Sunday, January 15, 2006

Dog and Keropok Lekor

This is my dear miniature pinscher.. He always get to eat some of the food I bought, including the delicious keropok lekor I wrote in my previous post. He will always bring his food to one corner before he starts eating his food (more secure, I presume...). Regarding this picture, I presume he was posing for photo shooting session. Hahaha.. he gets so used to photo shooting already :)

The cute dog lowering down his head, preparing to eat the keropok lekor. He was looking at me while I took this photo cos I was leaning or lying down on the floor in front of him while taking this photo :)

Mmmm.. he held the keropok lekor with both his hands front paws.. to support his food while eating. Chewing bits and bits of the keropok slowly...

Err... now he started holding the keropok lekor like how we hold our food... Holding the keropok high up while eating.

Ah Boy secured the keropok by holding it with both his front paws while chewing the keropok lekor. He is indeed a clever dog :D


Selba said...

Aiiiii.... so cuteeee... and also clever :) Ah Boy eats keropok a lot? Be careful, don't let him eat to much salty stuff, hehehe...

Chen said...

I don't feed him lots of salty stuff.. or else he will drop fur :D
feed him only one piece of keropok :)

sbanboy said...

clever ah boy :)

Amstaffie said...

Ah Boy, you're so photogenic! What a cutie!

Cynthia said...

ah boy indeed is the post model of your blog, Dr Chen =P

Tibbar de Gniw said...

So cute... My Eevee likes bread but I never tried feeding her keropok before....

Chen said...

sban boy,
Ah boy licks u as sign of appreciation for praising him :)

amstaffie & cynthia,
He is always my model for photo shooting session :)
I loves taking photos of him..

My Ah Boy likes bread; and he loves eating pao :)

Jellyfish said...

only snap the begining.. :P:P
keropok lekor so hard, wonder how many hours for him to chew

or chew 1/2 way give up liao

Jellyfish said...

next time when i come to pg
must shoot ahboy liao

(in different perspective)


Chen said...

u dunno my dog, he will never give up on food :D
Very fast only he chews, 5 or 10 minutes, finish eating liao :)
If u walk nearby him, he will eat even faster :D

hahaha.. might be ah boy won't let u take picture of him?
hahaha....I dunno :P
See how the dog responses :)

PhotoCrazy said...

Nice and cute puppy. And nice photos. May I know what camera do you use? hope you don't mind me asking..:)

Darren said...

ahboy very garang 1.....

*sob sob*

Chen said...

Thanks :)
I have two digital cameras, for these set of doggy photos, I use my Minolta Dimage Z2 :)

hahahha... I guess he foresaw that u are going to cheat and bluff him :P
I told u liao.. u shouldn't tell lies to dog :)

JoeC said...

nice nice, whats his fav snack?

Winn said...

HAHAHA so cute! he's really a DBKL...Sapu everything one!!

agus said...

Good on you for giving him keropok lekor. It beats the frustrating fake bone chewey anyday! Ah boy must be very delighted!

FH2O said...

i like the way he maintains eye contact when u take his photo ...

are u sure the keropok lekor is good for doggies, doctor?

Alicia said...

u've been tagged hehe xD

yvy said...

haha!! so dainty. ;) my zorro & bingo oso liddat. their fav snack is the finger biscuit. both will go to their corners n eat quietly. sometimes when one is smarter than the other, the fella will curi th brother's biscuit. so jahat! lol =P

Robin said...

Aiyo, he will drop hair and have skin problem..

Dun feed him with such stuff... unless u bath him everyday.. because after eating, they will lick their paws and will scratch themselve.

and all the oil and food will be on his body.

(advise from the vet... ME!)

Chen said...

I guess his favourite snack is mango, char siew pau and bak kua :D

Should be MPPP instead of DBKL lah.. cos he stays in Penang, not KL :P
He is the hampalang sapu dog :)

Yeah, he is very happy whenever we give him food..
He has those special chewing bones as well, and I see he prefer chewing the small chewing bones than the bigger chewing bone.. Might be more tasty? I dunno...

He is a very alert dog.
He wants to know what is going on even though when he is eating :D

Btw, I give him little bit of keropok only, can't give much cos if he eats excessively, like what Robin mentioned, will drop hair and cause skin problem. :)

Aiks.. I just checked out from your blog..
Err... I did that meme not long ago liao, tagged by JoeC earlier on.. ANd I named my post as High Five Meme.. Can use that to substitute ah? Lazy to do again :P

I see u tagged Jellyfish as well.. Hehhee.. U are the 3rd person who tagged him.. Me, Sbanboy and U. He still hasn't does him homework yet :)

Hahha.. My dog is very protective of his food. He ran away each time we go near him while he was still eating. As if we want to steal his food :P

Thanks, part time vet :)
Yep, I do know about that..
I feed him in small amount only, although he always beg for more :)

Robin said...

Nope, me no part-time vet.. I am certified, hehe..

Chen said...

wah.. so u work as lawyer and vet at the same time? :D
No wonder u earn big bucks :P
someone changing new car ...

Furkids In Hong Kong said...

Wonderful photos as usual!

Ah Boy sure looks like he's enjoying the keropok. He's so lucky, Mark and I are never allowed to eat any of our humans food. :(

Protest, protest!

Chen said...

Thanks :)
your mum and dad supplement u and your bro, Mark with other nutritious food, right? :)
Yeah, Ah Boy enjoys his keropok..
He loves Bak Kua as well..
but I give him very minimal only cos it's very oily and salty..
Not good for dogs...

Sam I Am said...

Ah Boy this looks like it keeps him busy for awhile,Can you send Sam Iam some to try.Woof~

Chen said...

Sam I Am,
He was busy for few minutes only..
He managed to finish the food quite fast :D

SLeeK@ER said...

Hey, Did you notice your dog' paws are too long?

Chen said...

u mean his nails?
If I cut it too short, it will bleed... (kena 2 or 3 times liao.. poor dog :( )
So I keep it at the longer side.
My dog hates to cute nails..
He struggle like anything each time we want to cut his nails..
Very hard task :(

Blackwidow said...

Dr. Chen, take it to a pet groom store to trim the nails. it's too freaking long. no good.... I once saw a dog's nails were curled, was pissed at the owner.

Chen said...

Okie..Normally we cut his nails once a fortnight :)
Tonight is nail trimming session for the dog again :D