday.

Sam I Am said...

what a beautiful lake.they sould be post cards,

Alicia said...

the lake is really beautiful.. it's different from our very own malaysian lakes xD

agus said...

I'm speechless!

Robin said...

Must be damn cold when u are there?

It would be nice if got snow.

PhotoCrazy said...

China must be creative to pour colors into it. But how come there aren't many other colors.. you mean in autumn then paint he lake better?

Chen said...

Yeah.. u won't regret going there :)

Sam I Am,
The waterfall is nice too..
I will post pic on waterfall later on..

cannot compare with our Msia milo susu or teh susu lake :P

Pay Jiuzhaigou a visit :)

It was cold in the early morning (2 to 4 celcius) & late at night whereby the temperature drop down to -2 celcius. Noon time was warm.

in autumn the trees are colourful :D
green, yellow, red, orange etc etc..
Made the whole place look even nicer.

yvy said...

omg!! now THAT is gorgeous and would make a PERFECT stress-free header!!! so nice!!! :)

Jellyfish said...


look like photoshop pics

manyak cantik :P

Chen said...

the 10 hours long & tiring bus ride pays :) I guess most people won't mind the tiring journey after seeing the nice scenery..

hhahah... 101% ori :P

FH2O said...

i don't know what these people are saying!
There's only 1 pertinent remark - I wanna kayak there! :)

Chen said...

unker, aiks...
kayak, kayak & kayak..
unker is indeed our kayak king :)

Pandabonium said...

Fantasic colors and clarity. Nature is wonderful.

Chen said...

yeah.. God's creation is fantastic :)

Spirit said...

wow thats very pretty!!!

Chen said...

hi :)
thanks for dropping by.
Jiuzhaigou is a very scenic place :)