Friday, January 13, 2006

Friday the 13th

Just realised today is Friday the 13th. Anyway, who cares?? I don't believe in all these stuffs :) It is just another day to me.. So fast time flies. Chinese New Year is just around the corner, in 2 weeks time.

Time to go and top up some food stuffs, including Bak Gua... Since our Sir fH2O (or should I call him Sir Fair (H2O is water; water = air in Malay Language) ?? Cannot lah, sounds like the Fair Lady pulak ) always talk about the delicious and mouth watering Singapore Bak Gua specially brought to him by his beloved good old friend Robin.. Tomorrow noon, I will go to Gurney Plaza to meet up with one of my colleagues. Will shoot some photos as well since I heard they have nice CNY decorations in Gurney Plaza.


Cynthia said...

oh Bak Gua(h)... i used to like the "Long Kei" brand one, but after eating soooo much, i kinda lost track which is which.. gosh! I gotta hunt some here.. stock something up for myself too!=)

KittyCat said...

Bee Cheng Hiang's Bak Gua is not too bad either actually.

And yeah, Gurney Plaza has done a nice job - very "Spring Festival" like atmosphere. Enjoy!

Robin said...

Ai Si ah,

How come no pics for this post one.. thought all your post will have your signature pics?

Bak Kua>>>>>>>>> hmmmmmmm... wait till u taste the Coffee BK, you will never touch Gurney Plaza again.

Be careful on what u get there... esp those with weak teeth should be extra careful.. and those with denture should avoid it.. 100%

Robin said...

The best bak kua in Malaysia is still in Petaling Street KL.. go ask the Si An Chye roast duck ladyboss and she will tell u which one.. dun know whether they have move yet.

Chen said...

Tomorrow I will go look look see see :D
so many things to buy...

There are too many brands till I get mixed up which is which :D
Might be will buy some of this brand and some of that brand :)

No need to have pict for each post lah..

Spore Coffee BK? Never heard of it before, how it taste like?
DHL some to me :P
Coffee tambun pneah or tausah pneah I eat before lah..

Gurney Plaza is not a Bak Gua place lah :P
Don't understand your statements on the last line.. too hard ah??
mind to elaborate?

I know which shop u r talking about, the "Wo Lai Yeh" bak kua place in Petaling Street..
I bought from that place before when I studied in KL previously.
That shop is damn packed with people during CNY time..
Long queue leh, no joke... :D

Winn said...

LOL Robin!! Gurney Plaza a Bak Gua place ?? HAHHAHA..

Petaling Street is a ah GUa's place lah aiyo.,...HAHAHAH

Chen said...

hahhaa.. u are hilarious..
The way Robin put it really made Gurney Plaza sounds like Bak Gua Place, hahahha...
No eye see :D

When u coming back to Penang again?

FH2O said...

My dear Miss Chen, no wonder I had been having hiccups ... u had been thinkin of me all day long ... what will people think???? kekeke

anyway enjoy your shoot tomolo and try to take better pictures this time ok or we all lari lari lari ... just kidding!

oh, be careful will u dear doc, dont simply wander too far from Gurney Plaza, Penang is quite a bit bigger than Sari-where! ;o)

Chen said...

Wah.. ada orang perasan pulak, hahaha...

u can lari as far as u like, I have no objection ;)
it's good to be a marathon runner..
treat it as some sort of exercise loh..

Err... u sound like this is my first day in Penang leh..
Don't worry, boy... I have stay here for 6 years already..
Don't worry :D

Jellyfish said...

what is bak gua?

the pentagram feng shui mirror bak gua i know la :P

i'll be going to a few shopping centre here for CNY deco shooting soon. if im lucky, i'll encounter acrobatic lion dance, and if lucky too.. i'll able to capture the acrobatics with my slow slow slow digicam.

excited liao :P

Chen said...

aiks... Should be Bak Kua.. (I type wrongly liao...)
Anyway, Bak Gua or Bak Kua (Hokkien dialect) all refer to the same thing lah, or what u call as yok kon in Cantonese :)
Neh.. the square BBQ pork meat or dried meat square leh..
or 肉干 in Chinese :)

Jellyfish said...


i wan!!!!!!
yummy :P:P

Chen said...

Time to stock up food liao..
But too bad, u cannot eat bak kua at the moment cos u still sakit..
sick people must rest and cannot eat unhealthy delicious stuff like bak kua :P

Jellyfish said...

i recovered fully liao (when toking about yummy stuff i very fast recover one :P)


Sharl612 said...

Have you try the bacon bak kua? It is so nice that I am going to tapao some home for Chinese New Year.
And speaking of the crowd at WoLaiYeh at Petalig Street, now can go buy at the branches, less queue. Last year I bought from SS2.

Chen said...

wah.. talk about yummy food then can recover liao?
So this is the most effective medicine for u?? :D
Hahha... Good to know u have fully recovered..

I haven't tried the bacon bak kua yet.
Will go and get some :)

My KL friends told me that the Bak Kua in WoLaiYeh branches at other places is not as nice as the one in Petaling Street.. How true is it, I don't know :)

Sam I Am said...

Incredibly, they found that in the region sampled, while consistently fewer people chose to drive their cars on Friday the 13th, the number of hospital admissions due to vehicular accidents was significantly higher than on "normal" Fridays

Chen said...

sam i am,
Wow.. something interesting :D

batman said...

I found woh lai yeh Bak gua in Chai
Leng Park(Prai)i try before taste like Petaling Street one. very nice. "Bee Cheng Hiang's" and "long kei"one not nice and got colouring.
woh lai yeh still the best

rose said...

ya loh woh lai yeh still the best.
woh lai yeh now got vacuum pack. if u buy woh lai yeh no vacuum pack is fake. i love woh lai yeh bak gua very much.