Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Dog and Dice Game

This is my doggy's new toy ~ presenting the DICE.. (His 2 years old birthday present). I teach my dog how to gamble roll or throw dice, and he enjoys playing with it :)

I told him, if he gets number 3 or 5 from throwing/rolling the dice, he will get a nice treat, which is ice cream (My dog loves ice cream). My dog agrees and he starts throwing the dice..

1st attempt : number 4. You can see the disappointed look on his face. Never mind, he still has 2 more chances :D
2nd attempt : He tries hard to get number 3 or 5, but not successful. :(
3rd attempt : Number 1 :( *sob* So sad, no ice cream.. You can see the sad look on his face.
Although he didn't manage to get number 3 or 5 from the throwing dice session, but.... since he knows how to act cute, he still manage to eat the ice cream at the end. :P

p/s: Winn, I wonder if u have played this throwing dice game with your beloved Lucas, Jay, Isaac or Cotton? :D


Cynthia said...

haha.. this dos is superb happy to have you as its onwer =)

sbanboy said...

I want ice cream also ... hehe when I come to penang I will kidnap ur doggy ... hehehe ... just joking lah ... :)

Chen said...

I am superb happy to have him as my doggy as well :D
It works both way :P

Ice cream? Hahhaha... then how u gonna lose your baby fat ah? :P
If u kidnap my doggy, I will go after u... :D

Jellyfish said...

aiyak...... teach your doggie to gamble ar? kekekekeke

yayaya... kidnap it to genting casino so that he can roll dice

dog year "wang wang" mar

Sharl612 said...

Can ask Ah boy to roll 4D liao. But the number will be from 1-6 only. hehehe

Chen said...

The owner doesn't gamble, of course the dog also won't gamble lah.. :P

piak u ah.. for giving funny ideas to sbanboy :P

Hahaha... Good idea, but too bad I don't buy lottery nor toto nor magnum nor 4D :P

Furkids In Hong Kong said...

Really great and funny post and such beautiful pics of your Ah Boy.

Photos 2 and 4 are so so cute!

Please give him a kiss between his eyes for us.


SLeeK@ER said...

our doggie are look alike le.... see

Chen said...

Ah Boy appreciate the kiss :D
He is a very happy dog :)

Glad to find out so many bloggers with miniature pinschers ~ Faira, Alicia and u :)
Jack and Dobby are cute :D
Min Pins are very affectionate ;)

Alicia said...

waa ur posting made me miss my nottiboi..

JoeC said...

waaahhh, thx chen! nice cute super cute doggie pix, i love to read dog blogs! hehehe, what else he likes to "catch" other than giant dice? thx again, you made my day. cheers!

Sam I Am said...

Omy the dice is bigger then him, is this that game where Players take turns rolling the dice and marking their bingo cards with the bones wherever their bingo card shows the dog rolled performing the action rolled. If "Dog Gone" is rolled, the rolling player must remove any bone from their bingo card instead.

fish fish said...

So cute this post! Ah~ I miss playing with dogs. I had a dog called Kiki few years back, it was a big fan in munching ice cream too. ^_^

Chen said...

I'm sure your notti boi miss u as well..
But I guess u will get to see him soon right? since CNY is just around the corner :)

Dogs really bring joy and laughter to our lives :)
He likes to "catch" lotsa other things.. and all the other soft toys (I mean his own soft toys). He won't disturb things which are not his :D Good dog :P

Sam I Am,
I invent this game myself :) Hehehe..
I have never heard about the game u mentioned.
Thanks for telling me the new games. Something new I learnt today.

Fish Fish,
Besides eating ice cream, my doggy loves to play around with ice cubes and munching the cold ice cubes ;)

Winn said...

HAHAHA. this is a cute post. d'you know what can u do to maximise ahboy's interest in playing with the dice? Put his treat into the dice. HAHA. he sure will roll it all day longgggggg......

i 've never gambled with my dogs. but i might teach them so this CNY so ur ah boy got kaki next time. HAHAH

Robin said...

Teaching your dog to gamble?

Or oredi preparing for the Tong Tong Cheng Gambling session?

Hmmm... have u heard of Canine cough = dog+ ice cream

Chen said...

dowan to smear the dice with ice cream lah..
dowan to dirty the dice (and my house as well.. no time to do cleaning so frequently :P)

Mmmm.. I can foresee Lucas as the coming King of Gamblers with extensive tutorials :P

Teach him to play with dice only, not to gamble :P
I don't gamble, so my dog won't gamble as well..

Canine Cough? Nope..
Canine Sneeze I heard before loh :P
He ate ice cream for long time already, so far no problem..
He can even finish one bowl of ice cream :D

agus said...

He's so adorable! And the sad look is a killer!

nurul bahiyah said...

chen, are u trying to bully the dog? kasi je la ice cream tu kat dia..dengan seikhlas hati...:-)

Chen said...

yeah.. that's why..
the sad and kesian look..

Hahhaa... I'm not bullying the dog, he enjoys it :D
He likes to play ;)

FH2O said...

doctor, do i need to have my eyes checked or is something wrong with all the edges of your photos? ;)

Chen said...

sir fh2o,
We cannot be too square all the times..
Must add some spices here and there :D
So, don't worry... there is nothing wrong with your eyes :P

agus said...

Aiyah doc, what sir fh2o is trying to say is there is something wrong with your photos. Somehow they look too spicy for his eyes' taste, or some hot chili got into his eyes making it red and burn...ouch!

Chen said...

hahaha... I know..
Just want to pull his legs :P
btw, he gives u permission to call him apek :D

Tibbar de Gniw said...

Chen, how could you corrupt such a cute doggie by teaching it to gamble?!

Chen said...

I didn't corrupt him leh..
He is still the cute old doggy :D

Jellyfish said...

now train to gamble...
ngam ngam cukup time for CNY to roll dice liao

Chen said...

I don't gamble during CNY time lah..
and I don't gamble at other times as well :D
Not good to let other people misunderstand mah..

Jellyfish said...

i pinjam your dog to kl for a while on CNY :P

Chen said...

wah.. u want to polute my dog's innocent doggy mind ah? :D
dangerous ... :D

Selba said...

OMG... you have a minipincher dog!!! I love this kind of dog... have been looking to get one....
your little dog is so cuteeeeee...

Chen said...

it's nice to keep a miniature pinscher..
Great companion..
Very cute, affectionate and adorable..
Sometimes, he is just like my shadow..
Follow me everywhere I go :)