Sunday, May 28, 2006

The I Meme

Carcar tagged me quite some time ago... Time to submit my homework (See? I'm so hardworking, doing my homework one after another; there goes my weekend, hahaha)

I AM: who I am (Isn't this great? )
I JUST NOW: Err, What I did just now ? Yeah, I went for BBQ Steamboat together with my friends.
I SAID: so many meaningful things (although I do say craps occasionally, but definitely not at work)
I WANT: to make some differences, and I believe I can do that
I WISH: I have better memories (what to do? Gettting older day by day)
I HATE: hypocrites and back stabbers
I MISS: my beloved family, my Yamaha Sports 100cc motorbike and my mountain bike
I FEAR: I have too many things to do and yet so little time left
I HEAR: my dog barking
I WONDER: how my life will be if I study something else during my uni days
I REGRET: not doing certain things in the past
I AM NOT: as perfect as you think I am
I SING: occasionally when I'm driving
I CRY: very seldom
I AM NOT ALWAYS: so hardworking (I need to take time to breath as well)
I MADE: you bored and sleepy cos of my boring post ?? (I hope not ..)
I WRITE: whenever I feel like writing
I CONFUSE: myself when I think too much
I NEED: a shoulder massage definitely
I SHOULD: call back home more often
I START: to feel tired & sleepy
I FINISH: answering all these questions (finally !!), phew
I TAG: no one :)

12 midnight liao.. time to Zzzz again ...


may said...

BBQ steamboat? waaahhh... next time invite us, yes?

arf arf arf! *wags tail*... zzz...

Chen said...

wah.. u are so fast..
I'm amazed :P

Sure, we can go there when u come up north to Penang ;)

Err.. since when u become dog?
or is it werewolf?
Looking out of my window, no bright full moon leh..

I must be hallucinating :D

angel said...

Chup second again!

L B said...

I need a shoulder massage too
I just now watched The Incredibles all by myself
I hate back stabbers as well esp the red eyed ones
I wonder too if I had become a doctor as well
I regret having to regret
I want the lulian cakes
I should shallap..

carcar said...

LOL! LB not bad sia, commenting with his meme! good job Mr LB!

Chen, finally ya.. phew!! thanks!!

your The 'I' meme sound more like your simple pleasures in life leh...are they the meme in a pairs? i wonder :P

Winn said...

i finished my homework!!:D

Chen said...

welcome :)

wah, commenting in style :)
ada gaya ada sensasi :D

liulian cakes no more liao..
roasted cashew nuts not much left over..
how about mmmm... preserved nutmegs? :P

got similarity meh?
only the massage part leh..
just one word only lah :P
itu pun u tengok, good leh u :)

good gal :)
tat's why I sayang u valley muchie

L B said...

er, anything also sapu now.. so cham, left with preserved nutmegs.. so pitiful.. sure or not, no roast duck? Or roast goose?

day-dreamer said...

Hello doctor!! Long time no see... still remember who am I or not??

Nice pictures (@ all previous posts)... make me so hungry when I read you blog.

Chen said...

so cham ah? anything also sapu? :P
kesian u loh, give u some roasted cashew nuts..

roast duck & roast goose ah? I have that few weeks ago, but not today, so I can't give u :D

day dreamer,
Yeah, long time no talk. Of course I still remember you ;) Guess you are now busy with study since your new semester just started. Hope everything goes on well.

may said...

anything for a treat, and that BBQ steamboat sounded nice!

oooooh, mountain bike... you biker chick too? yay! except I don't have the motorised version, mom would kill me if I ever rode a motorcycle... LOL!

Chen said...

aiyak, to need to act or pretend like dog lah... I will belanja you BBQ steamboat when u come upnorth next time :D

I ride mountain bike for fun only, not the hardcore mountain bike rider.. I don't cycle it up the hill or across the jungle etc (not as cekap as u). Last time I used to cycle mountain bike & ride motorbike in KL. Well, those were the days, the good old days :P