Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The "C" Craze

Miss Angel give me this homework few days ago. Dunno why I have many homeworks to do this month :P I will just write this spontaneously according to whatever 10 words (starting with alphabet C) that come to my mind at this moment.

Canine. Yeah, I’m thinking of my cute little pup. He is no longer a pup but cos of his small & miniature size, he always remain as a dearie little pup in my heart.

Credit Card. Cham loh.. I haven’t settle my credit card payment yet.. Still have few days to go… Searching for cash & cheque book...

Camera. My toy, wat else? I always have my cam with me. I even carried it inside my white coat most of the time ;)

Cake. Why I think of cake? Cos I will be “celebrating” some sort of special “anniversary” very soon.. What is it about? You will know when the day arrive... But sad to say that there won't be any cake on that day.. Gosh, time really flies, and I’m getting older & older day by day.

Cadaver aka Corpse. Hahhaa, don’t worry, I’m not psycho. I'm not chi sin. Don’t call me siao either. Why I suddenly think of this word? I guess May will know the answer. Haha, too much autopsy-talk over the past few days ;)

Cockroach. Dunno lah, everytime I see the chao cockroach, I have the phobia thinking of the possibility that the cockroach might fly around and land on my head. Yucks. I hate that feeling. That’s why everytime I see cockroach, I will kill them before they have any chance to do any funny things :P

Cow. Cows are cute, aren’t they? The adorable Moo-Moo....

Cloud. I like to look at the clouds and the blue sky. But I do it in a comfortable way.. Sitting on the sofa & watching out from the window. But I'm not a cloud-maniac :P

Compete. I just don’t like to compete with others. This is my attitude since small :)

Cruise. Suddenly I feel like going for another cruise trip :) I really enjoy my trip cruising the Three Gorges in the past.

Let me count-count.. 10 already, right? Can I include in the Cantonese dialect words starting with C or not? which we used quite frequently such as Chi sin, Cham, Choi, Cilakak, Chi kek ? Of course there are lotsa other interesting words start with C but since I want to keep this post clean (this is a "U" post), so I won't include all those c**** words inside here :P

***Update: Initially I didn't plan to tag anyone. But after a short chat on yahoo messenger with my "beloved" ah Ben siudidi, I decided to tag him for the alphabet B.. hahaha.. how we come to the conclusion? By flipping coin. Anyone else want to join in the fun? ;)


L B said...

Chup for may... she too busy wor...

L B said...

Cows = Beef Pie!!

angel said...

chup chup chup!!!

may said...

ok ok... distracted just now... LOL! (thanks sweets, for chupping... *muaks*)

camera, cake, canine, credit card. me too. corpse? ewww! cockroach? double ewww ewww!!

angel said...

Cool Composition!

Happy Chung Festival!

You a Gemini too?

YD said...

cilakak is cantonese??? i tot it was hokkien...

haha.. dunno why but a "C" word that popped into my mind now is "Char koey teow"

Chen said...

wah, can chup on behalf of other people one ah? Mmm... you & May are "two in one"? :P

Beef pie? Don't bully my beloved Moo-Moo :D

sounds better if change chup chup to chop chop instead :P
later can become chicken chop lah or whatever chop :D

I'm not Gemini ;) The coming "anniversary" is not my birthday lah.. Happy Chung or Chang festival to u too. Too bad I don't have any chung leftover today :(

distracted? by a plate of Char Koay Teow ah? your "sweets" is really very sweet :)

u dare to shake hand with me or not? I have touch dunno hundreds or thousands of corpse already leh.. :P

oh..if that is the case, then assume i borrow the hokkien word, hahaha... i didn't notice that :P I just type everything that come to my mind that slip of second :)

CKT.. wooo... I haven't have that for quite some time already.. Surprised? I know.. although Penang is the haven of food & land of CKT.. but too many nice food here, so.. I don't eat everything very frequently ;)

Kampungkai said...

chimakan! hahahhaha.....
choi lei dou ngong! huhhhuh....
chewwwwww..... hihihihihih

Thao said...

you have a creativity and interesting mind ;-)

Simple American said...

Cute compostion for the letter "C". Very creative and cool word choices. But would never expect less from people with Chinese family names even though they currently live in a different country and adapted to a different culture. I better stop or I will get chastised.

carcar said...

can i get the authorisation frm u to COPY AND PASTE?!

Chen said...

choi lei dou soh.. kakkakkaka.... this one didn't come to my mind earlier on :P
chi chi tei, kekke
this one is even nicer --> choo kam choon :D
hahaha, really, there are so many nicewords or sentences in Canto starting with "C" leh..


simple american,
Hahhah, this is just spontaneous & random selection :P If I sit down & really think, the list will be different :P

Hahaha, refering to your second part of comment, nobody will have the heart to chastise you.. so no worry :P

Copy & paste? Aiyoh, I don't have the Cute or Comel word "Car" inside my Cincaily done Crazy C Composition leh.. hahhaha..

may said...

choi!! I'm sure you wash hands after molesting some corpse wan mah. I'm sure you wouldn't fry a plate of char koay teow smelling like... ewwww!!

Chen said...

walao.. I where got "molesting" corpse? *pengsan* I treat all the corpse with great respect lah :)

And most of the time I will keep my hands clean.. I wash my hands so many times that I don't wear any rings or watches :P See? I'm very clean, so no worry, hahaha...

It's safe to eat whatever food I cook. No extra ingredients ;)