Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Taiping Zoo (6) : Flamingo

Time to continue on with the "Animal Planet" series :)

What are these funny looking creatures? None other than our dear flamingoes...

Wah... Flamingo not only has long legs but long neck also :P The neck has the same length as the legs.. Somehow, long-necked creature or animals looks pretty "unstable" to me... Hahaha... cos I'm afraid they might fracture their necks easily ;)

Cool.. Can bend & flex the neck easily.. Very flexible.

S shaped neck.. Their oddly-shaped beaks are specially adapted to separate mud from the food they consume, and are uniquely used upside-down.

This is even cuter... see how they sleep. Folding their necks & flexing the legs. The position & posture they adopted made them looked like "mirror image". This is one of my favourite photo :)

to be continued...


a^ben said...

lols` I still remember when I was very young, i thought that flamingos only have one leg.. hahaha~ cos they like to stand with their legs so close together and from certain angle you see them like sticks of cotton candy with an oddly-shaped-thing coming out from the side. yes chen, It's abt food again` ngahahahahah! :P

may said...

hmmmm... where are those pink flamingoes? I always had a picture of them being pink in my mind... heheh! the one looks like its standing on only one leg - reminds me of Alice in Wonderland, where the Queen of Hearts played croquet with flamingoes.. LOL!

L B said...

ooooo, flamingo pie..... next!

JoeC said...

yum yum :) errr... I mean cute cute, like the real garden decors ones.... Cheers!

Cynthia said...

i like flamingoes.. the red thinny feet. when i was little i always wonder when they will fall off cause lotsa them standing by one leg =)

carcar said...

neat! flamingo looks elegant! a little bit of pink...

can they fly? hahahaha...
don't think so hor?

i like the 'solo flamingo', and the 'mirror image' photos.

why are they called FLAMINGO?

something to do with flame? flaming?

Chen said...

yeah, those flamingoes legs are so thing and sometimes they like to "show off" by standing with just one leg :P

Huh? sticks of cotton candy? Good lah u.. can relate to food again :D

these flamingoes still have tinge of pink colours.. their feathers is not completely white :D If too pinkish then really not nice also..

Alice in Wonderland ah.. I only have very vague memories on the cartoon characters, but I do remember about the flamingoes :P

haha.. luckily u r making flamingo pie & not the flamingo meat pie :D

Robin said...

wonder if Bird flu will affect them?

Chen said...

yeah, I have seen several flamingo garden deco. Nice to look at.

Some flamingoes like to show off --> showing that they can stand with just one leg.. But somehow hoh, they never fall down one.. very stable :P although their centre of gravity point is high.. (hahaha, now I'm teaching physics here)

Flamingoes can fly but somehow I never see them flying yet with my own eyes :) only see the flying flamingoes in pictures or on tv show.

why the name flamingo? I guess when they are flamed, they will go away loh.. flame & go, that's why flamingo :D

Chen said...

I guess so.. since they are "birds"...
mmmm........ bird flu might infect robin too (since robin is bird, right? ) I'm refering to the real "robin" bird, not Robin the birdy :D

Selba said...

Flamingos are cute... but their legs are so skinny and pink.... :D

There's a traditional dance called Flamingo, right?

jonboy60 said...

hehehe... still taiping zoo? no idea to blog liao? if i got many times & $$, sure i will go many places too...

Chen said...

Flamingo dance ah? Hahhaha... This reminds me of the special website cute flamingo dances.. Dunno whether u visit this website before? If not, have a peep there (especially the flamingo macarena and tell me your comments :D

hahaha.. I still have plentiful ideas, but since I like animals, I will continue writing on animals in Taiping Zoo.. :D Many mores to come.. But I will alternate it with other posts on & off :)

Animals are nice to look at, don't u think so? :D

carcar said...

oh thanks for your 'chen's defination' of flamingo! quite appropriate! hehe...

hey robin is bird? Oh no, i'm in Singapore, will the bird flu spread over in this small island?

**doctor, any prevention method?**

I'm refering to the real "robin" bird too.

agus said...

Wah, Taiping Zoo very dry ah...Kesian those flamingos, no pond to hang out in, unlike their cousins in zoo negara. Even their vibrant pink color has dried out. Or were you occupying their spot to get a good shot? Kekeke...

Roast flamingo anyone?

Cheers doc.

Pandabonium said...

I have read that flamingoes are pink because of chemicals in the shrimp and plankton that they eat.

Beautiful birds. Thanks.

Chen said...

any prevention method? If there's bird flu case.. then don't go near the birds loh.. Keyword - stay away fromt the birds.. If no bird flu, it's alright :D

Now the pigeons are back to my area again.. During the earlier time when everyone is on alert for the possible avian flu, the pigeons all disappeared.. Now they are back. :P

No lah.. Taiping Zoo is not really dry. Got lotsa ponds or mini lakes inside the zoo, just that I didn't snap picture of the ponds :D.

Remember? Taiping is near Larut, the most "wet" area in Malaysia, receiving the most rainfall throughout the year.

Roast flamingo?
roast chicken can lah..

I see.. thanks for the info :) I don't know about that..

Winn said...

national geography! :D

i know what were in ur mind when u were snapping the last photo---> Roast flamingoes! :D

Winn said...

eh yeeeeeee, got ppl steal my idea..

ok i take back the roast flamingoes...

how abt..
two piles of meats..:p

carcar said...

but sometimes we cannot tell is the bird have flu or not wor, unless they sneeze! wahahhahaha...

but that will be too late.

oh pigeon going back to your area? hmm, sometimes we cannot control where the bird wanna fly to, right? like wat i said, as long as they don't sneeze, if not, it kill!

Thao said...

Hmm, I guess these are expert in YOga heheh. Love them especially when they change their colour.

Chen said...

yeah, this is the FOC animal planet or national geography channel.. no need to pay monthly subscription one... good or not? :P

regarding what's in my mind when I took the last photo.. shhhh... don't say so loud lah.. paiseh lah :P

hehhee.. watch out the sneezing bird :D Force the sneezing bird to wear face mask, so that they don't spread the deadly virus around the globe :P

Oh, ya loh.. How come I didn't think about the yoga thingy :) Thanks for the info :D