Saturday, December 10, 2005

Some Facts about Min Pin

My doggy is a miniature pinscher. I posted some cute photos of him in my earlier post ~ my doggy and doggy birthday. Lately, I found out Faira and Alicia have Min Pins as well, but different colour. My doggy has black and tan coat, Faira's Jengibre has red coat while Alicia's notti boi has brown coat. And check out this well written post regarding Miniature Pinscher by Peace.

These are some of the facts that I gather about min pin which is quite true...
  • Min Pin are clownish in nature. My dog just loves to make funny noises, sometimes he can even make sounds like little baby... (damn amusing)..
  • Min Pin are great little watch dogs and wil guard the house intensely. He will bark fiercely whenever there's any stranger passing by. Quite noisy at times as well...
  • Min Pin has no fear of other living creatures that are much larger than them. Why so? Cos they don't know they are small. My dog like to bark at and provoke other big dogs.. But, most of the time, the other bigger dogs will just ignore him, cos he is so small..
  • Min Pin is born a "Professional Moocher" and will stare u down for even a small tiny piece of food. And they have their "power" as well... My doggy will plead and look at us with his pathetic look and kesian look... His big round eyes are very powerful. Anyway, I'm sort of used to his trick already :P For those who are not used to it, the doggy will always get some food whenever he plays this trick :)
  • Min Pin sometimes are stubborn, and they are independent thinkers as well. The dog will sometimes argue with me by barking at different tones :D
  • Min Pin is the lovey dovey little dog who want to be with the owner most of the time, just like a shadow. My doggy is like my hubby or my shadow.. Can see him following us most of the time.. Very affectionate and loving :)
  • To some Min Pin, vaccum cleaner is a relative of "Jaws"... Hahhaa... I can still remember the first time when I on the vaccum cleaner, my doggy went and hide under the table :) Nowadays, he is more used to it already :P Not as scary cat as the first time...
  • Min Pin knows everything in their home. When new things is brought into the house, he is very inquisitive, and sometimes he is very curious, and busybody or "kay poh" as well :)
  • Min Pin might suffer from separation anxiety because they bond closely with their human. I still remember when we lodge the doggy in the vet's place when we went for vacation last year... The dog became so skinny and he lost so much weight.. Aiyoh.. And he even go & injured himself.. Can see injuries on his "elbows"... Poor dog. Nowadays, we will leave the dog together with my in laws whenever we go outstations. And my doggy enjoys staying together with my in laws, cos they sayang and loves him very much..
  • Min Pin are excellent climbers. My doggy enjoy outdoor activities ~strolling, hiking, etc and he can even "climb" on high steps, much to my amazement.
  • Min Pin will guard the bathroom door when someone is inside. After bath, the doggy will come and lick my toes :P


Jellyfish said...

ahboy... come come

jelly gip u jellybalm

day-dreamer said...

First comment! Muahaha.

Thanks for the info. I will know what to do if you send Ah Boy for me to take care of when you and your hubby go overseas for tour. Kekekkeke... :D

day-dreamer said...

Aiyah.... this Jellyfish... must have posted when I was typing the comment. Jahatnya.... rampas aku punya First Comment. Hng!

Furkids In Hong Kong said...

Sorry for the long absence!

Great info on your baby, and hope he never suffers from separation anxiety again!

Chen said...

ah boy won't simply take food offer to him, he will sniff and smell the food first to make sure it is safe before he eats the food :P Even the food which I or my hubby give him, he will smell and sniff before hand, before he eats... He is very careful :P

Btw, why u give him jellybalm? Jellybalm cannot be eaten lah..

day dreamer,
kakkaka.. too bad, while u r half way typing, jellyfish posted the comment liao :)
Thanks for your offer to take care of ah boy, but he has someone to take care of him liao while we are away :D

Furkids in HK,
yeap, he won't suffer from separation anxiety again in the future :)

Sam I Am said...


Almost anything that causes stress during a separation can lead to separation anxiety. We have seen this after boarding a dog, with thunderstorm phobia, after traumatic incidents, when the meter reader changed (I'm serious) and when the dynamics of the interaction between dogs in a household changed. Almost anything that frightens a dog can lead to separation anxiety behavior.

Dogs with separation anxiety can really injure themselves in a crate if they are sufficiently frightened by the confinement. I have heard of injuries as severe as broken jaws and have seen a dog that developed heat exhaustion in its home from struggling inside a crate. In addition, as you point out, most crates will not contain a dog that is willing to injure itself in the effort to get out.

As an immediate aid in buying time to treat this condition properly you may wish to ask your vet about the use of anti-anxiety medications. Diazepam (Valium Rx), buspirone (Buspar Rx) and amitriptylline (Elavil Rx) are the most commonly recommended medications. Fluoxetine (Prozac Rx) has also been used, although it is more expensive than the other medications. Drugs alone are rarely sufficient to control the symptoms of this disorder. You will probably need to use some behavioral modification to successfully get over this problem. The good news is that it usually works. The bad news is that it sometimes takes a fair amount of time and effort to work through a case of separation anxiety.He is sooo tiny ,I want to hug him.

Chen said...

Sam I Am,
Thanks for the useful info :) I will keep that in mind.
Good news for us (and our doggy) is that he enjoys himself very much staying with my in law, of course he still prefers staying with us but he loves to go to my in law place. So, at least, we don't have to worry when we go outstation :)

day-dreamer said...

Dear Doctor,

That taking care of Ah Boy's comment is supposed to be a joke lah... now pulak you become perasan.

Wakakakakaka! :D :D

Chen said...

day dreamer,
Wah.. like that, then u must watch out what u say leh..
Later if u create misunderstanding, then no good :)
especially when u step your foot into the working society :)
Working life is different from student life :)

I know what u mean lah, no worry...

perasan is trademark for jellyfish,
just like jeng jeng jeng...
cannot be used on others :)

Amstaffie said...

I just want to cuddle with Ah Boy! He is so tiny & adorable!

Chen said...

Ah Boy feels so happy cos u want to cuddle him..
He loves and enjoys being cuddled :)

Faira said...

He is too cute as he probably already knows, ha, ha!
I read everything I could get my hands on about the MinPin when I decided to get one,(I didn't have a computer back then)
I bought a book called Miniature Pinchers by Jaqueline O'Neil, and read it from cover to cover, and the only point I could not put into practice in her book in regards to the MinPin & Jengibre, was "you ruin a good dog, if you spoil them or treat them like a person." I flunked that lesson the first day I brought her home!!LOL!

Chen said...

he knows he is cute and adorable, cos there are so many people praising him already..
and he enjoys being praised and cuddled :P
Lotsa times he will come and rub his head or neck on my hand or palm ;)
And he likes if I massage his neck :D

Peace said...

ya chen, i agree wif u ... my dog Cebest also likes people to massage his head and neck. Last time I had another dog - shi tzu also like it. I think all dogs like to be massage there as they cannot reach it themselves.

Alicia said...

ya my notti boi is a professional moocher too .. bsides.. he's super smart dat he even noes how to knock the door when he wanna enter the room

Chen said...

I guess so :)
Besides massaging, he likes people to pat his head gently as well.

oh yeah.. my ah boy knows how to do that as well..
*hi 5*
He will scratch the room door when he wants to enter the room.
Min Pin are smart, aren't they? :D

Alicia said...

yalo.. same for mine.. he even likes to jump non stop leh.. n stubborn like a cow..

Chen said...

My dog also jumps up and down behind the door especially when my hubby or I come back home..
When we open the door, he will jump at us..
Very warm welcome and very touching as well.
I'm sure your notti boi does the same thing as well :)

Stubborn like cow? Any example? :D
Any story to share?
My doggy is stubborn at times as well, but not to the extreme :D
He knows the boundary and there's a limit to everything..

Alicia said...

he has got this favourite white coloured toy - a miniature mashimaro.. he would go searching high and low for the toy and when he couldn't find it he won't give up disturbing me n my sis for the toy ~.~

and when he wanna get out frm the house.. he would go bang the door or search for an alternative such as the back door..

Chen said...

oh... miniature mashimaro?

My Ah Boy has his favourite toy as well...
He has several soft toys but his favourite is the grey coloured hippo soft toy..
He loves this toy very much..
I can see him swinging fast his head left to right and vice versa with the toy in his mouth and something the toy was being swing high up and drop down far away..
I warned him many times not to do this act near the window, cos if the hippo drop down from the window...(I stay in apartment)... then no more hippo for him :D

Alicia said...

yups a small mashimaro.. my notti boi did the same.. swinging the toy left.. right then throwing it away.. -__- and when it dropped under the tv cabinet he will ask us to pick up for him...

Chen said...

I presume when the toy is dropped under the tv cabinet, your notti boi will stretch his paw trying hard to reach the toy first, right? Before asking for your help... Cos my doggy does that as well :D
Sometimes my doggy will try really hard to take the toy out, and I pity him...
so I take it out for him without him asking me to do so.

Alicia said...

haha ya.. he will stretch his paws first.. then he went like scratching the floor non stop.. :P looks cute haha until he gave up and showed us his pity face with some pity noise hinting us to pick up for him..

Chen said...

u cut your notti boi's nail? He likes it or not? How's his reaction when cutting nail?
My doggy hates cutting nail..
think might be due to trauma he experienced previously whereby once the nail was cut too short till bleeds..
Poor doggy :(
Nowadays, whenever we attempt to cut his nail, he will scream and yell and struggle like we are abusing him.
Really a hard task to hold him & cut his nails.
Luckily he is so small :D

glutton rabbit said...

Uwaa, your min pin so cute and loyal hor? You are such a lucky owner. Last time I had dogs, yoh! they were disobedient and hard to control... but maybe this is because they are 'pungut' one and not pedigree like min pin. Scared of having pets now...

Chen said...

glutton rabbit,
Yeah.. he is very good boy. Most of the time he obeys what we say, but just that sometimes he is stubborn :P