Friday, June 02, 2006

My Dog in Zzz Land

My little doggy likes ZZzzzzz... See my little Sleeping Beauty "Sleeping Handsome" in action... Enjoying himself in his sweet Dreamland. This post is specially dedicated to all the dog-lovers out there :)

Picture #1 : Cute Ah Boy sleeping on the big cushion.

Picture #2 : Sleeping on his comfy bed

Picture #3: Sleeping on pillows on the floor.

Picture #4: Sleeping on the floor (for a change of sleeping environment..)

Picture #5: Sleeping on the sofa.

Picture #6: Sleeping & Resting his head on the bolster on the floor.

Picture #7: Sleeping on the pillow again...

Which one is your favourite? I like to see him stretching himself after he wakes up from his nap (He sleeps several times a day) :)

*For those who are interested too see more pictures of my little Miniature Pinscher aka Min Pin, there are several cute adorable pictures of him in :
1) My Doggy & Food
2) My Doggy & Keropok Lekor
3) My Doggy & Dice game
4) My Doggy & Oranges
5) Doggy's Birthday
6) Some Facts about Min Pin

p/s: LB, no dog pie, please.. although I do call my dog "cutie pie" or "cute pie" one and off :P


may said...


*heart melts*

now I see why you miss your baby so much! so photogenic summore!

aawwwwwwww... *muaks to doggy*

Simple American said...


Simple American said...

Cannot remember if you are THHC franchise or not. ;)

Your doggie is getting all my sleep. Hee!

I would have a dog, cept for my daughter's allergies to their fur.

cooknengr said...

What's up Doc, he's got the ego of..Kenny Sia, keep showing off every pose :)

Chuang Shyue Chou said...

Your doggie only sleeps? Heheh. And everywhere at that!


Chen said...

cute leh my sweetie pie :P
now u know why I take 4000+ pict of him, hahhaa...

My dog feels happy when people praise him cute ;)

When eating time, have to be "careful" cos my doggy will plead & look at us with his pathetic & kesian look... His big round eyes are very powerful, and hard to resist... He really has the "power" to charm ;) Anyway, I'm sort of used to his trick already, kakaka.. so his trick doesn't work all the times on me :P

I'm not in the THHC franchise :P
Haha, he sleeps more than me :)

Your daughter allergies to fur? So I presume there are no pets in your house?

Haha, u notice that? :) As long as he has the ability to show off :D

Chuang SC,
He has nothing much to do at day time, so he sleeps loh since we are not around :)

Winn said...

SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AH BOY SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I so like!!!

ok like lucas, he looks cuter when he's aleep only..
nitemare begins whenever hes awake eh??heheheheh

angel said...

Yeah! I agree with SA... AhBoy is getting all MY sleep too!!!


Sigh...I miss my dog...

Momo the Wonder Dog said...

I like my naps too. I like my firm bed or the wood deck. When it is hot a cool place in the shade is nice.

No question about Min Pin being a boy dog. :oP

L B said...

OMG ~ I overslept!!! I am so late! But at least it's a public holiday today!!! Yay! Woof! Woof!! LOL!! Ok, this time no pie, ok?

OK, one day, one day, if I ever return to Malaysia to settle down... well, not if... when! When.. Ok, I will get a puppy just like Cutie Pie!! Pie..... pie.... *drool* LOLOL!!! But I will make him wear pants, cos that's so BIG!!! It looks so vulnerable la! I see also, I scared someone kick him in the nuts already...*shudders*

Or, I could just get a Girlie Pie..? Easier.. No need pants.

Chen said...

hahaha... good thing is Ah Boy is good boy also when he is awake :P

I'm sure lucas is good boy too.. btw, I haven't see sacul, the evil twin for long long time already. Ah Boy also has a evil twin, named E.T. (short for evil twin..) :P

you have a dog too? that's great.. mind showing us your doggy's picture? :)

liu disease spread here as well? :P

cool... my Min Pin like to sun bath as well.. He will lie down on a spot with sunlight and enjoy his sun bathing session, whereby we will choose a cool spot without sunlight :P

how come u have public holiday over there? what occasion is that? :D

Wah.. what are u looking at? U are not supposed to look at that.. u are supposed to look at his cute adorable face & not somewhere else, hahha...

Girlie Pie is even more leceh lah.. u need to wear pad for her certain time of the month or of the year :P

L B said...

It's the Republic of Italy Day.. .. not a feast day, dang!.. Everything just closes down here.. and it's a wet day, so can't (dowan to) go galavanting about on scooter.

Can't help staring at it. It's so prominent everywhere!! So huge mah! But you're right, girlie pads!! OMG! I forgot abt that.. Must be the holiday mood.. Liu!!

jonboy60 said...

heehhe, i saw ur dog got long nails... cut them off..

angel said...

I got put up my VIP (Very Important Puppy) pic before... wait i go korek the link 4 u later tonite :P

Liuday! Yay!! Let's liuliu!!

Robin said...

hmmm.. different position of sleeping sutra?

Chen said...

hols? so nice?
wet is good, can wewe wetwet :D

riding tut-tut scooter ah?
so syiok..
I miss my motorbike :(

aiyak, dog's ball also u wanna HS :P
No eye see..

cannot cut too short leh.. I tried before, and bleeds.... so must keep a bit longer :)

looking forward to seeing your VIP pictuer :) Remember to gip me the links.

*confused with all the liu-liu thingy...

hahha, I guess your doggies have different sleeping posture too :)

Anonymous said...

chen, how come your dog look so cute while my neighbour's dog looks like a monster?! did you give special treatment to him?

Winn said...

sacul!!! LOL
Chen u very notti!!

impersonate LIU so notti! haha

Simple American said...

We just have fish Chen. I get soaking wet when I pet them too. :(

Chen said...

my dog is cute cos he looks the owner is cute, haha :D I give him lotsa TLC, that's why he is so cute :D

looking forward to seeing Sacul, the evil twin :P

Aiyak, I didn't impersonate Liu lah.. I create the nick first woh.. earlier on there's only Liu Boleh & Audrey, since got Liu Boleh, must have Liu also.. :D I dunno who is angeliu..

okie, now I'm confused... forget about the lius :P

Pet fish? Too bad u can't hug them. Mmmmm... or is that why u get wet ?? cos u hug the fishes ? :P

slurp! said...

i'm envious of ah boy!!!
whole day just eat & sleepzzzzzz still can maintain so slim ... :D

carcar said...

i am here, pretty late me! was hesitate a little to comment, because i dont know what to write. as i am not an animal person. no cat, no dog, pls.

LB, WHEN will you be settled down in Msia ya? great to hear that! so we can look forward for lormaikai and bak kut teh food post on your blog instead of pasta and pie ya?

And not forgetting those merry making bloggers meet!

By the way why is Italian not into blogging ya?

Opps Chen, sorry ya, use your comment box to chat a little. haha...

a^ben said...

wah~ ur dog sleeps a lot hor` so kuai~~ haha

_butt said...

Aiyoyo, sooooooooo cuuuuuuute!!!

Gosh, he sleeps like.. like.. like.. an angel. Hehe. I'll choose pic 7. ^^

Winn said...

y carcar sound so diff one...sound a bit upset isnt she..? hmmmmmmmmm..

kuchi kuchi kuchi kuuuu~~~

ozark crafter said...

Your puppers is so adorable! Looks like he enjoys a good nap as much as my Katie-bug. Come visit sometime at her blog! huggers!

Chen said...

hahah, besides eat & sleep, he also exercises a lot leh.. jumping out & down & running around.. He runs so fast (although he is so small in size with short legs, but I can never beat him)

okie okie, although u r not an animal person, but u r still a loving person ;)

LMK? now I feel like eating YC (yam cake)..

Sleeping is good mah.. Good for health. Hahha :D My doggy knows how to enjoy life ;)

Chen said...

yeah, I like to looking at him when he sleeps :) But if I look at him for quite a while, he will wake up and look back at me, so cute... :D

I guess she is tired kua.. busy & tied up with work & other things..

woman of prayer,
Thanks :) Your Katie-bug is very cute too.

ozark crafter said...

I love your little dog. He is so sweet. I will be posting a pic of Katie's babes today. Michelle

Chen said...

Yeah, I just visited your weblog. Katie's 6 little pups are very sweet and adorable :) I really feel like hugging them..

may said...

that face will definitely work on me. I'll bring a big bag of doggie treats as peace offering.

Chen said...

hehhe, if u coming upnorth to Penang & planning to meet my cute little doggy, remember to bring lotsa lotsa food together with u woh.. not for me, but for ah boy, kekeke :P

Thao said...

So cute, he is probably spoiled by his mommy ;-)

Chen said...

hahaha :D He is indeed a cutie ;)