Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The 16th Penang International Floral Festival 2006 (2)

Today I'm showing some of the special "flower" photos. Not the flowers with colourful pedals but something unique and something different.

Guess what are these? Don't worry, these are not dinasour eggs ! It's the Rafflesia flowers (in the earlier stage).

These are something we see very frequent. I guess most of us played with these stuffs during our childhood time, right?

The seeds being made into key chains. Sold at the price of RM 1 for the smaller seed & RM 2 for the bigger seed.

Remember this? I used to play with these stuff during my childhood time. It's fun to see the seeds floating in the sky as it drop down. Remembering the good old days.. I can't remember what are the name of these stuffs..

Hahaha, this is another great toy. Looks familiar, right? :D It's fun to watch the shuttlecock-like-seed twist & spin around as it drop down from height. Or.. we can play around and kick this seed together with friends. Great toy during childhood time. (Kids nowadays might never see or know the existence of these great stuffs)

These are non other than rubber seeds. Good to throw at people ..

The cute looking Venus Fly Trap :)

These two pictures are bicycles beautifully decorated with flowers by school kids. The first one is the butterfly bike & the second one is the peacock bike.


L B said...

Ah yes, love the Venus Fly Trap!! Great pictures, Doctor!! Thank ah.... BTW, My Bak Changs still not here yet... Why? Why?

Chen said...

so fast geh? I haven't finish editing the post yet, hahahha...

Bak chang is resting inside my stomach, oops... :P u eat lormaikai first loh..

L B said...

Oh? Really? Sorry to barge in so fast, but this motobike you gave me really kheng wan..

Erm, so... no more Bak Chang for me?.... .....

may said...

those "shuttlecock-like-seed" that twirl when they fall... I still have one in my cupboard. I throw it up in the air once in awhile to watch it twirl.

they're a little like sycamore seeds, hor?

IML said...

Thanks for updating me on what's happening in Penang (:

Chen said...

motorbike is better than car, right?
I love riding bikes..

the next batch of bak chang will be ready in few days time :)

u still have one in your cupboard? That's great.
U keep that for how many years already?

Sycamore seed, the helicopter seed ah? I've seen the picture but never see the real thing yet leh..

you are mostly welcomed :) When is your next trip back home?

Cynthia said...

I do collect dry flowers.. =) OMG! im sooo in love withthose arts. >.<

slurp! said...

nice photos!
>> Rafflesia flowers
wah ... i have been wanting to see the real thing. need to head to borneo for these.

2nd one i think it is Casuarina
4th is angsana seed
5th single wing seed? like to kick this trree and see many helicopter coming down hahaha ... ?Gyrocarpaceae? not too clear about the local name, i think can juz call helicopter tree hahaha

for carnivorous plant, borneo jungle got plenty more variety!!

Chen said...

I know u will love these ;)
I guess most visitors to the Penang International Floral Festival will bypass this section (cos to most people, these are nothing interesting - but to me, it's different. It really capture my attention).

wow, u have sound knowledge on the names. I remembered something called angsana but couldn't remember which is which :P I guess the name is written on some of the poster in the Botanical Garden but I was too busy enjoying the view & snapping photos that I neglected the poster :P If I have time this coming weekend, I might pay a visit to the Floral Festival again :)

Gunung Gading National Park near Lundu is the home to Rafflesia ;) I went there in the past in 1999 (for two days course) when I was working in Sarawak General Hospital time, but too bad I don't have time to work around the National Park, hence I missed the chance to see rafflesia :(

a^ben said...

hahahah` the seed key chains.. sold so expensively ah? I still remember last time we were picking that in our sch.. now.. that poor tree.. kena chopped off and replaced by.. man made mushroom!!! ai.. like kindergarten.. hahah`

i like the fly catcher too~ hrm.. if put chen's fingers in there.. got anything will happen or not hor? *deep thoughts* :P

Winn said...

wah i never seen this thing before leh. but i never wondered why i never seen this before a.

coz i always never open eyes big big ...hehehe

day-dreamer said...

I have seen the those-day toys before... so you cannot say "kids nowadays never even seen them before". Hehehe... :P

babe_kl said...

usually we rub the rubber seed on the floor for some time then press it againts our friends to surprise them with the heat :p goshhh... dat was sooo long ago!

Chen said...

that seed key chain is something “unique“ mah..
“man-made mushroom”? Hahaha, I can imagine how the gigantic moh-kur looks like :P

Btw, we have gigantic man-made seashells in Penang as well --> wasting money only.. I never go there also, hahha, cos it’s located in one of the “hidden” location, but I drove past there once lah.. that’s how I come to know about the existence --> wasting taxpayers $$ project.

If put my finger inside the fly catcher mouth ah?
Nothing will happen lah.. cos? Cos I’m not fly.. The fly catcher is not stupid one leh.. they are selective in their food, hahaha…

cos u only look at Lucas & ignore other things..
that’s why loh… :P

day dreamer,
aiyoh, u still consider yourself as “kids” meh? The kids here referred to those small kids lah, not big kids nor gigantic kids :P

U are disqualified from the “kids” categories liao..

Hahha, that was fun :)
Might be u can teach your boiboi to do that :D

IML said...

Tentatively going back to Penang next week. The children's holiday lessons in schools and CCA is driving me nuts planning the holiday.

Chen said...

tentatively coming back next week? that's great :) hope u can made it :)
Btw, what is CCA?

Thao said...

Completely agree with you on the shuttlecock-like-seed toy. Remind me of those days in VN when I was on my bike and they were twisting falling from the tree ;-), it's fun, and indeed many kids do not have that chance like we did. They are too busy with computers ;-)

slurp! said...

>> u have sound knowledge on the names
hahaha, not really lah. only know simple & common ones ...

yeah, someone recommend me gunung gading national park also, about 120km or 2 hours from kuching. but still dunno which month the best time to go.

Chen said...

that's a nice scene, right? seeing the thing falling down from the trees... That's true. Kids nowadays are busy with computers & tv. They don't have much opportunities to deal with nature like what we used to do in the past.

better than me. I have forgotten most of the names :P

There's time where the rafflesia will bloom. But i dunno when is the exact schedule ;) Might be u can do a research on that? :)

IML said...

CCA-compulsory co-curriculum activities. I.e. table tennis. Intensive training during school holidays for competition in July!!

Chen said...

woh.. holidays also cannot enjoy..
not like during our old days..
holidays mean holidays :P
can really enjoy our school holidays completely :)