Sunday, April 02, 2006

Monkeys (Botanical Garden)

I went to Botanical Garden yesterday late afternoon. Took several shots of monkeys. One can see monkeys everywhere in Botanical Garden. Yes, they are everywhere..

This is the first monkey that I encountered with inside the Botanical Garden. She looked sad (depressed? ) from her facial expression ( Anyone disagree with me ? )

Scratch, scratch and scratch... Scratching here, scratching there, scratching everywhere.. I guess these poor monkeys are very "itchy" as shown in the photos below.

Scratching friend's backside.. while searching for kutu/lice. I never know monkeys can erect their tail upright so high up :D (Monkey's thought : How come there are lices on your buttock? Must be u are dirty! U don't clean your backside after u pangsai (empty your bowel) ??)

Scratching little monkey's back... (Little monkey's thought: Syiok nya.. Scratch harder, mummy). Very touching scene. This is one of my favourite photo of the day.

This monkey is even better...Caught scratching balls with his left hand... (Indecent behaviour in public ??) (Monkey's thought : Looking around to make sure nobody notice his indecent behaviour) but who knows...

Eating bread crumbs? (Monkey's thought : The bread was so hard & tasted horrible.. No choice but to swallow it cos I don't have any other things to eat.. )

Run !!! (Monkey's thought : Better run as far away as I can from my friends/siblings... I don't want to share my precious food with the others).

Enjoying his food without any disturbance... (Monkey's thought: Must chew faster and swallow my food faster before any other monkeys grab my yummy and tasty treats).

This monkey seems like in deep thought? Worrying about what to have for dinner? Or what to do for the weekends?

Anyone noticed the monkey climbing down the green coloured pole? I didn't notice the monkey initially when I took the photo of the coconut stall. Monkeys are indeed everywhere in Botanical Garden.. Consider yourself unlucky lucky if u find a monkey sitting on top of your car. Haha, I hope that won't happened to me ;)

Too bad I was in a hurry to go off.. Didn't manage to get the chance to take photos of mummy monkey carrying the baby monkey.

Side note : It's an offence to feed the monkeys inside the Botanical Garden.


Loong said...

Your post just reminded me of this video of a monkey smelling his own ass and falling off a branch. Weird.

Selba said...

Ladies and Gentlemen, let me introduce the un-official public speaker of Monkey's Thought, Mrs. Chen Ramblings.. Please give her a big applause for her incredible mind reading of monkeys in botanical garden. *clap clap clap*

Hahaha... you are really so unbelievable funny!!! gosh... I'm really admire your talent! :)

I love monkeys, orang utan, chimpanzee,etc (gorilla? hmm.. a little bit scare). I wish I can have one of them at home as my pet because they almost resemble to human.

Well, for sure I will recommend people to adopt monkeys, dogs, cats or birds when they want children but can't have children their own...

Chen said...

smelling his own ass? That monkey trying to do stunt ? weirdo :D

incredible mind reading of monkeys? Hahaha... luckily u didn't mention I talk craps :P

Having monkeys as pet? I wouldn't leh.. Imagine if the monkey wants something & if u don't give it to the naughty fellow.. The monkey will go & get it himself :D

The house might be in a mess then :P
Oops.. I'm imagining things again :)

fooDcrazEE said...

is that in Penang ? looks like it though especially the coconut stall

Dragon City said... do u know the first monkey is she? ^_^

Chen said...

100% Penang. Taken in Botanical Garden :)

dragon city,
Judge from the nipple :P I took few shots of the same monkey from different angle but I didn't posted up all the photos.

Jellyfish said...

how come the 1st monkey look like so old liao, must be have many generation of great grandchildren

i got post monkeys before too at

Chen said...

Granny monkey? :P
might be that's why she is depressed.. Thinking about the future generation, hahaha..

Yeah, now I remember.. U posted pictures on monkeys before as well.

Pandabonium said...

Did they have any plants in the botanical garden? heehee. just kidding.

The one with his hand on his balls looks like GW Bush, but is probably more intellectual.

Kampungkai said...

caught red handed scratching his balls?! hahahahhahhaha! i once encountered monkeys stealing my nuggets and french fries from my bag when i was bathing in the waterfall, arse the monkeys. They brought the whole tupperware 20m up the tree and enjoyed every bit, and then threw the tupperware back down, damn! arghhhh!

Chen said...

haha.. Good question :D Since I enjoy seeing the monkeys and was in a hurry as well, so I only take photos of monkeys. I will go back there again soon for more photos (of plants & monkeys) ;)

Woh, what a comparison :D

kekeke... that is one of the reasons why I never let them see my food :D
Monkeys are good in snatching & stealing food :D

Put it this way, at least the monkeys return u the tupperware after eating your food ..hahaha...

Jacky said...

You can really know the thoughts of the monkeys! Very thoughtful indeed.

Selba said...

Thanks Jellyfish.. gonna visit your blog re: monkey :)

Cynthia said...

I dont like monkeys.. they are gross..super grossssss.

I had bad experience. My friend got bitten by one of them..scared my sh*t out.

cooknengr said...

What's up Doc. if you wrap 雞大便 with candy wrapper and give it to the monkey, the pissed of monkey will always remember you.

Sam I Am said...

I must tell you, I think I have not laughed that hard since I saw the email video of the monkey who puts his finger in his own butt and then sniffs it. ...and fell out of the tree!!!

Chen said...

I'm trying to read thoughts of animals .... But at the end, I "made up" the thoughts instead :D

Bitten by monkey? That's no joke? Did anyone provoke the monkey at the first place or the monkey attack out of no reason? I had the experience of monkey jumping on my back out of all sudden in Taiping Zoo few years back. I really get a shock out of my life at that moment :P

Hahaha.. But I scared that the monkeys will throw the 雞大便 "candy" back at me :D

sam i am,
That was indeed a dumb monkey, hahaha...

A Fellow Traveler said...

hahahhaha lol

i hv to take my hat off.....ever consider telling stories to children....?

m sure the children would love ur imaginative stories....:)

those monkeys at botanical garden are very fierce loh. dont play play :)

Winn said...

i always go to botanical garden ..
coz my dad force me to~~ hhahaah

but i had good times there. reminds me of the old good times:)

Chen said...

a fellow traveller,
I have tried telling stories to my nephews ;)

When I took photos in Botanical Garden time, I saw one uncle throwing the cannon ball fruit balls to a monkey. I guess he was trying to provoke the monkey. He was really looking for trouble... Consider himself lucky cos the monkeys didn't come & attack him !!!!!!!

Good mah going there..

can see flowers..
can exercise..
can see mini waterfall..
can see monkeys..
can eat ice cream :D

agus said...

It seems many remember the butt poking, finger smelling, tree falling monkey. But I have also seen a video of a monkey drinking his own piss like a water fountain. That was gross too.

Chen, you must have telepathic monkey connection.

PhotoCrazy said...

hehehe.. would not say you talk crap.. as the monkey is doing those obscenity.. human will be monkeying around.. hehehe..

Robin said...

hehe, This species of monkay can be very clever and aggressive.

People who stay around the garden must have been constantly disturbed by them :)

Peace said...

Reservoirs in Singapore have lots of these monkeys as well. I love to go reservoirs to watch them... feeding is prohibited now as the monkeys become very agressive even at the sight of food that you are holding in your hands.

sbanboy said...

Hmmm monyet :)

Chen said...

Too bad... I haven't see that "hilarious" video clips yet.

telepathic monkey connection? I hope I have telepathic doggy connection leh.. Keep fingers crossed... ;)

hahaha.. talking about these reminds me of Darwin's theory regarding The Origin of Species, human evolution & the origin of homo sapiens .. ;) Anyway, I don't believe in this theory.

Chen said...

Yeah, they can be aggressive. I'm just wondering.. how come the monkey didn't attack the silly uncle who provoke him? That uncle went & throw the cannonball fruit balls at the monkey. The uncle is so damn foolish and silly.. He was trying to made fun of the monkey. Consider himself lucky cos the whole monkeys gang didn't come & attack him !!!!!!! And furthermore his few years old grand daughter is next to him..

*shake head*

I saw monkey grab food (keropok) from one small boy inside the Taiping Zoo. The same monkey which attacked me not long ago... Jumping on my back out of all sudden without any reason :D

these monyet reminds u of something? ;) Anything u want to share? :D

Pink Cotton said...

arghh!! someone pls make the monkeys wear underwear!!..LOL

slurp! said...

whatever you do, just don't feed the wild monkeys. many people still do, they think it is fun & helping them, but didn't realise they are doing more harm to monkeys and the surrounding.

Chen said...

pink cotton,
I guess if that is the case, the monkeys will chase after the person who made them wear underwear loh.. :D

I only take photos of monkeys.. Feeding the monkeys is definitely a big "No-No" :D

Thao said...

Monkeys are seen every where in Malaysia. When I was on the way going to the butterfly garden, there were so many monkeys playing every where on the way...They are so cute and free

Chen said...

yeah, u r right.. Monkeys are everywhere :D

Alicia said...

wow.. cute pictures xD

Chen said...

Too bad I didn't get to see the little baby monkeys cos I was in a hurry... Next time I will take photos of mummy monkey carrying the baby monkey ;)