Saturday, January 14, 2006

Keropok Lekor

Keropok Lekor (Lekor Fish Cracker) is one of the popular traditional Malay snack from Trengganu. The keropok is made of fish meat paste mixed with sago flour and salt. Come in two different form ~ the longer chewy form and the thinner crispy form. Best to eat when still hot, and nicer even when dipped in the chillie sauce. This is widely available in the Malay foodstall including night market. Normally sold at RM 1 for 6 pieces. Something unhealthy but nice to eat :D Somehow, unhealthy food are always nice... :(

I feed my dog some as well, and he likes it. I have taken few photo shoots of him eating the keropok. I like seeing how he holds and eats the keropok. I will upload the photos later on tonight and will post the picture later on :)


Jellyfish said...

so this is called keropok lekor :P

i only know how to eat, but duno the name, kekekee

last time i bought it is 10sen per piece wor.
now so expensive d

Chen said...

aiyo, u dunno the name earlier on ah?
so at least u learn something today :P

last time is last time mah..
now everything also goes up in price..

Jellyfish said...

last time is b4 that sad case happen ma :P

sbanboy said...

keropok lekor also my favorite ,,, when I was in Kuala Trengganu for my induksi course I ate it everyday .... hehe

Chen said...

I see.. that was long time ago already liao..

Chen said...

sban boy,
wah.. eat everyday ah?
I did my induksi course in Malacca..
most of the time I eat the hotel food only..
after some time, get so bored of the food, and prefer going out for roti chanai :P

Jellyfish said...

induksi course?

those pregnancy type one ar? :P

Chen said...

I nearly fainted leh..
nothing to do with pregnancy lah..

induksi course ah.. how to explain it?
we have to attend both the kursus induksi umum and induksi khusus for the kumpulan pengurusan dan profesional..
one is held inside the jungle and another one inside the hotel :P
it's some sort of kursus kenegaraan regarding the government ..
hope u understand what I am talking about :D
wasting time only :P

Jellyfish said...

what wasting time
den y u type it here :P

Chen said...

the wasting time thing I mean is wasting time attending the boring course...
not wasting time explaining to u..
I think u misunderstand liao :D

The Yongs said...

wow... keropok lekor! we do have it in miri but everyone who has tasted the W. M'sian version tells me the W. M'sian version is the best! the pic is so tempting... but u r rite, this falls in the "heaty food" category!


Chen said...

I have never tasted the Miri Keropok Lekor, so I dunno how the one in Miri tasted like :)
I didn't see these in my good old quite hometown in Sarikei.

Alicia said...

keropok lekor! nice lei.. terengganu has got the best keropok lekor.. :)

Chen said...

I remember steaming the fresh lekor during my uni time :D
The taste... not bad either :)

Jellyfish said...

y named lekor? not ekor? cos it look like ekor

Cynthia said...

i like the crunchy edges only, if the middle part is too meaty, i think it is less tasty =)

Chen said...

I have no idea :D
Might be the name ekor doesn't sound nice, so they add a "L" infront to made it sound nicer?
ooops, I'm talking craps... :P

I enjoy both the crunchy part and the chewy part :P

Kampungkai said...

Ahh, how happy the doggy is, i can see the smile on his face hahahah!

*puts 2 hands out
*looking at u innocently
*asking "can i have 1, pleaseeeee?"

Chen said...

My dog's principle is .. Whatever is his, is his..
He will never share his food with others :P
I don't know how to change his thinking :)

carcar said...

keropok lekor, i miss it so much! i remember last time there was a malay stall selling this kueh downstair of my former office, i always go down to grab some fresh and hot and crispy keropok! and not forgotten their chilli..haha..

but after eaten, cannot kiss kiss..hahaha...

and yes, terengganu have the best keropok lekor, can buy the raw one and cut then fry it by ourself at home!

Chen said...

hot and crispy keropok lekor? That is yummy..
especially when the keropok is just out of the kuali :D

LOL at the kiss kiss part :P

I even steam the raw keropok before :) Eat together with chilli sauce.
Not bad :) And it is definitely more healthy :D

edina monsoon said...

I a-d-o-r-e keropok lekor so this was a nice surprise, seeing someone blog about it. Nice pictures I must say.

Chen said...

edina monsoon,
Thanks :)

zbjernak said...

i love this and i missed this
when i was in langkawi..

i always buy... rm1 got 8 pieces

Chen said...

8 pieces for RM1? That's cheap :)

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