Saturday, April 01, 2006

1 April 2006

So fast, today is 1st April 2006. Seems like we just celebrate New Year eve not long ago.. Time really flies. Anything special about 1st April? Yeah, 1st April also known as April Fool's Day. I have no idea what is the origin of April Fool but it is traditionally a day in to play pranks on others / people that we know of. The purpose of doing this is to create a story or situation which is untrue, to catch "the poor victim" out and to make a fool of him/her. The last time I play pranks on other during April Fool's Day was during my secondary school time when I was in Form 1, but that was just a friendly prank. Stopped doing that for ages already. I don't practise this nowadays cos this is just not my cup of tea ;) So, u can Trust Me, hahaha... cos I definitely won't pull your legs :P

The danger of playing pranks on others on this special day is some people might be too sensitive and get offended cause they take it too seriously and don't like to be ridiculed. Well, each individual is different. Something that seems to be a joke to us might be an insult to other. There is a limitation to everything as well.. Just like some people enjoyed playing a fool on others and gain pleasure in their act of deceptions and putting down on others.

Yeah, another thing about 1st April. Fans of Leslie Cheung (张国荣) will remember this day - the day when the Canto pop singer committed suicide 1st April 2003. I'm not really his fan but I do enjoy listening to his songs. He was indeed a very talented artist. I still remember my good buddy (my close friends since secondary school time) sms me regarding this news on the night of 1st April 2003. I was on call in Maternity Hospital on that day with Caesarean Section (LSCS) in progress when I received the sms. I guess many will think that piece of news was a cruel April Fool joke when the news was broadcasted initially on air, but unfortunately, that wasn't a joke ... Leslie Cheung (aka 哥哥) was loved, respected, treasured and missed by fans throughout the world. Although he was no longer around, he had secured a place in his fans' heart and his presence will remain in their hearts forever..

Some of his nice songs such as 不羈的風,有誰共鳴,當年情,風繼續吹, 全賴有你, Monica, 愛慕, 沉默是金 etc.. These are hit songs during the 80's or early 90's.

Leslie's hit song 有誰共鳴 is now playing in my mind..
我獨行 夜雨漸停
笑問誰 肝膽照應

不信命 只信雙手去苦拼
可會知 我心裡困倦滿腔
夜闌靜 問有誰共鳴 

愛自由 或會忘形 
去或留 輕鬆對應 

孤單中顫抖 我知我實在難受
想退後 心裡知足我擁有
風也清 晚空中我問句星
夜闌靜 問有誰共鳴


A Fellow Traveler said...

though i can't understand cantonese well i like his songs. life is so short.

多瑙河之野鸭 said...

Leslie, sigh...

Selba said...

I like Leslie though I'm not a big fan of him nor have his album songs but I've watched a lot of his movies because I love his acts.

Dragon City said...

if i'm not mistaken, BEYOND lead singer also pass away on 1st April..

Chen said...

a fellow traveller
yeah, life is short..
we have to treasure every moments we have.

Leslie will remain in our hearts forever..

Yeah, he is a very talented actor as well. Some of his early movies that I remembered are such as On Trial (失業生) and The Drummer (鼓手)..

dragon city
I think Wong Ka Kui passed away in June 1993.

carcar said...

aih, i also received an sms saying leslie commited suicide on that day, i thought it was a joke or prank :(

but aih...sad...

wish everyone have a good day on the 1st day of april...april is a mth of easter...

agus said...

Alamak, Leslie died one day before I reached 23...

miracle8 said...

its a pity how Leslie chose to end his life at the height of his career.

Chen said...

Hope u enjoy your weekend too. I was listening to Leslie's old songs when u sms me in the late evening.
Now his song 追(chase) is lingering in my mind :)

Ooh.. tomorrow is your birthday? Wish u Happy Birthday in advance.. 2 hours earlier before the clock strikes twelve :)

Most other pop singers died of illness or accident, but he was too depressed till he took the no return path & ended his life by committing suicide. Sigh :(

Loong said...

Oh no now you got "Chase" on my mind as well. That song is so good!

Thao said...

So, have you fooled anyone yet? :-)

Daniel Yiek said...

I tried this cheeky joke on the pantry lady (though not on 1st Apr)in my ex-company. I left a wet fake stool on the floor. She freaked out and went to get cleaning stuff and could not find the stool when she came back.

Chen said...

追(chase) is nice...

Nope :) I didn't fool anyone yesterday and nobody play a fool on me as well. How about u?

Haha, that was a good one :D

Robin said...

Indeed a lost..

Fame and depression?

Chen said...

First, Leslie Cheung, and then.. followed by Anita Mui.. both the great and talented artists passed away in the same year.. aiyks :(