Thursday, June 01, 2006

Lantern Festival (Penang Botanical Garden)

Penang Lantern Festival is held in conjunction with the 16th Penang International Floral Festival in Penang Botanical Garden. Since I can't put all these photos into one post (too many), so I separated them into different post.

First of all, when I enter Penang Botanical Garden, this naughty Monkey silk lantern greet me.. He was playing around and hanging himself high up on one of the tree branches. Well, those who frequent Botanical Garden will know Botanical Garden is famous for the monkeys .. I mean the living monkeys, who can and will grab food from your hands, so watch out !!

Lovely gigantic Bees silk lantern. The loving couple. Looks like "someone" leh.. so sweet.. *ahem*

More monkeys welcoming the visitors..

The insects bugs are playing around happily in the garden.

Huge colourful rafflesia silk lantern.

Hibiscus, Butterfly, Rafflesia & Flamingoes Lantern.

Seeing all these flamingoes reminds me of the flamingoes I saw not long ago in Taiping Zoo.

Carcar asked me previously :"why are the birds called "FLAMINGO"? My answer is "when they are flamed, they will go away loh.. flame & go, that's why the name flamingo come about, hahahhaha..... Don't flame me for saying that :P

I bet the place will be very beautiful & scenic at night time when all the lanterns are lightened up. Might be I will go there on of these nights to have a peep :)


L B said...

Awwww!! So nice!!!!! Haven't tried monkey pie... but Flaming a Go sounds like a great name for a Pie, hor?
Flamin' Go Pie..

boo_licious said...

Is it the season for lantern festivals? KL also has one. Yr pixs of the lanterns are great! I like the monkeys on the tree.

angel said...

chicken choppp!

angel said...

Nice colourful pics! Likey!

Congratulations on your promotion! Bila mau datang KayElle belanja???

Wat? No $$? Nvm...u come chicken chop @ my blog, i belanja u, how how?? ;)

Chen said...

U are indeed very fast... I just posted few minutes ago & u are here already...

monkey pie? better name it as malao pie - sounds nicer :P

Flamin' GoPie the name is too long.. make it shorter, easier to remember ;)
how abt FG Pie? :D

I guess so. Someone told me that before as well.. Earlier on I thought lantern festival is related to Mooncake or Mid Autumn Festival. But seems like... not necessarily :D

I like the gigantic rafflesia flower the most.

hahha, now no more chup but chop :P
today chicken chop, tomorrow lamb chop? ;)

Thanks.. Bila nak belanja ah? tunggu tengok bila saya mari KayEl :D I just went there in early April.

U belanja me instead? TQ very much :D So nice of u ;)

L B said...

Dont forget to belanja me too!!
C O N G R A T S on your raise!! More, more, more raises!! More Pies, more malao pies, and FG Pies!!

may said...

very pretty...

and CONGRATULATIONS on getting that promotion!!! WOO-HOO!!!

now can belanja us too, hor? hor?

babe_kl said...

so beautiful geh... so are we gonna see the lighted lanterns on yr blog soon? :p

Chen said...

sure, no problem.. Wait till u come to Penang loh.. kekeke, provided I still some have $$ by then.. what pie u want? How about Bee Pie? ;)

thanks :)
belanja HugMistress? sure, no problem.. provided u come upnorth to Penang ;) so, bila nak mari? :)

kekkee, see whether I'm going or not... Feel lazy to go out at night, especially after coming back home from work.. What to do, getting old already :P See whether I'm lazy or not tomorrow night :)

Dragon City said...

i like the bee one... they got light it up or not? ^_^

Simple American said...

Do Malaysians eat monkey? I know that Thai people do. Or was that another Army tale that hooked me.

I bet those lights will be pretty at night. But do they keep the monkeys up. ;)

Chen said...

dragon city,
I guess so.. But I haven't visit the Botanical Garden at night time yet. The Lantern Festival is on till this coming Saturday..

simple american,
That was in the past... Currently I hope not.. eating monkeys is just like eating human xx(

slurp! said...

>> Huge colourful rafflesia silk
>> lantern.
do these comes with the scent of rafflesia as well hahahaha ...

wow! got promotion hor ..... like dat we got free lunch/dinner or not? :P

carcar said...

i thought it is a cartoon version of zoo series!

Winn said...

wah i didnt know got such thing..

tot lantern festival still got a long way to go?

may said...

ok ok... we need to strike a mid-way point here to have that makan-makan session. we go... Ipoh!! can drag LB along too, make him our tourguide!

a^ben said...

imagine flamingo kena flamed = sio keh? ahhahahahah~ although flamingo is not categorised as a type of keh` :P

promotion??? wahahhaha~ july come to kch can cia me eat more expensive stuff niaw` heee heee hee!!!

so many festivals going on in penang hor~ quite interesting`

Chen said...

hahaha, imagine that :P
how about a virtual free lunch/dinner? since u r so far away.. :P

yeah hoh? good idea also.. how come I never think of that..
*smack my head softly*

I'm not done with my Zoo series yet.. Siaran tergendala sebentar. Will continue that later on, hahha.. too many disturbance on the way ;)

I also thought so...
Initially I thought they mixed up Duan Wu Jie or Dragon Boat Festival with Lantern Festival, hahahha :P
Imagine that :P..

Watever it is, who cares, as long as I can see interesting scenes..

But somehow, there's a lantern festival going on in KL as well.. Someone told me that lah not long ago..

Chen said...

oh.. LB Ipoh lang ah? all the while I thought he is KL kia ... *smack forehead again - but cannot smack forehead so many times... later cannot work*

u drag LB upnorth to Penang lah.. easier for me, hahaha... cos I lazy to drive to Ipoh :P

sio keh nice to eat :P (Just imagine flamingo as a type of keh - the gigantic keh, just like turkey :P )

By the time I go to Kuching, I will be half broke liao, hahaha... Err.. I remember u will cook or bake something for me when I was in Kuching, right? ;)

a^ben said...

no leh` you say dun cook also nvm` we go out and eat` muahahahhahahahahhahah!!!!!!!!!!

Chen said...

SCP, since when u have such powerful memories :P