Friday, March 03, 2006

My 300th post

Guess who is the cute, innocent baby gal inside the picture? *wink* (I'm not perasan by the way, hahhaa)

This is my 300th post. Coincidentally, today is 3rd of March.. My 300th post on the 03.03.2006) So many figure 3 and figure 0 .. Those who are interested can go and strike numbers ?

* Side note : By the way, I don't support nor promote gambling nor buying Lottery nor Toto nor Magnum etc..


fish fish said...

Kuchi kuchi ku...

I bet people were busy doing that to the baby inside the pic. ^_~

Today is Hinamatsuri in Japan, a day for girls. How coincidence is that? ;) Hope more 300th post coming.

Selba said...

CONGRATULATIONS on the 300th post!!! hip.. hip... hip... hooray... any celebrations? ;)

Aiiiiii.... you were so cuteeeeee.... and are also until today :)

FH2O said...

Congratulations for turning 300 and may you be immortal and live forever!
heeheehee just pulling your legs! Shorter than me, so need pulling right?

Wah, u keep track of this thing or is there something in blogger?

Keep it up doc and go for 3,000 now! :)

The Yongs said...

Wow and well done! Glad tht the number is not reflecting your age... hee hee hee! Anyway, keep blogging as I do enjoy reading your blogs during my free time!

Chen said...

fish fish,
Hahahha.. Might be..
I can't remember :P That was too long ago already..

Celebrations? Waiting for u to celebrate for me.. hahaha :D

After u sign in, the number of postings that u have posted are written inside the dashboard. I guess u didn't noticed it all this while :)

Pulling my legs so that I can grow taller? good idea :D As long as u don't pull so hard & made me fall down :D

the yongs,
age is just a number :D

Anonymous said...

aiya amoi. itu budak kicik banyak cute. bila sudah besar dia jadi apa macam? ada macam gong li ka?

Chen said...

itu budak kecik sampaikan ucapan terima kasih kat Kak Nurul sebab puji dia comel :D setelah budak kecik tu dewasa, rupanya macam orang biasa saje leh.. :P

carcar said...

alamak, jika pull the leg akan jadi tinggi! mari kita 'pull pull' bersama-sama! haha...

congrate! 300! is a benchmark for your sweet blog!

keep on going!

yeah, hip hip hooray join the blog parade..hip hip hooray..da.da.da.da...

♪carcar is singing hip hip hooray song♪

Alicia said...

grats xD

Chen said...

hah? pull together?
better don't then..
different pulling strength --> later become "長短腿" then susah..

Parade? where is it? In Singapore? I must take out my binocular for clearer view :D


Robin said...

Turning 300, wow... did u do a count? I also didn't notice in the profile page.

cute pics... not u then who har?

Jellyfish said...

what lar your side note :D

i know you din support gambling, but you heighten the mood for the rest to gamble only

Chen said...

If i really go & count the number of postings, then I really have NBTD (nothing better to do) or 吃飽沒事做.. hahhaha...

It is available in the dashboard..
not in the profile page..
try to look for it and u will notice it :)

if that is not me, than that is my "twin sister" :)

talk talk only mah..
I'm pretty sure nobody will go and buy numbers lah..

agus said...

For she's a jolly good fellow,
For she's a jolly good blogger,
For she's a jolly good doctor.....
(erh, can somebody fill in the blanks, I don't know the words lah...)

Hooray! Happy 300th post Chen!

Daniel said...

congrats on 300 pieces of spam to the blogging world. :)

What software to u use for your those effects on the pics?

Winn said...

Happy 300th post!!!!!! & more to come.

i m sure thats u!! hahah.
perasan p-e-r-a-s-a-n!!!

Pandabonium said...

Congratulations on 300 posts. My fingers get tired just thinking about it.

Looking forward to many more.

Chen said...

so sweet :)
thank u thank u :D

more "spams" are on the way :D
I'm using Jasc Paintshop Pro :)

who is perasan woh?? :D

Looking left and right...
Up and down..
front and back...
Cannot figure out leh :D
so, in conclusion --> mana ada orang yang perasan? :)

Btw, give your finger some rest..
Your fingers deserve a good treat ;)

FH2O said...

Yeah, its at the dashboard.
Had seen it but didn't really paid too much notice about it ... since I've merely posted 130!

It's funny that we look at things all the time but we never really see them at all! Sadly that happens with ppl too. Have a relaxing weekend doc - u deserve the rest after so many posts!

Chen said...

u finally noticed the thing :)
Yeah.. it was there all the while, but just that u didn't notice it :)

Happy Kayaking..
I presume u will go kayaking this weekend? :)

Sam I Am said...

Congratulations Chen!

Cynthia said...

wow!! 300th post! cool! =)
congratulation~!! =)
the little kid is sooo cute ..heheh

Chen said...

Sam I Am,
Thanks, Sam :)

thank u :)
The little kid is very happy cos u praising her cute :D

Dragon City said...

congrats for ur 300th post. Looking forward for more n more post from u .. ^_^

Chen said...

dragon city,
Thanks :)