Thursday, January 12, 2006

Doggy outdoor adventure

My hubby and I haven't bring my little doggy out for a walk for quite some time already. My hubby always bring the cute dog along whenever he goes hiking. However, because of the recent dengue outbreak that hits Malaysia (including Penang) not long ago, we deferred the hiking activities for quite some time. Lately we resume the hiking activity again. Pity to see the poor dog has to stay indoor during those days.. Yeah, My doggy enjoys and loves the hiking session, and he gets very excited each time we bring him out.

I bring my little miniature pinscher together with me for another hiking session last Tuesday evening. This jungle trail is nice to walk previously but now it is modified for the benefit of moutain bikers. I took these photos ~ holding the camera with one hand and holding the dog leash with the other hand :) So I just simply took few shots :)

I know it rained quite frequently throughout Malaysia but lately it didn't rain much over here in Penang. So, we still manage to get a dry trail. And I definitely won't go hiking in rainy days or if the route is wet. It is dangerous to walk through the muddy and slippery wet pathway.

As usual, my doggy is busy doing his customs work while hiking. Err....I mean him smelling and sniffing around. I have no idea what is there on the ground, besides.... hahahha. *wink* Besides that, he is busy marking his territory. Urinate (or put it in a nicer way ~ fertilize the plants or grass kekkeke) every here and there to the extend that his bladder is empty and yet he still tries.. Never Give Up is his motto :)


sbanboy said...

I love hiking too ..... :)

Sure ur doggy did not do any other business ????

Chen said...

sban boy,
of course got lah..
as usual, he marks his territory here and there :D

Amstaffie said...

Your doggie was just reading letters left behind from other doggies! *giggle*

Sam I Am said...

What a wonderful hike ,He is looking for doggy's DICE. He is very territoryed little guy..

Chen said...

amstaffie and sam i am,
yeah.. he likes to mark his territory :D
Urinate (or fertilize the plants kekkeke) every here and there to the extend that his bladder is empty and he still tries..
I guess ~ He never gives up :)

Winn said...

HAHAHA. cute one!

where is that hiking place by the way?

Chen said...

There are few hiking places that we normally go.
This one is located near the market in Mount Erskine.
Other places that we used to go are like Youth Park and MoonGate near Botanical Garden.

Alicia said...

chen, did u feed ur dog heartgard? if nope then u shud feed him that once a mth.. heartgard is to prevent heartworm if he were to be bitten by mosquitoes..

FH2O said...

He TRIED so hard and NEVER GIVE UP and you never even take any photo of his great efforts? What sort of photographer are you eh? ;o)

FH2O said...

btw my eye sight has cleared up since your last post! thks doc! ;0)

Chen said...

nope.. I will read up on that products. Thanks for the info :)
I presume u feed notti boi that once a month? :)

Hahaha.. I don't have the fetish of taking picture of people or dog urinating..
I know that someone from Singapore did that :P

I guess the eye sight problem will recur on and off :D
No guarantee.. ;)

Alicia said...

ya nottiboi is having that monthly.. it has got injection form (once a yr) too.. but my fren told me it's better to feed heartgard once a mth to prevent worm infestation into the heart..

Alicia said...

err u can choose either injection or heartgard.. but i recommend heartgard..

Robin said...

You should let him run wild and free..

And if he comes back, he is your forever!

And I did not the one who started the shee shee business, Your sir TopHat did.. haha.

Ya lah, your pics is out of focus lah.. tot my glasses dirty

Chen said...

okie, thanks :)

wah.. cannot lah let him run free..
People might kidnap him cos he is too cute :D

oh.. our sir fh2o started it ah?
I thought u r the one :D
Still waiting for that picture, hahahha....

Hahha.. I can clean your glasses for u; provided if u wear glasses :P
What to do, holding dog leash mah with other hand :D

agus said...

Eh doc, your doggy looks like it has a talent for sniffing truffles. You could be rich; the first truffle found in Malaysia! Or he could have just dug back his earlier 'deposits' or of other dogs'.

Chen said...

I like the first reason u give. Hehehe.. sniffing truffles :) (How I wish..)
If he sniff gold, then that is even better :D
But the second reasons sounds more logic loh :(

Cynthia said...

I used yo hike when i was in Penang.. I went to the Bukit Jambul one.. superb nice view up there.

Chen said...

Bukit Jambul ~ too far for me lah..
I stay at the other side of the island :)
Seldom go there :D

FH2O said...

for someone from Sari-where; everywhere is too far lah!!! heeheehee!

(pl bring a compass or better still a GPS with u when u go to Gurney Plaza tomolo!)

Chen said...

aiyo... U don't look down on Sari-where people..
Later I scared u die also don't know due to what, hahahaa....
There are many Sari-where bloggers :D
Just that u dunno them only :)

U don't have to worry..
I know most of the places in Penang liao..
why? I stay here for 6 years liao leh..

Jellyfish said...


the dog din say 'excuse me' when urinating at the jungle meh?
dangerous lor

Chen said...

hahha... The crap king is back in action again :D
Anyway, I don't understand dog language lah..

Jellyfish said...

so he did 'woof woof' when marking his territory ar?

Chen said...

dunno woh.. can't remember liao :D