Friday, June 03, 2005

Penang International Floral Festival 2005

Went to Penang International Floral Festival 2005 just now ( in Penang Botanical Gardens, from 29 May till 5 June, 9 am till 9 pm). Planned to go there yesterday but cancelled my plan cos of the weather. No point going there in the heavy rain :)

Initially i wanted to bring my Minolta Dimage Z2 there, but I just realised that the battery is weak; so I bring my old digital camera, Minolta Dimage E203 instead..

Not many flowers from overseas over there, only from few countries like China, Holland etc...

But i do like the giant Chrysanthemum flower from China. I took few shots of that..
compare with this.. the local chrysanthenum flower :)

Didn't stay long over there cos it's hot; moreover, i'm not really interested in flowers.. Just went there to have a look only. And I took a picture of our local national flower, hibiscus as well :) (in 3 different colours - red, yellow & pink)

I took this snapshot before i left Penang Botanical Garden, the "cannon ball tree"... I like this plant cos it's cute ...

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