Monday, January 16, 2006

Bak Kua (肉干)

*Non Halal*

Finally I go and get myself some Bak Kua (肉干) after someone consistently talking about Bak Kua in his blog. Bak Kua or Barbequed Meat is available all year round and it is one of the auspicious Chinese New Year Snacks. Most people buy this as gifts for relatives or friends. Although it is available all year round, I seldom buy it except during Chinese New Year. Well, it is unhealthy food, .. most unhealthy snacks are very yummy and delicious.

I went to Bee Cheng Hiang (美珍香) in Pulau Tikus to get my share of Bak Kua. There are several outlets in Penang eg. Pulau Tikus, Farlim next to Sunshine Supermarket, Gurney Plaza etc. Bee Cheng Hiang is one of the market leader in the barbecued meat industry; with several outlets in Singapore, Malaysia, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Indonesia and Philippines. Too many different varieties to choose.. I bought the Chicken Coin (金钱鸡肉干) and Chilli Pork (辣椒猪肉干) Bak Kua. Will get the other varieties next time.

Since I like hot and spicy food, so I choose the Chilli Pork Bak Kua (辣椒猪肉干). This one is more expensive, sold at the price of RM 33.60 per kati. This unhealthy food is even more yummy and tastier after heating it in the microwave oven before consumption ~ the BBQ meat become more tasty and crispy. Really finger licking good (but of course I don't actually lick my fingers after eating it.. :P )

The other bak kua I bought is the Chicken Coin Bak Kua (金钱鸡肉干) . These bak kua is very juicy and the meat is very tender. Sold at the price of RM 31.20 per kati/600g (but it is still much cheaper compared to Singapore). It is prepared in small round piece, hence the name "coin". I see the online prices for the same Bak Kua (since Bee Cheng Hiang has a website) is quoted SGD 22.80 per kati (if converted to ringgit Malaysia, it is something like RM 53).


agus said...

They are delicious. They are precious. Also sold at petaling street, they make for a nice treat.
They are unhealthy too? Care to share a fact or two?

Chen said...

Very oily and high fat content...
High calories :)
Eating BBQ-charred meat increased the risk of getting cancer as well ..
so, don't eat BBQ things excessively :)

Tibbar de Gniw said...

Bak gua!!! I want.....

Robin said...

Is this one of those denture-destroying-tough-as-leather-sole bak kua?

I actually found out that it is very difficult to make good Bak Kua. A good one, should be gentle on the teeth, nice, and not too oily, not too dry, have a bit of burnt (yes carcingenic) but not bitter, some fats but not tasting the oil.. and must not be too sweet or salty and no ajinomotto.

wow.. I sound like an expert on this stuff

Chen said...

ask your mummy or daddy to get some for u :)

nope... these are the better quality bak kua, not "the denture-destroying-tough-as-leather-sole" bak kua.
I have eaten those hard as leather bak kua before..
Eat half a piece my mouth is tired of chewing already :P

The coin bak kua is very soft :)
This bak kua is available in Singapore as well.
There are 28 retail outlets in Singapore :)

Hahhaa... so expert? Proven u eat lots of Bak Kua liao :D

Robin said...

Yes, the coin BK is available. It is made out of minced meat.

Normally, I prefer those that is made from slice meat, which has better texture and flavour. I am aware of this brand. In fact my regular supplier is the brother of this famous brand who decided to break away from their legality of business and concentrate on making the perfect slice instead.

He has experiemented on chilli BK, coffee BK, black pepper BK, garlic BK, Bacon BK..

and soon will have Tom Yam BK and Laksa BK.. haha.. I will come out with the idea and he will experiment. hehe

Jellyfish said...

so fast got ppl comment liao
only hours :P


waa... u bought square n bulat shape one wor :P

Jellyfish said...

only 2 hours.

duno y that '2' so dem hard to press one

Chen said...

there is sliced meat as well..
The first bak kua pict is the sliced meat bak kua :)

I guess since they are brothers, their bak kua should taste similar :)
but the brother come out with so many different flavours :)
We have chilli and bacon bak kua here.
not the coffee or garlic or black pepper..

yeah.. next time will buy the bacon bak kua :D

something wrong with your keyboard liao? :)

FH2O said...

Robin and Chen - dont talk so much, minced or slice is fine with me. SO bring 'em over!!! My tummy is rumbling and my mouth is salivating at the thoughts of bak kua! I am sounding like an addict now! Blame the bad influence of that terrible bird in the south!!! ;o)
tong tong tong chen!

Chen said...

I notice someone is addicted to bak kua ...
How to bring over to u??
Sorry to tell u I was munching bak kua a couple of minutes ago :)

Hahahha.. I see someone is being labelled as the terrible bird in the south ...

Cynthia said...

high fat, high colestrol..well, once in a year =)
better than i havent got any here thou

Furkids In Hong Kong said...

Super delicious! In Cantonese, as you know, it's called yook gone.

Now I need to go downstairs for some.


Jellyfish said...


tong tong tong chen? :O

Chen said...

once a year.. hehehe..
so, we won't feel so guilty when we eat it :P
Aiks, too bad u can't get bak kua in Perth :(

Don't eat too many pieces ;)

fh2o in CNY mood liao.. :D

Jellyfish said...

CNY mood tongtong you ar?

i oso wan :P

Chen said...

aiks... all started off by that fh2o :(
U don't follow the crowds woh..

Jellyfish said...


since u say out d, ive no choice but obey :P

Chen said...

Good boi :)

Jellyfish said...

but no prize one.... :P

Sam I Am said...

how delicious this looks,Can you send us some, We would like to try,

sbanboy said...

bak kua is my all time favourite ... alamak .... now I am drooling .... must get some after my work ... hehe

Selba said...

Gosh.... Bak Kua is very delicious, but I haven't had it for uhmmmm *counting my fingers* I guess more than 15 years LOL, coz' I just don't dare to eat it anymore :)

Chen said...

aiks, like that also have to give u prize ah? :D

Sam I Am,
I would love to, but I don't know how to send :)

sban boy,
get the chilli bak kua, very nice (provided if u like hot and spicy food) :D

so long???
don't dare to eat?? err... diet control? :)

Selba said...

hehehehe... yes, I guess so but then I eat cheese, ice cream, chocolate etc, kekekeke :)

Chen said...

Cheese, ice cream, chocolate? :P
Moderation is the keyword :D