Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Gawai Festival

Anything special about 1st June? I guess most of my friends in Peninsular won't notice the significance of this day. It's the Gawai Festival (celebrated on 1st & 2nd June in Sarawak, the Land of Hornbills).

Gawai festival is the celebration of the end of harvesting season & the start of a new farming season. On the 1st June throughout Sarawak, the Dayak community celebrate Gawai in their long houses, villages or urban homes with open house, sharing the finest of their hospitality with the other communities, & not forgetting tuak (a potent local rice wine) - something that I haven't drink for several years...

And I would like to take this opportunity to wish all my Dayak friends & bloggers (especially my Iban & Bidayuh friends - Agus, Grace, Fred, Desmond and others..) Happy Gawai Festival 2006. And not forgetting... Grace, please reserve some tuak & Sarang Semut for me.. since I can't visit you & Fred this coming Gawai Festival ;)

Selamat Ari Gawai Dayak 2006
to all Dayak friends & bloggers

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p/s: Drive carefully when you travel back home this festive season.


LaZineSS懶惰蟲 said...

so happy im still in Kuching and can have holiday.if back to KL gotta study :( anyway...Selamat Hari Gawai! hahaha

may said...

selamat hari gawai!

I used to have a Dayak classmate when I was in primary school. hmmm... he was a cutie... teehee!

L B said...

Gawai Pie

Chen said...

Hahah, balik kampung for hols?
nice nice..

All my Iban & Bidayuh friends have sexy cute big round eyes .. :P I guess that's one of their "trademarks" :P kekkee..

so do u still keep in touch with him? I lost contact with quite a number of my primary school friends already... especially those who didn't continue their secondary education in the same school with me :(

I guess if get to meet them now on the street, I can't recognise them either..

Gawai Pie? I thought u will say "Tuak Pie" instead :P

carcar said...

hmm, something special to west malaysian like me...

*i wanna try tuak*

Simple American said...

Hi Chen. Since you help me recover from pensang I thought I might come by your blog and say hi. Thanks too.

Interesting fellow. Is he Iban or Bidayuh?

Daniel Yiek said...

Fred invited me to go visiting during Gawai. I told him I'm not back in Sarikei. Anyway, visit his blog for interesting Gawai etiquette & tips.

Winn said...

happy gawai!

got ang pau one ar?

Pink Cotton said...


a^ben said...

*take video camera and record chen's "dance moves" after she had too much tuak`*


*record and run~*

Chen said...

I thought u r now partial Singaporean already?

tuak is very potent local rice wine. Drink a bit can liao.. or else can get drunk easily..
unless u can really drink :P kekkee…

simple american,
Hi SA :)
U r referring to the guy in the picture? I took the picture from from the Kapit website. website.

Yeah, we can get more info, updates and pictures regarding gawai festival in Sarikei from his blog.

Chen said...

ang pau ah?

Aiyak... this is not chinese new year lah. No lokam as well :P

pink cotton,
syiok loh u :) Having long public holidays. Thursday & Friday, then followed by Saturday & Sunday. Long weekends :)

SCP. If I’m drunk I will make sure I vomit on you first before u able to record any dance moves.
Hahhaha, I just drink little bit only lah.. so u no chance lah to record any funny clips :P

jonboy60 said...

ehehe.. true true.. nowadays all KLIMS, coz got gals.. hahahah. anyway happy gaiwai...

Cynthia said...

happy gawai festival!!!!




Chen said...

To me, it's better to play with dog that going for KLIMS :P Not my cuppa tea :D

your bak chang? Sorry woh.. nil in stock already.. Even though today is duan wu jie, but I don't have any more bak chang to eat... :(

slurp! said...

very interesting ... errhh is any sarawak blogger covering the event huh?

Chen said...

I guess the Sarawakian iban or bidayuh bloggers are busy at the moment preparing for the festival. I will let u know if the posts are up in their blogs :)

agus said...

Thanks Chen. I'm in miri now, celebrating.

fred said...

chen and daniel: reading the comments.. suddenly I feel the burden.. ;)

tommrow morning I will post my write up for Gawai .. hopefully... but nothing special..

cheers.... where is the Tuak..???

Chen said...

so nice.. balik kampung :)
enjoy your time with your beloved family members..
don't get drunk ;)

hahhaa, sorry for the burden :P
But we indeed love to read your gawai stories.

Any tuak in reserve? I just want little bit.. not too much ;)