Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Sushi King

I was on leave yesterday and went out for CNY shopping. Stopped by Sushi King for lunch since I feel like eating sushi. Well, sushi is healthy stuff. On arrival, I noticed they have the Juicy Hotate & Yee Sang promotion (from 15 January till 15 February 2006). So, I got myself some of the promotional items.

Since CNY is just around the corner, and the Mini Yee Sang (鱼生) looked cute, I got myself a plate :) (RM 8.88) ~ mixture of salmon, ? shark fin, scallop, crab stick, shredded cucumber, carrot, turnip, ginger, sesame seed, peanut bla bla.. (I can't remember exactly what is inside there..) came together with lime and the special sauce. I eat it just for fun.

Followed by Hotate Yadokari Sushi, which is scallop sushi with shredded omelette, pickled ginger and sesame seed. The sushi was placed inside the clam shell. (RM 3 for 2 scallop sushi)

Next, I had Hotate Teriyaki ~ Fried Scallops with teriyaki sauce. Came in a set of 3. The scallops were served inside a huge shellfish shell. (RM 6).

And... one plate of Unagi Sushi. (RM 6). Unagi (eel) is one of my favourite. This is one of the items which I always have when I visit Sushi King. All price quoted exclude the 5% Government tax and 10% service charge. The total price (including government tax and service charge) is RM 27.46. Well, Japanese food is a bit pricey (I'm not complaining :P)


FH2O said...

wah doctor! u make me hungry early in d morning and lunchtime is along way away!

Chen said...

Must stand the temptation :)
Don't think about lunch yet..
still few more hours to go..
Btw, I haven't have my breakfast yet :D

carcar said...

sushi sushi! yummy! and guess wat! unagi is my FAVORITE too!! oh no oh no! singapore banned unagi! i seek high and low yet stil can't smell any unagi here! oh no...
and the mini yee sang indeed is consider cheap loh...got sharkfin, sashimi...haha, guess u must be enjoying yourself to the fullest hor?! hehe

and it is way too cheap if convert to sing dollar! as you can see how much if the singapore bak kua convert to ringgit! aih..

so, i got another mission when i go back to malaysia, other than ask jellyfish bring me for the crab (i havent ask yet, so i ask him now, hihi), i will drop by sushi king, or genki as well!

woo hoo~~*

Robin said...

aiyo, looks yummy wor...

hey, do u bring your camera for every lunch? wow.. wonder if the waitress stared at your when u take all the pics of your food..


would be nice to see some nice pic of your practice.

Chen said...

Yeah, things in Singapore becomes expensive after we do the conversion..
But, Singaporeans earn more $$$ compare to Malaysians, right? :)

Haha, now Jellyfish has to accomplish the mision of bringing carcar out to eat hamtan crabs (that place is very popular and always packed with people, so must book prior to that :D)

Most of the time, I have my camera with me;
It's a compact digicam, it's easy to bring around and not space occupying...
Hahaha.. if the waitress wants to stare, let her stares..
Once she get bored, she will stop looking.. :D

I do take pictures of patients or procedures or operations etc in my pratice, but I won't post that up. Have to take into consideration regarding patients confidentiality and I don't want to get involved with medicolegal acts. U know better regarding this, since this is your field :) Don't want to get myself into trouble.. The most I did is posting up picture of XRays or scans :)

Regarding picture of my workplace, might be I will take some later on.. I have written quite a number of posts on and off regarding my work previously.. If u are interested, u can have a look at them in my archives.

Cynthia said...

wah lay yeh! they tax ppl here and there... =(
Im a big fan of sushi.. =)I think I will make some this weekend

Alicia said...

the 2nd n 3rd picture looks nice :P delicious ma? hehe

Chen said...

I lazy to made my own sushi :P

I prefer the 2nd one compared to the 3rd one..
But one of the sushi, the sushi rice is stuck to the clam shell..
I had some difficulty to take out the sushi, but no big deal :)

Jellyfish said...

hehe... carcar... no prob.
but i guess we must go there before CNY time :)

how come your 1st sushi look like fried rice or fried meehoon one?

Chen said...

aiyak.. that is yee sang lah..
jadi fried rice or fried beehoon pulak .. :O
but cannot toss the yee sang high up .. :P

Miriguy said...

feewwit. first of all, we got the same surname :) the second one, I want those food you got there :)
hehe.. anyway, I cant wait for CNY neither.. hope can collect lots of ang pow this year :)

sbanboy said...

Alamak ... I am post call and I am famished and now I want sushi !!!!!!

Selba said...

Love sushi especially because of wasabi, hehehe..
btw, japanese restaurant in Jakarta is also very expensive, I think more expensive than in M'sia. As for a lunch box of Unagi (4 slices) plus a bowl of rice and a small bowl of miso soup, it costs around Rp.200.000 (1USD = Rp. 9.600)

Chen said...

Good to know someone with the same surname :)
Who knows, might be our great great great grandparents are relatives :)
Going back home for CNY?

Sban Boy,
Oops.. Did u go and buy bak kua?
Cannot eat too many things at one time :D

I love dipping the sushi into the hot wasabi soy sauce :D
Wow.. Rp 200,000? That's expensive !!!

izchan said...

I hope you spend as much time eating the food then taking pictures of it.

plus, you should try nippon teh at KLCC, the japanese food there is actually getting better. :P

Chen said...

Don't worry, I will take times to appreciate my food.
I won't take photo if I'm in a hurry :)

Nippon Teh @ KLCC? Might be I will give it a try then during my next trip down to KL :)

Doc said...

Hmm tomorrow I think I will have some sushi!!

carcar said...

jelly, why yee sang become fried rice fried mee hoon? LOL LOL!!!

aih cannot take yee sang and throw at you..


yes, we go for the crab before cny lah..maybe can get winn to join us?

yvy said...

shark's fin????? O_O bad chen....baaaaaaaaaad chen.....*waves index finger*

Chen said...

Going together with your wife?
Enjoy :)

jellyfish blur blur cos he didnt have enough sleep the night before :D
maklumlah.. sibuk :D

Err... I also want to eat hamtan crabs :(

aiks.. better run away before u start throwing things at me :D