Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Sichuan : Fire Crackers

Fire Crackers !! I'm sure everyone knows what is that. Well, although fire crackers is banned in Malaysia several years back, but some people can still manage to get it from black market (Not me, cos I don't play fire crackers). I haven't played fire crackers for ages already (I guess since primary school time) but I do enjoy watching people playing fireworks. Many believe that playing fireworks and fire crackers add some spices to this festive season. The noisier the merrier??

CNY eve is a very happening event in my hometown in Sarawak. The whole sky will be lightened up with fireworks plus the smoke/flame from firecrackers for more than half an hour. Very unhealthy to inhale in the terrible, pungent air at those moments..

Well, since I spent my CNY in China this year, so I do didn't have the chance to view the major fire crackers and fireworks display in Sarawak. In China, firecrackers are legalised. We can see fire crackers and fireworks on sale everywhere, even at the roadside. And their huge and gigantic fire crackers and fireworks are cheap.. Out of curiosity, I asked the price.. The big fire crackers (in the picture above) only costed RMB 20 (less than RM 10) and the big fireworks only costed RMB 80 (less than RM 40).

Another gigantic fire crackers (at least it looks gigantic to me).

(My friendly advice : This explosive items are very hazardous & could be life threatening. Stay away from these explosive items "if possible").


yvy said...

wahlau!!! happening wei....;) i actually miss the smell of the crackers - like gunpowder, u know? really brings abt the CNY feeling n all the red cracker paper on the roads? all that no more liow. :(

agus said...

Sometimes you smell the smoke but never hear them pop! Those are the fireworks that don't crack!

I was wondering why there were fireworks in KL last sunday, rather early Monday Morning while watching Liverpool and Chelsea game around 1 am. What was that all about? Then I remembered an article I read about some chinese descendants celebrating the new year several days after everybody else. Is that what I heard? Care to share?

Chen said...

yeah.. the red cracker paper on the road or infront the house... Missed that though.. That is something very common in Swak :)

oh.. the event last Sunday midnight? That was Pai Ti Kong (拜天公). That is the event widely celebrated by the Hokkien - It is the birthday of the Jade Emperor, or known as Ti Kong by Hokkien (Tian Gong in Mandarin) which falls on the 9th day of the Lunar New Year. It is one of the most important day for the Hokkien Taoists.

Cynthia said...

ok , I wont tell Polis DiRaja Malaysia where you live =) ..ekekeke

Jellyfish said...

my friend's neighbour kena tangkap masuk balai by police bcos letting off firecrackers

Pandabonium said...

I like firecrackers when I was a kid. But now, my daughter is a Registered Nurse and my Son In Law is a firefighter.

I understand people's fascination with fireworks, but after you hear about and see the fires and injuries they cause every year, it isn't so fun.

I also remember having to stay home with my golden retriever and hold her and reassure her as the neighborhood was engulfed in loud noise and smoke.

Now days, I'd rather just watch aerial fireworks.

Chen said...

ooit, I didn't play with the fire crackers lah.. :P

woh... sounds like the PDRM are more strict this year?

yeah.. I prefer watching fire works from afar as well then playing with it.

Jacky said...

In Sarawak, I think it is not that strict as the Fireworks lasted longer and more frequent, at more places.

Robin said...

wah,, this will be loud. But somehow people just like it .

Why dun they just buy two big drums or gong and make the loudest sound.. and still can be re-used?


Selba said...

for sure, am affraid to be close to fire crackers and I only like to see fireworks from a far place.

Alicia said...

amusing that ppl can still find these products altho they're banned xD

fish fish said...

Wow!! So cheap. Geeee... imagine how many folds they earn from Sarawak every year. *gulp*

PhotoCrazy said...

So you bought some and sold them already? Hmm.. how much did you make?

FH2O said...

aiyo! wat's with u people? the only way to play firecrackers is to lit it in your hand and throw it at your victims (sister, annoying neighbours, dogs, cats or chickens!) ... or at least thats how i remembered it as a kid growing up in a wooden bungalow next to a stream in kuching when it was a small, quiet little town (now its still 'small' but noisy!)

izchan said...

you do know that those are illegal rite? You being a doctor should know better. One can loose a hand by being stupid.

Winn said...

Jay likes fire craker...i'll post up the photos of him playing fire crakers when free k

Chen said...

I guess so :)

aiyoh.. like this also can?

same here.. although I'm not afraid of fire crackers, but I haven't play it for ages already.. All the time, I only see other people playing :)

I even see people sold it openly at the roadside in Malaysia :D

Fish fish,
hahhaa.. dunno loh..

nope, I didn't buy ;)
I just watch my friends playing :)

wah, u r very violent..
luckily I'm not your neighbour..

of course I know..
that's why I didn't play..
and I put my advice up there in my blog as well..

(My friendly advice : This explosive items are very hazardous & could be life threatening. Stay away from these explosive items "if possible").

These pictures are taken in Sichuan, China, not in Malaysia.

Jay is cool..
First of all, Lucas drinking Shandy,
Now, Jay playing with fire crackers :D